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eCheck Casinos

Over the years, there has been a surge in the usage of electronic checks while carrying out gambling activities online.

Most of the online casinos have started accepting the electronic payment option, thereby giving players the chance to make use of a reliable option.

The only difference between the paper check and the eCheck is the virtual format. When you want to make payment, you will be required to make a payment through eCheck and the operation works exactly like the traditional style. What you will be required to put down include your bank account number and the amount that you will like to transfer. Compare to some other methods, the technology being used is not new.

Pros and Cons

eChecks can as well be said to be like some other payment solution that has its pros and cons. So that you can make use of the system efficiently, efforts have been made to list out the major aspect of the casino.

To start with, people that already have dealings with the paper check will have a better understanding of how well the system works. Taking it from a practical point of view, it happens to be part of the payment solution that is easy to use, all that is required of you is to get a bank that is in full support of the system. But then there are some services that will need you to register and verify your identity. Since the process has been completed before you open the bank account, what you will be required to do is to open the bank account and get the payment confirmed. All the processes are quite straightforward and simple, there is no need for you to have any special knowledge before you will be able to perform a transaction with this.

Since there are some online casinos that has now fully recognized eChecks as a valid method of making money, credit cards and eWallets have now become ways in which can make a transaction. Online casinos that support the usage of eCheck are not that much despite the fact that there are solutions that looks so obvious. Meanwhile, if this should be the only way that can be used to make transactions, then this can be considered as being having choices that are limited.

The Usage for Gambling Purpose

There are so many online casinos that will give you the opportunity to make withdrawal and deposit using eCheck as a payment option. This option can be seen at any of the online casinos. Here you will have to select the eCheck option when you check the cashier page. In the cashier page, what you will have to do is to input your bank name, bank routing number, and account number.

What you are to do is to enter the amount of money that you wish to deposit and withdraw. Using the electronic checks are not very popular compared to the other methods of transactions made. For this reason, it might hard for you to get an online casino that recognizes them as a payment method. There are so many online casinos that are already addicted to using the traditional methods of making transactions. Part of the methods they make use of include credit cards, eWallets, prepaid vouchers, and the wire transfer.

Fees for Gambling Purposes

To be factual, we cannot consider eChecks as one of the cheapest methods you can use in making a deposit. While using eCheck as a typical payment method, it is going to cost you $0.50 to $1.50. Looking at this cost, we can deduce that it is relatively low compare to some other payment services, but then it is still low in comparison to those that do not charge anything for payments. There are some casinos that will ensure that a commission is charged.

Processing Time for performing a transaction

Any time you try making a deposit using the eCheck, all that will be on your mind is to figure out how long it is going to take before your money is going to reflect and start your online wagering. Going by the fact that the payment is done virtually. Getting the funds will not take you much time. The moment the transaction is confirmed, you are going to see instant reflection in your account and you can start enjoying your favorite games.

After you must have requested to cashout the wins that you have made. Your plays will then be reviewed by the casino staff. For this to be done completely, but cannot take more than 48 hours. Although the transaction itself can take up to several days before it can be carried out, this fault cannot be apportioned to the casino, but then it is caused by the unfavorable banking system.

Having said this, the casino gives the players the chance to play on credit since they are very certain that the payments are already on the way. The amount of time that you can make a withdrawal is one of the worst aspects of using this method. The other services that you can make use of include eWallets and the withdrawal that can be made within a few hours. For you to get some other methods that will ensure that your funds are cleared almost instantly, you can check out some other payment methods made available.


eChecks can be said to be one of the safest methods of making an online transaction. It goes through your bank's network so that the processing can take place. With this, it is evident that the security of the player is well guaranteed. Although we all understand that banks have a futile means of making transactions, but then they are still the ones we count on when it comes to making transactions.

The moment an electronic check is sent, you will have to pass through some security layers. The authentication of the banking system is sent such that any unauthorized transaction will be prevented. eCheck makes use of the latest encryption technology just to ensure that your funds and details are well secured. Having said this, since the eCheck is well connected with your bank accounts, you should rest assured that your personal funds are well secured. In case some perpetrators were able to access your funds, the banks will be the ones to compensate you for this.

Additionally, the online casino has its own security system which is well designed just to ensure that the information of the players is well protected. Most of the banking system makes use of the SSL encryption method, be it 128 or 256 bit. The technology being used is well advanced and they are reputable for keeping the information of the players safe.


Who can use eCheck?

Anybody that has an account that supports this method can make use of the eCheck. Using the eCheck depends on the bank that you are using. This particular transaction is being supported by some other online services like eBay.

How is it better than wire transfers?

We can’t really state the difference between eCheck and the wire transfers, the only thing is the limitation to the transactions that can be made. It all depends on the particular amount you have in your bank account. The thing is that the wire transfer gives people the chance to deposit a high amount of money. The processing time is one of the advantages the eCheck has over the wire transfer. The thing is that you can weigh the two services and decide on which one suits your needs most.

What are its advantages over some other payment methods?

When it comes to security, eCheck is better than most of the other online casinos. The banks are the ones with a higher security system. Additionally, there is every assurance that the bank is going to get you reimbursed if you happen to suffer any loss due to their ineptitude.

What is the difference between paper checks and electronic checks?

They have the same methods of making payments. Having said this, eCheck has so many advantages compared to the paper version as they have a faster process of making transactions. The moment you are able to issue an eCheck, the banking system will be swing into action and the process will take place within 2 working days.

As for the paper check, you will have to exchange hands in the same location. Additionally, if you have a paper check, there will be a need for you to visit the bank which takes several hours before you will be able to get this done. However. eCheck can be considered as one of the ways in which you can carry out a secure transaction.

Can money be sent from my bank account without my permission?

This cannot be said to be impossible, however, it is very rare for this kind of thing to happen. When you register, you should ensure that your information is not leaked to any third party. All your banking account number, routing number and he likes should be kept safe.

The bank itself has put some measures in place just to ensure that this kind of thing does not happen. So that it will be hard for this kind of thing to happen. For this reason, you don't have to get yourself worried about fraudulent activities.

Can it be used for some other methods not related to gambling?

One interesting about eChecks is that it can be used to make any form of transaction so far the other party is willing to accept the method. There are some online payment services that are mainly used for gambling, peradventure if you are no longer interested in gambling, the account will be redundant.

eChecks have already catered for that as you will be able to use for some other purposes. Going by the fact that checks have been around for a very long time, you can get to use in so many situations.

Why was it rejected?

The payments might be rejected for some different reasons. This might probably be that you don't have much funds to ensure that your transaction is covered or there are some internal banking systems that you will have to fix. Also, there are some situations whereby the other party does not accept eChecks, all that you have to do is to inform the recipients and sort things out.

How difficult is it to issue payment using this eCheck?

One of the easiest online payment methods that you can make use of is the eCheck. People that already used the Paper check will be much familiar with this method. All that you will have to do is to put down your name and some other necessary details. When making a transaction with this, you are most likely not going to encounter any serious issue.

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