Nets Casino – Best Online Casinos That Accept Net Payments

NETS is an online payment method that was established in 1985 by three most post powerful banks in Singapore and they are DNS Bank, OCBC Bank, and United Overseas Bank. This payment method is limited to only users residing in Singapore.

About NETS

In 1985, a new online banking platform was established and it was named NETs. It is a popular means of making online payments in Singapore and the owner of this online payment means are the three most post powerful banks in Singapore which are;

  • United Overseas Bank
  • OCBC Bank
  • DNS Bank

UnionPay international and Asian Payment Network has recognized NETS as one of their member. Users can do transactions online using their credit cards in China and Singapore using the method. You can also make payments with the ATM cards of banks in Singapore associated with it and can monitor the market with the use of Cash Card. If you are carrying out a transaction using NETS you need to ensure that the currency you are using is Singapore Dollar because it is the only acceptable form. You can create a bank account with any of the bank affiliated to it to be due for a card. Once you have obtained your card you can start depositing and purchasing using online medium which is fast and easy.

Transacting with eNETS

Players can deposit into their casino account conveniently with the use of eNETS. To do this, you will need to ascertain that the casino you are playing at support it as a means of making payments. Then you will go to the casino banking options and select eNETS as your payment option. You will be directed to the site where you will be redirected to your bank account. Then you select the amount you want to deposit and you will debited immediately whereas your casino account will be credited. Receipt of all the transactions you carried out will be provided for you. No additional fee will be deducted from using this method although some banks can deduct fees for completing transactions through the internet.

Transacting via Mobile Devices

NETS have optimized its internet banking such that players can carried out transactions via the internet using their mobile devices and smartphones. But, if mobile banking will be available it will depend strongly on the bank you are using. Payments will be made immediately you used eNETS without any delay.


You will liable to a NETS card when you create an account with any of the associated banks in Singapore with which you will be able to transact up to eighty-five thousand points. Such that you can withdraw your money from terminals by inputting your pin instead of visiting the ATMs. You can also use FlashPay and CashCards provided by NETS to make payments without holding cash at hand.

Depositing at Online Casinos

Many online casinos allow players to used NETS as a payment means of depositing and withdrawing their funds from the casino accounts. Before you register with any online casino always ensure you check out the acceptable banking options supported by the casino. If the casino you are registering with support eNETS then you should choose it. After choosing, you will be taken to the website of the bank where you will be asked to provide your account details with the password you used. You will be debited immediately which indicate how fast the transaction will be carried out. However, this means can only be used in depositing and it is not applicable with withdrawing funds from the casino account. Therefore, if you want to withdraw your funds you will need to select another payment options available to players at the casino. Only players that have created account with any of the NETS associated banks in Singapore will be able to use it for online transactions.

Merits and Demerits of Using NETS

It is secure since you will not need to reveal who you are before you can deposit into your casino account through it. Therefore, the casino will not have your account information talk more of sharing with third parties. All the transactions you make through eNETS are carried out immediately and it is the exact amount you used that will be removed from your bank account. If you want to regulate the amount you used in gambling at online casinos you can use it as your payment option. With this you will not be able to spend more than the money you deposited into your casino account. There are countries restricted from using it to make transactions. As at now, only players that have created accounts with any of the associated Singaporean banks can use it. You can only use it to deposit into your casino account, you cannot withdraw your winnings with it. Therefore, players will need to select another banking option to withdraw.

Safety and Security

If you are using NETS as a means of transacting online then you can be assured of your security and safety based on the measures that have been put in place. The SSL encryption and other security protocols are used to safeguard customers information and ensure the transactions will be carried out successfully. Also, you should make sure you safeguard your password from outsiders so that no one will be able to access your account with it except you. In case you have any problem with your account you can contact the support staffs of the bank for appropriate security measures to be taken.


In Singapore, NETS is one of the most popularly payment options used in making online transactions. This is mainly due to its reliability, safety, and security since it was established. Every year, more than one billion Singapore dollars are processed by NETS which indicate the rates at which people are using it. Online casino players can quickly deposit into their casino account using eNETS without worrying about any delay or abnormalities.

Frequently Asked Questions about NETS

What is NETS?

NETS is a famously used payment method in Singapore for making transactions and payments online.

What are the disadvantages of using NETS?

NETS is only available to people residing in Singapore and the owner of the payment method are the most powerful banks in the country.

What are the types of NETS cards available?

There are two types of NETS cards and they are FlashPay card and the CashCard.

Which denomination can be used with NETS?

The only acceptable currency you can used with NETS is Singapore Dollar.

Can payment be made with NETS through mobile devices?

Absolutely! Customers can use their mobile devices and smartphones to transact online using eNETS.