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eKonto Casinos are online casinos that recognize it as an online payment method and it was established in 2008 by Raiffeisen Bank. It is located in Austria and it is limited to players that are staying in Czech Republic or Slovakia.

About eKonto

Raiffeisen Bank launched an internet banking system in 2008 and named it eKonto. The bank is located in Austria and only players that are residing in Slovakia or Czech Republic are permitted to use the internet bank. Also, you must have opened a bank account with Raiffeisen Bank. There are many benefits available to people using it, however, there are three certain things you need to possess before you can have access to these benefits.

  • Current account
  • Direct banking function
  • Debit card

Making payment online has been made easy for players by using this method and you there will be automatic creation of payments. You do not need to wait for a long time before your transaction will be complete. For players that want to use it as a means of depositing into their casino account, you will need to ascertain that the casino you are playing at has it as one of its payment method.

How to open an eKonto Account

eKonto Casinos

eKonto Casinos

To create an account with eKonto, it is essential that you go to the physical branch of the bank. Account cannot be created online thus your physical presence will be needed at the Raiffeisen Bank. In Czech Republic, there are one hundred and twenty branches of the bank therefore, players will not need to undergo a lot of stress before locating one of their bank branch.

There are certain criteria you must fulfilled to have an account with eKonto. There will be need for you to bring along your means of identification like driver's license or ID card. Also, the minimum age requirement is 12 years old and the person must have a residential permit in the country. For someone not staying within the country but have relatives staying there, you can also open its account inasmuch as you have the proof. After creating an account, three options will be forwarded to you that you can used to do transaction online and they are:

  • Online shopping: With this payment option, you will be able to make transactions directly to online platforms like casinos and stores.
  • Debit payment card: Your eKonto account can also be linked to your debit cards to perform online transactions.
  • Direct banking: Internet banking, GSM, conditional reports, PDA banking, and phone banking are made possible with this banking options.

Depositing and Withdrawing with eKonto Casinos

Many online casinos allow players to use it as a payment means of depositing and withdrawing their funds from the casino accounts. Before you register with any online casino always ensure you check out the acceptable banking options supported by the casino. If the casino you are registering with support it then you should choose it. After choosing, you will be taken to the website of the bank then you will be asked to provide your account details with the password you used. You will be debited immediately which indicate how fast the transaction will be carried out.

There is another way you can make transactions with eKonto that will require less sharing of your account information with the casino. You can link your Visa and MasterCard with it and make transactions through it. This is safer means and it also ensure the security of the players. The negative aspect of this is that you can only use it for depositing not withdrawing. To withdraw your winnings, direct bank transfer will be required and it used to take a long time before transaction will be complete.

Benefits of using eKonto

  • It is secure since you will not need to reveal who you are before you can deposit into your casino account through it. Therefore, the casino will not have your account information talk more of sharing with third parties.
  • You will be provided with a basic debit card once you open an eKonto account which can be used to do online transactions. Therefore, you can used it as a payment method as well as banking purposes.
  • All the transactions you make through eKonto are carried out immediately and it is the exact amount you used that will be removed from your bank account.
  • If you are a player that want to regulate the amount you used in gambling at online casinos you can use eKonto as your payment option. With this you will not be able to spend more than the money you deposited into your casino account.
  • With eKonto you can make transactions with many currencies. As at now, it is accepting about 9 different currencies for players to make transactions.

Demerits of using eKonto

There are countries restricted from using eKonto to make transactions. As at now, only players residing in Slovakia or Czech Republic can use it. Also, you can open an eKonto account if you have a relative in one of the two countries in case you are not residing in any of the two.

Before you can use some features of the bank you will need to pay certain amount of money.

You can only use it to deposit, you cannot withdraw your winnings with it. Therefore, players will need to select another banking option to withdraw.

Safety and Security

Since its establishment, eKonto has enjoyed a reputation of guaranteeing customers security. The security measures taken to ensure that there will be no problem when transacting are top notches. It is the same security protocol followed at Raiffeisen Bank that is being utilized at eKonto.

Customer Service

In case you are having difficulties or problem with your account you can contact the customer service staffs of the bank. The support staffs can be contacted by calling or emailing. They are always available all the time to listen and provide solutions to customers problems. Also, in case you lost your debit card you can call to report it for your account to be protected.

Frequently Asked Questions about eKonto

Is it possible to open an eKonto account if you are living in the UK?

No, eKonto is only available to people that are residing either in Slovakia or Czech Republic. You can only have an account if you are not residing in the two countries if you have a relative who is a resident and willing to open one for you.

eKonto is acceptable at which casino?

There are many casinos that accept eKonto as a means of making payments. You can check its site to get the list of casinos that support the banking option.

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