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AbaqoosOverview of Abaqoos payment processor, base it operation on a Voucher, initialy came on board year 2006, though their formal site is in-active up till now, right from year 2018 which has left some unquestionable thoughts to ponder on Abaqoos reliability, also covers procedures to use Abaqoos, associated benefits and limitations.


Abaqoos is one of the banking services you can rely on for safe online transactions. Its evolved right in Hungary, which initially came on board across online casino platform so many years back, precisely 2006. It works with a coupon. Although Abaqoos’s official site is no longer functional far back year 2018, most casino sites promote these banking services.

Best 5 Online Casino that Accept Abaqoos

The founder of Abaqoos devised this payment method mainly to function together with various financial institutions in Hungary. Abaqoos is provided primarily for casinos to carry out payment transfers, while some different e-commerce platforms also offer this banking service.

Abaqoos is familiar to an extent amidst gamers situated in Hungary. It's merely an exceptional coupon strategy considered to be fast, efficient, and straightforward. It betters in operation to less-flexible selections across the market. While Abaqoos support cash deposits, some players are more driven to this approach.

Procedures to set up an Account for Abaqoos

To set up an account, you'll enroll on their official site registering on the Abaqoos website while it's active. You can now put forward Coupons with a certain sum of cash, probably through a wire transfer to buy the coupon/ticket.

Another alternative is to apply for a cash transfer with the financial institutions in collaboration with Abaqoos. Before you can carry out a direct deposit by hand, the teller tends to demand your I.D.'s, like username, so that you can buy the coupon.

Banking services

Abaqoos forwards payments transfers to users' individual online game dashboard towards setting up coupons that eventually gets paid into any online casino sites it's featured. Abaqoos operates having an intermediary between your deposit and voucher bought. It's necessary to pay a certain sum to the Abaqoos account as a prerequisite towards depositing to a casino. After that, it's transformed into a coupon that's transferrable as real money to any Abaqoos supporting site.

Just as direct deposit requires a low duration of 5 min, wire transfers do take longer subject to the particular financial institution selected. Quite different from other banking services available, you don't choose to deposit through credit card for payments to online casino sites.

Unfortunately, Abaqoos does not work for cash-out requests; therefore, casino gamesters have to apply for other choices to cash-out any payouts.

Benefits of using Abaqoos

Safety: There's no way anyone can access your sensitive data, even the operator. This factor is possible, considering the extra process to pay-in.

Quick and No charges: Whats you will only experience to discourage is the stated conditions for wire transfer on its own. With any payment transfer, the online coupons are attainable instantly, thereby establishing it a viable option for deposits to most players.

Flexible use: To buy an Abaqoos coupon, you can do this via a cash deposit, considered to be a flexible service that most online banking services do not provide. As a result, it turns Abaqoos to be advantageous to players rather like a cash deposit instead of card methods.


Abaqoos is no more active far back in 2018, even though some gaming sites continue to promote the service to be a cost-effective method.

Applicable to Hungarians only: If you're not within the bounds of Hungary, do not hope to use these payment services as you're not eligible.

It does not allow cash-out requests.

Help-desk services

Abaqoos allows its members to tender their queries through email, help@abaqoos.com. Since their official site is no longer active, then the email might not go through.


Based on this site inactive status at present, we don't have sufficient details of Abaqoos, but we're sure it's a well-known transaction method.

Abaqoos works in collaboration with Budapest Bank, likewise P.O. Box in Hungary, and so forth.

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