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CLICKANDBUY ONLINE CASINOSClickandBuy is one of an electronic means of payment that is available to perform transactions at various online casinos. This means of payment is accepted by a handful of online casinos for depositing and withdrawing of funds. This review is meant to guide you on everything you need to know about using ClickandBuy as a means of payment at online casino.

About ClickandBuy Casinos

ClickandBuy is an electronic form of payment that is available for use both locally and internationally. This payment system is available for use globally for all transactions including gambling and purchasing of goods online. As at present, this payment system is being used by more than thirteen million people worldwide, hence, be assured of finding it as a payment means at several online casinos. All transactions that is made is ClickandBuy is known to be of maximum security and highly convenient not to talk of its quick processing period. With this review, be assured of a detailed information of what ClickandBuy entails. Check our website for a list of casinos that accept this payment system for transactions.

Depositing at Online Casinos via ClickandBuy

This payment system was introduced in Germany in 1999 and it is now located in the UK. This company is known to have generated an annual of €1 billion as at 2009 with more than three hundred working staffs. Deutsche Telekom bought this company in 20010 making it the rightful owner of ClickandBuy, after which it collaborated with MasterCard in 2012 making it possible to provide its clients with a personal prepaid MasterCard.

Below are the step by step approach to deposit at online casinos via ClickandBuy:

  1. Open an account at your preferred ClickandBuy online casino.
  2. Login into the account
  3. Navigate to the banking section and click on the electronic wallet icon.
  4. Select your payment option as ClickandBuy.
  5. Input your deposit amount
  6. Input your details to finalize the payment.

After following the steps above, your online account will get funded immediately and this option attract no additional charges.

Withdrawing at Online Casinos via ClickandBuy

Although depositing with ClickandBuy is done immediately but the reverse is the case when it comes to fund withdrawal as it can take a while before processing. Making withdrawal with this system of payment is very simple. The guide to withdrawing via ClickandBuy at online casinos is given below:

  1. Navigate to the page that is meant for withdrawal on your casino website and look for the option that is designated as electronic wallet.
  2. Select your withdrawal option as ClickandBuy and input your withdrawal value.
  3. Input your
  4. Confirm your

After following the steps given above, your withdrawal amount will reflect on your financial institutions account in few days’ time.

Merits and Demerits of depositing via ClickandBuy

Viewing from the client perspective, you will see that this mode of payment offers a highly secure service. Owing to its high security, all users data is kept from third party agents so be assured of privacy. Aside from this, payments made with this mode of payment is processed at a high speed more or less like immediate processing.

A highly efficient end to end encryption is employed by this payment system, this ensures that players’ information remains confidential.

Also, using this payment system is very simple and comfortable as it requires no stress. Lastly, no verification is required to perform transactions, thereby, making it timely and stress-free.

Countries that Accept ClickandBuy

Irrespective of the country you are be it Denmark, Germany, Canada or Austria, you will find a casino of your choice from our website. All that is required of you after registering at your preferred online casino is to familiarize yourself with the gaming titles in its library, know the history of the casino and read the T&Cs of the casino. Doing all these will protect you from getting scammed.

Canadian ClickandBuy Casinos

Canada is known as a country with a grey area when it comes to gambling laws but casinos and poker games is a very lucrative in this country. According to the 2017 FGR statistical analysis, the profits derived by casinos is Canada was 17.3 billion CAD which is a five per cent increment compared to what was generated in 2016. Having said this, be assured of seeing a befitting Canada casino online.

If you come across a Canadian casino that offers the best clock and it option, be assured of obtaining huge bonuses with its live games and its amazing software.

Austria ClickandBuy Casinos

There is no single game of chance in Austria that is not legal and these casinos are known for having a solid foundation. Austria is known to be a home for many big casinos though their legalized branch is found in other countries. You can find some reputable online casinos in Austria on our website without having to go through any stress.

Germany ClickandBuy Casinos

Germany government has placed a ban on game of chance in the country though many residents of the country are found gambling at offshore sites. The first thing you should take note when looking for an online casino that accept clock and it in Germany is to check the license status of such casino. You should ask yourself, if the casino has been licensed, if the agency that license it is a strong one and if the policy of gaming is visible. Knowing all these will help you to gamble at a safe environment. Germany ClickandBuy casinos is known to be highly competitive, hence, you are advised to be on lookout for the bonuses offered by each of the casinos. Germany ClickandBuy casinos is known for; offering high quality games, presence of mobile-optimized software and latest mode of security system.

Denmark ClickandBuy Casinos

Involving in game of chance in Denmark is considered a legal activity so residents have the right to play their game of choice either locally or internationally. Denmark ClickandBuy casinos is known for highly efficient customer support team. This makes players to have almost all their questions answered.

There is no need for you to convert your currency to $ or € as Danish Kroner is accepted at all Denmark ClickandBuy casinos. This makes it easy for Denmark residents to transact conveniently.

Furthermore, the laws that guide gambling online in Denmark, makes it compulsory for all casinos to have a clock on their website that will keep track of the time used by players while gambling at their sites. This will help to know players that are addicted to gambling. This makes gambling laws in Denmark to be take people gambling activities into considering and this was why Denmark was found at the third position in for 2015-2017 according to the World Happiness Report of 2018.

ClickandBuy Games

The recent reports makes it known that gambling online will not cease to expand as time goes on. There are various games that is available for play at online casinos including sports betting, roulette, blackjack, poker and slots. Irrespective of the game you wish to play, you can easily find them on our website.

ClickandBuy Mobile Casinos

Owing to the invention of mobile devices, desktop game is almost going into extinct as many online casinos have optimized their games to be compatible with smartphones. Recently, mobile devices has been a great tool employed by many people and this is why there is increase in the number of mobile games that are available for play online. Depositing via ClickandBuy mobile casinos will see to you having an interesting gameplay experience and winning lots of money during gameplay. Below are the advantages of gambling at ClickandBuy mobile casinos:

  1. Easily accessible: playing at ClickandBuy mobile casino is very convenient and requires no stress, this sees to immediate deposit of player’s fund into their online account.
  2. Freedom of gambling: with ClickandBuy mobile casino, you can easily play any game of your choice at your own convenience without having to undergo the stress of vising any land-based casino. All you need to do is to login to your account via your mobile phone and start playing.
  3. Simple and convenient deposit: ClickandBuy mobile casinos enable you to easily fund your online account via your mobile device.

Irrespective of your gambling experience be it amateur or expert, always ensure to gamble at a reputable ClickandBuy mobile casino.

ClickandBuy Live Dealer Casinos

Playing live dealer games is very simple, the games are broadcasted by a live dealer from an offline casino and the players’ gamble by streaming the match and chatting with other players or the dealer in actual time. Below are the benefits of ClickandBuy Live Dealer casinos:

  1. Ability to have a live chat
  2. Highly secured transactions
  3. Unlimited time of access from any location.
  4. Real experience of gambling
  5. Use of latest technology.

Normally, you will find traditional gaming titles seen at land-based casinos in the gaming library of live casinos. The common ones include poker games, baccarat, roulette and blackjack. You can check our website for some outstanding live dealer casinos.

Newly Launched ClickandBuy Casinos

It is a well-established fact that involving in game of chance via online platforms is on the rise and several online casinos is seen in the industry annually. These new casinos operates with modern technologies so be assured of having a modern gaming experience. You can check the list of these newly launched ClickandBuy casino on our website.

Bonuses Offered by ClickandBuy Casinos

ClickandBuy casinos have lots of bonuses on offer for players, this include VIP bonus, welcome bonus, referral bonus, payment system bonus, and no-deposit bonus. All these bonuses can be found at ClickandBuy casinos most especially the online ones. Owing to the highly competitive nature of casinos, bonuses is one of the major thing that is offered by almost all casinos in the gambling industry, this is done to seek gamblers attention.

Although, obtaining bonuses at casino can help you add to your pocket but this shouldn’t be your number one priority in selecting a casino of your choice. Among the things you should consider when selecting your online casino include players’ reviews, rating for customer support, information on license, software providers and many more. After you have seen a casino of your choice that meets the above criteria, always ensure to claim the bonuses offered by such casino.

Frequently Asked Questions about ClickandBuy Casinos

In case you are still have something that is not clear to you about ClickandBuy casinos, you can check the answers to the frequently asked questions about this payment system below:

Is ClickandBuy acceptable at every online casinsos?

ClickandBuy is not acceptable at all online casinos but you can use it as a system of payment is several online casinos. Ensure to check the list of the payment means that is accepted by your casino of choice before you start gambling.

How secured is ClickandBuy online casinos?

Of course. Online casinos that accept ClickandBuy are offers a secure gambling environment so be assured of a safe gameplay.

What is the limit of deposit that one can make using ClickandBuy?

The limit in which you can deposit with ClickandBuy is determined by your online casino. Ensure to read the T&Cs of your casino before you start your gambling.

Do ClickandBuy attract any charges?

Of course. Using ClickandBuy as a payment means attract charges though it is not much. But the following process attract no charges:

  1. funding your casino account,
  2. opening a ClickandBuy account and,
  3. depositing into your ClickandBank account through your financial institution.

The charges that is associated with ClickandBuy varies from one bank to another.

Do mobile casinos allow the use of ClickandBuy?

Of course, ClickandBuy can be used for any form of transaction at mobile casinos.

What is the processing period for deposits made via ClickandBuy?

All deposit made with ClickandBuy are processed immediately without wasting any of your time.

Which countries accept ClikandBuy?

ClickandBuy is accepted as a system of payment in over thirty countries of the world, some of these countries are Germany, Austria, Canada and Denmark. Always ensure to check the ayment options that are made available at your casino of choice.