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Online Gambling Payment Guide

NeoSurf CasinosIn France, a reputable payment method was created known as Neosurf to solve the problem of online payments. After the birth of the organization, it has expanded its wings to various nations such as Europe and Africa. It is a prepaid payment method, and it has a lot of amazing qualities and enticing advantages. Payment can be initiated through the cash means or any non-direct means such as purchasing the card initially and funding it so as to play at the casino of your choice. The security of the payment method is guaranteed, and it is a simple means of depositing at the same time protecting your personal information from being available to other people. For the game of chance, a lot of online casinos does not reject Neosurf as means of making transactions. However, the problem is in identifying the good casinos since there are many bad casinos nowadays. This is the purpose of this review will serve you by providing you with information about the best casinos that accepts Neosurf as a payment method. Also, the selected casinos are the best when it comes to online gambling, and you will get to know the amazing offers they provide for their players. However, before that, we will first talk about the brief history of Neosurf.

In 2004, a company was launched known as Neosurf located in France, and it solves the problem of prepaid payment since it is rampant then for making payment online then. As of now, the company have expanded to more than fifty countries all around the globe. Since its inception, it has become famous and earned a reputation among online casino players because of the amazing services they provide to their customers. Almost all online casinos accept Neosurf as a payment method and equipping the gamers with the ability to make instant deposits. This reduces the stress many players used to pass through just because they want to play with real money at any online casino. Also, it does not require a lot of processes before you can register with them. If you are a player that wants to protect your personal information from being shared with the third party, then NeoSurf is the right payment method for you. Also, it helps players not to spend beyond their budget when gambling since only the amount in the account can be used to play. More than twenty thousand online casinos accept Neosurf as a means of making transactions and also helps players conform to responsible gaming act.

Operating NeoSurf Payment Mode

NeoSurf Payment ModeIt entails the use of a prepaid voucher that can serve as a means of paying for any services obtained online. One amazing thing is that registering of account with them is not necessarily. All that you need is to purchase a voucher if the aim of using it is to fund your online casino. You can purchase the voucher from the local store where they are selling it. There are a lot of retailers that sell vouchers all over the countries. Also, you can visit their websites to find out the nearest place where you can purchase the voucher from where you are staying.

The voucher is available in different kinds such as one hundred euros, fifty euros, thirty euros, twenty euros, fifteen euros, and ten euros depending on the type you want. The currency the voucher will carry depends on the nation it is present. Therefore, the vouchers are not present in one currency. The minors are basically the people whom the twenty euros voucher were created for which cannot be used for gambling. Before using the voucher at any online casino, you will need to sign up with casinos and ensure the payment denomination you choose correlate with the one on the voucher. This is to prevent charges that will be incurred in converting the voucher to any other currency you selected. It is advisable for players that are residing in any EU nation to make use of the voucher since it carried out transactions in euros.

Online myNeoSurf Platform

Before you can make a transaction online, you need to download and install the software of NeoSurf on your mobile phones. To purchase the voucher, bank transfer, cards, and checks are acceptable. The first thing is to sign up with NeoSurf by going to their site. To do this, it does not require any stress, and within some minutes, you will be done registering with them. However, to register, there are some personal information that will be required as verifications. Such information includes name, contact address, phone number, and date of birth and so on. There is no reason for you to fret before providing that information because the safety is guaranteed. The security system they used to protect their customers’ personal details is top-notch. Therefore, there is no leakage of your details outside to third parties.

NeoCash MasterCard Payment

Obtaining NeoCash MasterCard is another amazing offer restricted to certain places. The card is made from plastic, and it is acceptable as a means of making transactions in all places where MasterCard is accepted. It is a rechargeable card, and it can be topped up as many times as possible. Note that before you can use this service, registering with them online is paramount and you do not need to have a bank account before you can be given the card.

Funding Accounts on NeoSurf Casinos

Registering at casino sites of your choice is the next thing to do after you have purchased the voucher. Then you click on the payment options on NeoSurf site and selected the company logo. After that, you will be directed to where you will input the amount you want and used the ten digits code printed on the voucher to complete the process. After confirming the transaction, you will receive the money into your account at the casino sites. The money is then available for you to play the game of your choice with real money.

Cashing Out from NeoSurf Online Casinos

However, the problem players used to encounter when using Neosurf is the inability to use it for withdrawal purposes. It is only used for making deposits; therefore, the players will need to select another payment method for them to withdraw their winnings. However, withdrawal is possible with the use of the company’s MasterCard. Ensure you reach out to the customer support services of the casino of your choice before using the MasterCard. This is to ensure that you understand all that you need to make the withdrawal successful.

Fees and Limits of NeoSurf

Normally, no fee is charged for any deposits made with the use of Neosurf at any online casino. However, the only charges that may be incurred are when it requires converting the currency on the voucher to another currency. For this conversion two per cent, charges will be incurred, but in the case of PLN, it is three per cent. You should note that it should not exceed a year before the voucher must be used at any online casino of your choice. Failure to use it within one year, charges of two euros will be incurred for being inactive. For players that prefer playing with small cash, Neosurf is a good option for them. Since it is available in a different amount from lowest to highest, also you can deposit more than the highest available voucher amount by combining two or more vouchers. The highest amount you can deposit depends on the casino where you are playing. Therefore, always ensure to read the terms and conditions of the casino before playing.

Security of NeoSurf Banking Method

The safety and security of any customer using Neosurf as a means of the transaction are guaranteed. It is also an easy means for players to make deposits into their online casino accounts. To carry out this process, they will only require you to provide the code on the voucher and the amount you want to deposit. Also, in case your voucher card was stolen or you misplaced it, the highest limit the person can use on it is one hundred euros. Also, there is extra security for players, thereby exempting them from providing information that is sensitive whenever they are depositing with Neosurf.

NeoSurf Customer Support

The unavailability of the live chat options in the customer service of the company is one of its downsides. This implies that there is no way you can get an immediate response to any inquiries you want to make. Therefore, seeking aid on time with the help of the customer services staffs is not guaranteed. However, in case you want to make an inquiry, you can go to their site and select the contact on the site. They will then direct you to another page that contains frequently asked questions. You will be provided with a questionnaire that you will need to fill out then if your inquiry is related to what has been answered on the sites before you will be directed to it. However, in a situation whereby none of the answers provided relates to your question, you will need to click on no for every question you asked. Then they will take you to page on the site where you will see the contact form. You will then need to provide the necessary details being asked there. Before twenty-four hours elapse, you would have been reached by the customer services of the company.

Merits and Demerits of Using NeoSurf Payment Method

Just like everything else, NeoSurf is also characterized by its own set of advantages and disadvantages. One of the fundamental merits that you will get from NeoSurf is the privacy you get from the Platform. You get to gamble on the Platform without the fear of your persona; details getting divulged to a third party. Moreover, NeoSurf allows you to fund your account privately and enjoy anonymous gambling as long as the method of funding that you used is confirmed by the betting site and allowed in the country where you reside.

Another interesting feature in the funding procedure on NeoSurf is that gamblers on the Platform do not have to input personal information to create an account or login into an existing account before funding their accounts. With the RSA Encryption Technology, NeoSurf provides the most secured method of storing financial and banking records of gamblers. Besides the anonymity that this Platform offers, this technology also helps impulsive gamblers to keep their betting at bay by regulating the amount they gamble with.

However, NeoSurf is not without its demerits too. The most significant one is the inability to cash out your winnings on NeoSurf directly. The winnings are usually in the form of a prepaid voucher that requires the use of other means of withdrawal. The effect of this demerit is dampened a bit through the introduction of the NeoCash MasterCard. This banking solution is acceptable at a lot of online casinos. Another downside to this gambling platform is the language on the website. The website’s content is written in French; hence gamblers from countries that do not speak French may find it a bit difficult to use the website adequately. Lastly, another notable disadvantage of the site is the need to get the point of sale for prepaid vouchers so as to withdraw your winnings.

Readers should, however, note that the lesser voucher denominations on the Platform can be used in two ways. The arrangement is perfect for gamblers with straitened finances while gamblers who deal with higher stakes won’t find it pleasing as the highest denomination is €100.

FAQs about NeoSurf

  • Is NeoSurf available in the United States?

Despite the popularity that the prepaid voucher system has garnered, it can only be used in about 50 countries in the world. And sadly, the USA is one of the countries that doesn’t allow the use of this funding system.

  • Am I allowed to cash out my winnings using NeoSurf from a betting site?

Gamblers need to understand that the prepaid voucher is only a funding method for e-gambling. You cannot use it to withdraw your winnings and will require other means of withdrawal from gambling sites.

  • Do I have to pay any payment fees for transacting on NeoSurf?

No, you don’t have to pay any fees for doing business on NeoSurf. The Platform doesn’t require its users to make payment for any transaction. However, in the case of currency exchange, you will have to incur a 2% expense, and 3% for PLN. In the same vein, a dormant account leaving the prepaid voucher unused for over a year will incur a payment of two euros as payment for inactivity.

  • Are there other systems of funding that bear a resemblance to NeoSurf?

Yes. There are alternative funding options for gamblers who cannot use NeoSurf in their country of residence. These options include PaySafeCard, a payment method that has received widespread acceptance on many e-gambling sites.

Final Thoughts

NeoSurf offers a secured, private and seamless funding system for all your e-gambling activities. With the use of its prepaid voucher, you get quick funding operations, allowing you to enjoy your preferred games without delay.

Funding your accounts anonymously has been made easy by NeoSurf. All your banking and financial details are secured as no third party can have access to it. If you do not have a functional account with any bank or you are without a credit card, this mode of funding is perfect for you. Summarily, with NeoSurf, all financial activities with regards to e-gambling are made easy.

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