UnionPay Casinos – Best Online Casino that Accept UnionPay

UnionPay is an online payment method that was established in 2002 in the people republic of china. It is not limited to china since up to one hundred and forty-one countries recognized it as a means of making payments online.

About UnionPay

union payWhen playing at online casinos players will need to use an online payment method to deposit into their casino account or withdraw money from it. This is one of the criteria that is used in rating an online casino. There should be availability of different methods for players to deposit or withdraw at any good online casino. This will make players to register with the casino since when there are many payment options there is no how you will not find at least one that will be adequate for you regardless of your location. UnionPay is one of the means you can used to make payments online into your casino accounts. It involves purchasing a prepaid card which you can use to credit your account so that you can play the games with real cash.

UnionPay Bank was established in 2002 in China and it is the one providing the UnionPay cards that can be bought to carry out transactions online. This payment have received approval from the People's Bank of China and all the banks available on China have been linked with the card. There are other countries that accept it as a means of transacting online. It is the only local means of making payments online that is located in China thus, it is popularly used by Chinese and the Asian gaming markets.

Depositing with UnionPay Casinos

As earlier stated, UnionPay is not limited to only China for making online payments. As at now, there are about one hundred and forty-one countries that supported the use of it as a payment method. For Asian players, it is the most popular means of making transactions online and common among online casino players based in China.

Merits of Using UnionPay

There are many benefits users derived from using UnionPay as their means of making payments online. The security of the players is guaranteed since you will not need to reveal who you are before you can deposit into your casino account through it. Therefore, the casino will not have your account information and will not be able to share with third parties. All the transactions you make through it are carried out immediately and it is the exact amount you used that will be removed from your bank account. If you want to regulate the amount you used in gambling at online casinos you can use it as your payment option. With this you will not be able to spend more than the money you deposited into your casino account. Unlike some other means of making payments online that are limited to the countries they are located, it is recognized in many countries and accepted for transactions online.

Demerits of Using UnionPay

You can only use UnionPay to deposit into your casino account, you cannot withdraw your winnings with it. Therefore, players will need to select another banking option provided by the casino to withdraw their earnings. You can use direct bank transfer to withdraw your winnings such that the money will be transfer directly to your bank account although it make take a long time to process it. Another disadvantage is that players are skeptical in releasing their account details online which limits its usage.