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Nordea Casino – Best 7 Online Casinos That accept Nordea

NordeaThis is one of the largest financial enterprise in the whole of Europe, and it offered wide range of banking options across players in Russia, Baltic region and Russia.

This can be said to be one of the top rated financial groups that has created a wider group in Singapore, Poland and the United States. This has gained much popularity among the players that are very enthusiastic about the casino games.

Majority of the reputable operators now make use of this method as a reliable payment option.

This can be used for online gambling in various ways, and the bank gives Visa cards, Mastercard and other payment method that is widely accepted. Of course the bank is very much present at the international market, most of the casinos right in the Nordic market makes use of the Netbank method.

How Nordea Works

This is a brand name for a banking service, and the availability is opened to anybody with an active bank account. There is the facilitation of the online fund transfer right from the bank account of the customer to vendors that are web-based.

The moment they make registration on the Netbank account, and individual access code will be received by the bank. This include a user ID and password. This is just for customer identification and to ensure that each transaction are properly authorized. There are 80 codes on the physical cards, and the players have up to about 60 of them.

Depositing in online casino via Nordea

It is quite simple to make deposit using the Nordea banking service. To achieve this, it is important that the players select the Netbank and Nordea online casino.

Redirections can be made to the login page, and logins can be made with the access code and some other credentials. The users from Norway will have to enter 11 digit that can be seen on their ID

Also, it is important that the players select all the amount deposited and check all the transactions using their major code generated.

It is important that the players get to select the amount deposited, and the conformation code will be used to make an authorization for the payment. Amount deposited will appear almost instantly in the casino account, clearly showing that the players can start to play for real money.

Withdrawal using this method

It is quite unfortunate that the players will not be able to make use of this method to withdraw their hard-earned cash. Any player that chooses Netbank as a method of making payment will have to select another payment method.

Nordea Credit

Majority if the credit cards that Nordea issues are branded master card, so you can get to use it on any of the online casinos that makes use of Mastercard. Select the Mastercard payment option, then you can enter your numbers, expiration date, CVV and others.

The moment you are able to confirm the transaction, your gambling balance will be credited. This can actually be said to be a great option in case the players are not able to see an online casino that clearly specify Nordea

Mobile Bank

The customers will be able to make a download option, and these are both available in Android and iOS devices. Players can make convenient payment using their mobile device.

So now the Scandinavians can now fund their account making use of the Balance code. Players that make use of the mobile action will help you make payment and check the balance that you safe. Having logged in with the BankID, you can make login making use of Nordea account.

Just like it was earlier mentioned, the Nordea credits can be used to upload funds to the casino account, and you will be able to effectively manage the cards. Part of the very good advantage is that the sms verification ensures that there is utmost security. The code is really convenient since you don’t have to go all around with a card. The app is highly compatible with mobile devices such as iOS and Android.


This is absolutely a secured playing method, and the Access codes that they make use of can attest to this. Each code generated is made separately, and they can only be used for just a single payment before progressing.

The banking details of the customers remain private and it can be leaked to any other as the Nordea makes use of the SSL method.


There is a processing fee that each of the players will have to incur. Payments carried out with a foreign currency is going to attract a 2% of the amount.

The credit limit that the players can select from ranges from €1000 to €5000. The Nordea card does not attract any monthly charge, but €3 will be charged on monthly basis for the account maintenance.


It is obvious that one of the best advantage that you can derive on this casino is the security. It is impossible to record any theft case, so far you didn’t reveal the verification given to you for anybody

Also, the fact that you won’t be using a processing fee is a plus

The transfer is made almost immediately, and you can make use of your bank accounts directly.


This payment method payment can be seen in more than 10 countries, but it is mainly available for players in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Sweden

Also, it is mandatory that players are going to drop their personal banking details

Another thing is that you can use it for withdrawal, so it is a must that you make use of another payment method to withdraw your money.


There are varieties of payment options that you can make use of, but this is an easy way to ensure that you have a smooth and hitch-free deposit. The deposit is instant and there is no charges for any processing made.

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