Online Casino Deposit Methods

Getting money into an online casino using a credit card has become problematic. Most American and European block online gambling transactions, making credit card deposits problematic. But, there's hope. There are many online casino deposit methods for depositing and withdrawing money at online gambling sites. These methods provide added security and convenience that you would not have by using a credit card. . The great thing is that getting money in and out of the online gambling sites is simple, secure and cheap.

We list some of the popular online casino deposit methods below. Our personal preferences are Neteller and Skrill. However, all of the listed methods are safe. A great feature of most online gambling sites is that they will give you a 10% to 20% bonus on all your deposits if you use certain specified methods. All such bonuses are offered by the online casinos listed under our online casino reviews

Skrill allows anyone with an email address to send and receive money online via email in a secure and cist effective way.

Purchases can be made via credit card into an electronic wallet facility, much like Neteller.


NETeller is by far the leader in providing payment service into the online gambling market.. It's amazingly easy and fast to use. NETeller basically uses an online wallet from which you can deposit, withdraw and transfer money to any of the merchants who support NETeller. You can deposit funds using MasterCard, Visa, Direct Deposit, Electronic Funds Transfer, or Wire transfer. Neteller is expanding fast into most currencies. Cash transfers are instant and cost nothing if you are paying a merchant.

  • NETeller's Advantages:
  • Fast and simple transfers
  • Most mainstream deposit and withdraw methods
  • Merchants don't see you credit card / bank details
  • Globally accessible, 24×7

PrePaid ATM

PrePaid ATM is fairly new and operates with a PrePaidATM card. You receive both a virtual card and a real bank card. The card can be used as a Debit Card, an ATM Card, and a Money Transfer Card all in one.

  • PrePaidATM's Advantages:
  • Complete privacy
  • Inexpensive way of sending money
  • ATM card is not linked to your bank account
  • Variety of ways to fund the card
  • Great online purchasing features


Citadel Commerce is a payment processing company that has been providing a variety of payment, settlement and security solutions to the land based gaming industry for 17 years. The online payment processing offering is one of the most sophisticated, allowing transfer of funds in a variety of ways through an electronic wallet. Withdrawals and deposit are possible through just about any method, including ATM's.