Best Online Casinos in Canada

Online Casinos in Canada (2021)

Since the last decade, the online gambling industry has been constantly growing and evolving. This is evident with the constant increase in both the numbers of online casino and the numbers of online casinos players.

Today, words like “online casinos”, “ online gambling”, and “casino games” are no abstract words. And online casino games are generally played in almost anywhere in the world. However, countries adopt rules and regulations to make sure that the gambling industry is fair both to the casino houses and the players. These rules and regulations, however, differs from one country to the other.

This proves that having a general overview of how online casinos operate is not really helpful and cannot guarantee you of having a great gaming experience. Reasons being that how online casinos operate differs in different countries. This call for the need to fully understand the dos and donts of online casino in your country of residence.

This article is aimed at providing you with adequate information about online casinos and how they operate in Canada. After you are done reading this article, you will be armed with the full knowledge and understanding of how online casino works in Canada. Also, you will learn about what is expected of you as a Canadian online casino player. We strongly believe that this information joined together will enhance your gaming experience.

Best Online Casino Canada

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Online Gambling Regulation in Canada

online casino canadaWhen a newbie thinks of online gambling, one of the questions that come to his or her mind is, “is online gambling legal in Canada?”

Well, the good news is “it is”, any Canadian citizen can gamble online without any fear. However, there are some exceptions and we promise to shed more light on it in a moment.

The exception is that the regulations for gambling in Canada vary from one province to another. This is not strange to existing gamers as they are aware that this fact holds to be true in Canada and other countries of the world where online gambling is allowed.

What does this exception imply? It implies that before you delve into online gambling, it is important that you are familiar to the rules and regulations governing it in that province. This will ensure that you are not breaking any jurisdictional gambling regulations in your province.

Generally, all Canadians from any province are allowed to play online casino games from any foreign casino house. Foreign casino house in this sense means that any casino that is not owned and managed by a Canadian company. When considering casino houses owned by a Canadian company, it is important to research where they are permitted to operate in your province.

As regards to betting rules and regulations in each province of Canada, there are some things that you should know.

First, you can wager on horse racing games in any province in Canada. Horse racing games are regulated by the Canadian Parimutuel Agency.

Second, there is only one regulatory body for online gambling in Canada. This regulatory body is situated in Quebec, it is charged with granting online casinos permit and formulation policies that will protect the interest of Canadian players. The body has granted more than 50 online casinos permission to operate. This, in turn, gives Canadians players the opportunity to choose from the various options of online casinos that are available to them.

From time to time more provinces are doing all in their possible means to allow the legislation to declare online gambling as legal in them. However, online casino games are legal in any province provided you are playing at a foreign casino house. But if you want to consider a Canadian owned online casino, you must find out if online gambling is permitted in your province and if the casino is permitted to operate.

Canadian owned casino or foreign online casino, which one should you choose?

Canadian owned casino or foreign online casino? This is one of the questions raging in the minds of Canadian gamers. The truth is both of the options are viable. For a gamer to choose the one that best fits him or her, it is important that they know the pros and cons of each casino.

In other not to overwhelm you with the pros and cons of each casino, we have compiled the best features of each casino, here they are:

Features Of Foreign Online Casino:

  • It is legal and gives you access to play in any province you are in
  • It gives you access to varieties of exciting casino games and tournament
  • It provides you with different sports and leagues
  • It offers you protection against fraud as reputable casinos are affiliated with trusted anti-fraud agencies
  • Transparent gaming as established casinos put their rules and regulations on their site.

Features Of Canadian Owned Casino:

  • It allows you to bet in Canadian dollars.
  • It offers amazing promotions packages in popular games in Canada.
  • It provides you with different sports and leagues that are popular in Canada.
  • You are protected against fraud by the national regulatory body.

When choosing the casino that best fits you, it is important that you consider these features. Also, other things that you can consider are the casino’s bonus packages, games varieties, and payment methods. If you still at the crossroads of choosing the casino that best fits you, you might consider comparing various offers of different casinos together.

Payment Methods Available For Online Gambling In Canada

Payment method is one of the features to consider when choosing a casino. In Canada, online casinos offer different payment options to fund your account and withdraw your earnings. Here are the most popular options available:

  • Paypal: Paypal has been around for a while now (precisely 1998), it has remained one of the most used and the most trusted payment option in Canada and in the world. This is why almost every online casino in Canada uses it. Before you can use PayPal to fund or withdraw, you will need to sign up for a PayPal account. if you don’t have one, it is quite easy to do. The next step after signing up is for you to link your credit or debit card to your PayPal account. This will allow you to transfer from your bank account and receive funds into it with ease. One of the reasons why PayPal is the most preferred payment option is because it allows you to send and receive money without sharing much of your financial information. One major downside of Paypal is that it is not available to use in all countries. However, Paypal is available in Canada and almost every casino site in Canada makes use of Paypal.
  • Neteller: Paypal is not the only payment option for online gambling in Canada. Neteller is another e-wallet to consider as a payment option. Neteller belongs to the popular Paysafe Financial Services which in turns makes Neteller a reputable payment option. Some online casino were faced with some restriction that didn’t allow them to make use of Paypal as a means of payment. Neteller, which comes with a lesser strict restriction which made it the next best payment option for these casinos to use
  • Paysafecard: Paysafecard is yet another payment option to consider. This payment option provides you with 100% anonymity and security. Paysafecard is able to achieve this by providing its users with physical cards. You can buy these physical cards with any preloaded amount of your choice. These cards can be used to fund your casino account. However, one downside of Paysafecard is that it can be only used to fund your casino account, it cannot be used for withdrawal. Paysafecard is also a brand of Paysafe Financial Services.
  • Bank accounts: This is the traditional mode of payment. Bank account including using either debit or credit card to make payments. One major advantage of using a bank account is because it is easy to use. The fear of fraud however made majority of gamers not to consider this option. If you want to use a bank account as a means of funding or withdrawing funds, it important to choose a reputable and trusted casino as you will be sharing with the casino some of your financial information.

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The Most Popular Casino Games In Canada.

Online casinos offer to their players a large variety of casino games. Exhausting these varieties will take time and leave you overwhelmed with many options. We have decided to review the most popular casino games that casinos in Canada offer to their players. Here they are:

  • Slots: Slot is one of the most acceptable and the most popular games in Canada. Canadian Gaming Association tagged slots as the “king of casino games” in Canada. Slots are very popular among gamers because the game is easy to learn games and has a very simple yet attractive graphic. Different casinos have introduced their own slots by giving it a different theme. Most casinos take their theme from popular games, music or shows. One of the attractive features of playing slots is its big jackpots. Big jackpot is a feature that rewards its beneficiary with large winnings which could exceed a million dollars. (The Best Software for Canadian players is Microgaming).
  • Bingo: Bingo is a casino game that originated from Europe and was spread widely in both the United States and Canada. This game is known to bring different gamers together. Their end game is enjoying the fun of playing together and hoping to earn doing so.
  • Poker: Poker is known to have strong acceptance in Canada. There are various communities, forums, and groups in Canada whose sole aim is to promote poker. One of the major factors that led to the widespread and strong acceptance is due to the migration of professional poker players in the United States when poker was proclaimed as illegal. These professionals influence others to accept the game in Canada. Up to date, there is a constant widespread of poker players in Canada.
  • Live games: Live games give gamers the feel of playing in a traditional casino. This game is only available for table games. Here, you will be playing against a real casino dealer and in a real casino. Also, live games allow you to interact with other gamblers. The game is available for any player from the age of 18 and it can be played both on PC and mobile device.

Online Casino Bitcoin


As said earlier, the online gambling industry is always evolving and online are using different innovations to attract more users. One of the most exciting of these innovations is the casino live games. This innovation creates in the player’s device the same feeling he or she will get going to a physical casino. With this innovation, online casinos are able to redefine the online casino and gave it a new face.

Another major innovation in the online casino most especially sports betting is the different and amazing promotional offers and reward system which benefits its users. That is not all, each time casinos content to always add to the list of sports or leagues that they are covering. Online casino in a bid to attract more customers to add sports or league that is popular and gamers might be interested in. One of these sports is eSports. This game allows individual to test their tactics out in video games and stand a chance to win over one million dollars.

The last innovation that we will be discussed here is the wide adoption of Bitcoin as a means of payment. The truth is cryptocurrency today is used and accepted everywhere in the world and Canada is no exception. This led to its adoption as a valid means of payment. One of the advantages of the adoption of bitcoin is that it makes payment processing easier and faster. Also, you will only be charged a little fee for purchasing using bitcoin.


Some of the questions that frequently occurs among gamers are:

What will I be needing to open an online casino account?

When opening an online casino account, the major things that you will be required to provide are a bit of your personal information and selecting a payment option of your choice. It is advisable that research the casino you are considering before registering with them.

How can I gamble safely?

First and foremost, it is important to know if gambling is legal and acceptable in your province. If it is not, you may consider foreign casino sites. When considering foreign casino sites, sign up at a reputable online casino. Also, only share your financial information with a reputable online casino so as to prevent fraud or cyber attack. Lastly, do not use a public computer or public networks to access your casino account.

Which are the best bonus that online Casino offers in Canada?

Online casinos offer different bonuses and promotions in order to attract customers. Before accepting any promotional offer from an online casino, it is important that you review the casino’s wagering requirements. These requirements vary from one casino to the other. Some of the major promotional offers by online casinos are the welcome bonus which maybe deposits bonus or no deposit bonus and tournament bonus. The welcome bonus is promotional offers that are made available to the new player only. This bonus may be awarded shortly after they are done signing up (no deposit bonus) or when the new player makes his first deposit (deposit bonus). The tournament bonus is available for both new and existing gamers. This bonus is awarded to gamers during their course of playing a casino game or a casino tournament. Some of the games with attractive tournament bonus include roulette, blackjack, poker and so on.

Can I get addicted to gambling?

Gambling does not have a negative impact on your lives and according to the Canadian Gaming Association, about 98% of Canadians players are healthy players. They are in no way addicted to gambling.


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