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Ecocard CasinoThe establishment of this was made in 2000 and can be said to be one of the efficient brands when it comes to giving financial services to millions of people all around the globe.

Recently, it was rebranded to become ecoPayz which later become a principal member of the Mastercard as prepaid virtuals are being issued.

Going by the fact that it is an e-Wallet service that is well established, it has gained so much popularity among the casino player. The wallet can be said to be the money transfer methods preferred most in the whole of the Middle East and Russia. It works very much like a prepaid virtual debit card, and this is very ideal for the players that will like to monitor their funds by themselves. Another tangible reason is the security of the players.

Players can load the wallet through bank transfers, and you can use the debit and credit card which include Maestro, Mastercard, Yandex Money, Safety Pay, and some other things. People who choose to use the plastic card can as well make a purchase on the brick and mortar merchants.

How it works

Using Ecocard is quite straightforward and it can be easily used. There will be a need for you to create an account before you will be able to access the eWallet, virtual card, and prepaid ecoCard. Most of the online casinos consider these methods as the ecoCard and this is why we will be using the same terminology in this review.

There is always an immediate processing and reflection of the deposits made using this method. With this, players will be certain that they are using a safe and fast method of making transactions.

Ecocard is a standard eWallet that can be used in transferring money from different sources which include bank accounts, credit cards, Western Union, Money Gram, and some other methods. When you choose the Ecocard as payment method, you will be secured from disclosing your personal information to the people.

For you to get an ecoCard, you will have to register an account on the official ecoPayz. All the processes are straightforward and easy to go through. The moment you activate the wallet, you can then link it to your credit card.


It is quite easy to sign up on the ecoPayz official website. This will be to the inclusion of the name, date of birth, address, and an email that is valid. The next step you bare to take after this is to select a password and choose the currency that you will like to use. The currencies that are available include EUR, AUD, SEK, DKK, INR, CNY, JPY, RUB, NOK, BRL, NZD, HKD, CHF, and some other methods.

An email will be sent to you so that you can get your account activated. After you must have done this activation, you will have to link it with a payment method so that you can fund the ecoCard. The payment methods that you can make use of in funding your account include Klarna, INSTADEBIT, Giropay, Trustly, POLi, Paysafe and Neosurf, and Visa.

There are various levels to the user account, a free classic ecoPayz account can be opened and it can be then upgraded to a silver level when you supply the proof of identity and address such as driving license and the copy passport. Having done a short verification, you can then upgrade your basic accounts so that it will be able to accommodate 10 currencies. Also, you can decide to upgrade to a VIP account, Platinum, and Gold, it all depends on your choice.

Application for the Prepaid Card

The prepaid plastic ecoCard is another offered payment option and this is very much available for the users all across Europe. The prepaid cards can only be accessed by the players with an account with a silver level. The cards that can be received on the three currencies are up to three and they include USD, EUR, and GBP.

This card’s function is similar to that of debit cards and they can be loaded with funds using different kinds of payment methods. The card can be used on the brick-and-mortar shops, casinos, online stores, and some other payment service. Generally, you will not incur any fee in the cause of issuing the card, but your country of residence might probably be an exception. Also, your account level may be a determining factor for the fees and limits.

Despite the fact that this card is referred to as prepaid, it can as well be used for some other purposes. The card can be used in making a withdrawal from the online casino and this is something that some other prepaid casino may not be able to do.

Purchasing the Virtual Card

Provision has been made for an ecoVirtual card which is a one-use payment option. This can be used to purchase things online and it is even more secured compare to some other ones. The moment you use it once, it will not be available for some other transaction ecoVirtualcard can be used with different currencies which include GBP, EUR, and USD. $2.30 is the cost for making issuance and 2,99% is the currency conversion fee. You will have to incur any transaction fee and there are no limitations to the amount that you can transact.

There are four tiers to your ecoVirtual card, and they include Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP and there are various limits to the transaction. The availability is only in the Single Euro Payment Area. One of the advantages of this is that all transactions carried out are completely anonymous, and the deposit itself is well secured as you will not have to drop any credit card and banking data.

Making Deposit

ecards has gained much popularity among the players as it can be used to make an instant deposit. For you to be able to make a deposit, you will have to log in to your account and visit the banking sections.

On checking the available list that is made available, you will have to choose ecoCard and its alternative, then you can select the amount that you will want to deposit. After then you can confirm the transaction when you are ready to play for real cash.

Regardless of the fact that you use the eWallet or the virtual card, all your personal details will be kept private. All the information shared such as your name, address, credit card info and phone number will not be shared with the third party.

Making Withdrawal

ecoPayz can serve as a better substitute for bank transfers, credit cards, and some other online casino services. The process is kind of slow, cumbersome, and demanding. Also, you will have to verify your identity before you will be able to make a withdrawal.

While making use of this service, you will not have to spend your time waiting for an additional time. The moment you are done with the verification and the payment is no longer pending, the winnings will be given to you within a few hours. There are some situations whereby it takes up to 24 hours, but then it is still very much faster compared to using credit cards and the likes.

As you are using this payment option, you have to understand that you can't use this option to make withdrawals. But then, the ecoAccount and ecoCard are the only available options. They can be found at the cashier pages of the casino and consider some other ways in which you can get the funds from your account(ecoPayz).

For people that will be making use of the ecoCard payment option, they can get their winning cashed out using the wire transfers. The account will be linked to their bank account only through the wire transfer. The availability can only be enjoyed by the people that reside in the United Kingdom or Italy. To process your withdrawal, it can take up to three business days with the probability of the banking fees.

Fees and Limits

The majority of the online casino players have always wanted to make use of this method as they will not have to pay any fee monthly and annually. Having said this, 2.9% will be charged on each of the transactions. When you are making a transfer to your bank account, the amount that can be charged ranges from $6 to $10.61, it all depends on the kind of service you have chosen. It can either be Silver, Gold, Platinum, and the VIP section. The classic account holders will not be able to make withdrawals.

Also, there is a cash service fee that is up to 4%, and this is to the inclusion of some financial institutions which include Forex, travelers' checks, brokers, gaming, lottery, and some other services.

There are some fees to be incurred when you are making use of the ecoVirtualcard. To issue and activate, there is a fixed of $2.30, the Cash and Services is 4%, also the currencies are exchanged at 2.99%.

Additionally to the various types of fees, you will need to put some things into consideration. The online players that have made their registration making of the classic level ecoAccountant and ecoPayz product will have to have to make use of the total limit which is $2,924.16 or €2,500. This is to the inclusion of all of the activities considering the deposits, transfers, and withdrawals. It is highly recommended that you upgrade your ecoPayz, the charge is free and you can even carry out different various transactions on it.

The players that wish to use the ecoCard can make a deposit up to $1,000 in their gaming account. For the silver level, it can be up to $2,500. It has the same limits for the withdrawal as well. People who have chosen to make use of the ecoVirtualcard can perform up to three transactions in a day. Regardless of the fact that you are making a deposit or withdrawal.


Going by the fact that it is an e-Wallet service that is well established, the customers are provided with protections that are of high level. Going by the fact that that the casino makes use of the TLS and SSL protocol, all of the transactions are encrypted automatically. With this, all the sensitive information is kept private and can't leak to a third party.

Also, the system is protected against malware, viruses, and some other attacks by hackers. When you get to the setting section, the players are given the opportunity to make 2-step verification.

The casino has employed by the anti-fraud technologies and the latest security, This is in compliance with the Data Security Standards and the Payment Card Industry. The financial conduct authority will be the one responsible for the regulation and authorization.


If you check online, there are lots of payment methods that you can select from. All that you are to do is just to select a fast, reliable and safe method. For you to fund your gaming balance, it is important that you consider personal preference and make your decision on how you are going to make a withdrawal. Using ecoCard is very easy and hitch-free, This option is used across 160 countries and the currencies are up to 47. All deposits made are processed securely and immediately without having to disclose any of your confidential.

One other advantage that can be derived using this method is that provision is made for different languages to suit the needs of the players. Your accounts can be funded by making use of the payment service which includes Paysafe and Visa with local options that are of wide variety. The options include Yandex Money, Przewelewy24, QQ Pay. Additionally, you can deposit and make withdrawal through your mobile device as it is highly compatible with mobile devices.


Unfortunately, players from the United States will not be able to access the ecoCard due to some restrictions and strict regulations placed on online gambling. The withdrawal of the banks' check is only available for the players that reside in the United Kingdom and Italy.

Also, you should try and figure out the limitations and charges to be incurred before you choose any method. Even with this, the withdrawals and deposits are still free compare to some other methods such as wire transfers in which they charge 2.5%.


eCocard ensures all activities are carried out in an amazing way. All the activities will be carried out without you having to disclose your personal information. There is an instant deposit and quick withdrawal using this method.

The company already built a great reputation and it is well known all around the globe. Additionally, it is compliant with the Data Security Standards and the Payment Card Industry.

The option is widely accepted across all the online casinos and it can be seen almost anywhere all around the globe. When you are selecting a particular card, you have to be careful about it as they are different from each other.