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The Current Best Bitcoin Casinos in the Industry

Currently, Bitcoin is among the most comfortable and popular methods of banking. Various online casinos have instantly included this cryptocurrency in their selection of payment methods. Therefore, we decided to give this kind of gambling platform a special attention.

In this review, you will understand what Bitcoin and the supporting technology, blockchain are. It can assist you in understanding the way the transactions and payment methods the casino considers reliable work. Additionally, we will introduce you to the best Bitcoin casinos on the internet in detail, and help you choose the option that best suits what you want.

If you are interested in playing games at Bitcoin online casino, please read this review carefully!

The Best Online Casinos That Accept Bitcoin

In 2008 when Bitcoin was introduced, few people really understood what it meant for business and the future of the world economy. However, in 2017, after experiencing a major growth, casinos are beginning to understand the suitability of this cryptocurrency for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Today, there are lots of casinos on the internet that use Bitcoin as a major form of their payment method (or use this cryptocurrency fully as their only banking method). However, introducing Bitcoin does not automatically improve these casinos.

There are many other conditions that influence the real situation of online casinos, and we have considered all of these factors when reviewing the top Bitcoin casinos on the internet that accept American players. So you are free to go through them because each one of these casinos mentioned here provide the best online gaming experience. It goes without saying that every one of them uses Bitcoin as a major banking method.

In addition to depositing and withdrawing, we were equally attentive to the general quality of these casinos and ran comprehensive evaluation tests to select the casinos there are on this list. Bitcoin casinos that did not reach the maximum score were excluded from the test.

We evaluated each platform's quality, their gaming products, customer support, bonuses, and promotions, as well as other banking options. Naturally, we used Bitcoin as the means of payment and manually reviewed everyone to find out how it responded. Only those casinos that work well with Bitcoin are on this list.

After all, you are going to decide for yourself the Bitcoin casino that best suits your needs. Each of these platforms listed is great, however, they are all different. They all provide different games, promotions, and bonuses, therefore, go through every single one to determine which one is the best for you.

From Bitcoin as a Crypto Coin to Bitcoin as a Casino Game

Generally speaking, Bitcoin is among the available cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency mainly supported by a modern technology known as the blockchain.

Using the blockchain technology, an anonymous Bitcoin creator who goes by the name Satoshi Nakamoto developed a P2P Bitcoin network that allows people to send funds directly from one user to another.

The method in which the network functions is to use those nodes to verify all transactions. In short, a node is a global computer owned by someone who is also in the network. So when the nodes use encryption to confirm transactions, these transactions will be publicly posted to the distributed ledger.

As a result of this, all the computers whose systems are in the network can store encrypted details about all transactions that occur on the blockchain network. Therefore, Bitcoin is a fully decentralized currency.

There is no obvious central authority and with nodes available to confirm transactions. Bitcoin can achieve much quicker transaction times compared to several other bank options. In addition, the technology is actually very new and evolving rapidly, and several of the best people around the globe are in search of ways to improve it.

The industry of online casinos is constantly leading the way when it comes to technological advances, and online casinos were expected to accept cryptocurrencies to some extent, especially Bitcoin. Bitcoin gives casino users the opportunity to make encrypted, fast, and secure instant deposits as well as withdrawals.

In addition to being almost immune to cyber attacks, transactions with Bitcoin are equally affordable.

The three online casinos that are unique from the rest of the online casinos are the best choices for users of Bitcoin. We shall now review them.

1. BoVegas Casino

BoVegas is one of the platforms that truly look forward to the future of cryptocurrency games, which is why it provides excellent conditions for players using Bitcoin. The minimum deposit is 25 dollars, and there is no limit to the amount you can deposit in BTC on this website. In addition to good payment methods, this casino also offers excellent games such as slot machines, tables, and card games.

  • Bitcoin Accepted: Yes
  • Other means of payment: yes
  • Bonus: Up to $5500 in rewards
  • American players accepted: Yes

2. Wild Casino

Wild Casino, being a well-known platform that provides real-time casino games over the Internet, offers multiple payment options which include Bitcoin and a lot of other crypto coins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ripple. The Bitcoin minimum deposit is USD 20 and the upper limit is USD 100,000.

  • Bitcoin Accepted: Yes
  • Other means of payment: yes
  • Bonus: A 100% for about $1,000
  • American players acceptable: Yes

3.  It offers the best slot casino games, as well as other excellent casino games such as video poker, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. They even offer special bonuses for those who choose to deposit with Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin Accepted: Yes
  • Other means of payment: yes
  • Available Bonus: $22 (no deposit), 200% for about $5,000 (with deposit)
  • American players acceptable: Yes

A Detailed Guide on How You Can Use Bitcoin at Online Casinos

If you are a novice to online gaming, whether Bitcoin or otherwise, you need to know the tips on how you can deposit via cryptocurrency. This is the reason why we developed this easy and detailed guide so you can register your casino account and get started in minutes.

Creating an online Bitcoin wallet

Of course, before you can play Bitcoin online, you must first buy Bitcoin. First off, you have to acquire your Bitcoin wallet. This is a simple application for computers or mobile phones that store BTC. This is similar to an e-wallet where fiat money is stored. There are several wonderful Bitcoin wallets in the market, however, you should do research to know the app that suits your needs. Several are totally free.

After you get your online wallet, you will use your real money to buy whatever bitcoin you need.

Bitcoin exchanges

To get Bitcoin, you must also open a cryptocurrency exchange account. Be careful to know if that exchange provides the option for you to buy m Bitcoin with your local currency. If the exchange has that feature, all you need to do next is to buy Bitcoin and send it to the Bitcoin wallet you own with the use of your address.

Other options

It's not a must for you to use exchanges in buying Bitcoin as there is another way to get it. Among the popular ways is for you to send someone money in return for the coin. If your friends are interested in exchanging BTC, be sure to reach out to them.

Alternatively, if your business or client, or employer offers Bitcoin payments, you can choose to be paid using Bitcoin.

Selecting Your Online Casino

While the exact detailed process to deposit with Bitcoin may vary from casino to casino, the general process is virtually similar. What you have to do is to move cryptocurrency from your Bitcoin wallet to the casino.

Simply select a site from our list. Everyone of them has a wide range of fantastic games to choose from, like video slots and board games. Check out each site and choose the one you prefer.

After making a selection, create a casino account with your personal information. Please keep in mind that you only can create one account for each device, household, or IP address.

Making a Deposit

After creating an account, head to the site's checkout page and select the Bitcoin cryptocurrency as your payment option. The casino must give you its own Bitcoin address. Return to your Bitcoin wallet and use this address to send funds to the online casino.

The amount will reflect in your account in no distant time. Once you have completed the transaction, you can begin to play your beloved casino games.

Making a Withdrawal

The process for withdrawals is even simpler. When you choose to withdraw, go to the casino cashier page, choose Bitcoin as your desired option, and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. All you should do is input your Bitcoin wallet address. Then you wait for the funds to arrive.

However, it should be remembered that online casinos typically have a pending withdrawal time, this is the period the casino uses in checking to confirm your withdrawal. Waiting times can vary from casino to casino, but generally, it varies from 24 to 48 hours.

The Top Trending Bitcoin Games at Casinos

A Bitcoin casino is the same as all other casinos. The major difference is the fact that you can use Bitcoin as the payment option.

Bitcoin Live Casino

Live Casino is a fascinating idea that combines land and online casinos. In fact, there are live dealers in the online casino rooms who perform their tasks in a special studio.

Live online casinos are broadcast live, which means you can actually work directly with the dealer just as you do on physical casinos.

Live casinos use special software that allows you to place bets and other activities. The most popular live games right now are live baccarat, live roulette, and live blackjack, but some Bitcoin casinos also offer many other games in their individual casino segments.

Bitcoin online slot machines

Bitcoin online slot casino games are similar to other online casino in the area of gameplay. Each casino offers a wide range of games that vary in reel structure, RTP, bonuses, paylines, themes, and more.

So, after opening an account at a casino, first, explore the Bitcoin slots to know the one you like best.

Bitcoin Baccarat:

Similar to Blackjack, Baccarat is a very famous card game in which there are millions of players around the world.

Some of them also have Bitcoin money and want to play online with their crypto coins. Most BTC casinos on this list offer baccarat as one of their games.

Bitcoin Blackjack

Blackjack is among the most well-known casino card games and is available on a lot of online platforms. Those who offer Bitcoin payment methods typically have different variants of blackjack, so do not hesitate to check them out.

Bitcoin Roulette

Most bitcoin casinos also play actual cash roulette games. Whether you prefer French, American, or European, you will probably discover a minimum of two of the three available on Bitcoin-supported platforms.

Bitcoin Casino Games

Some Bitcoin casinos have slightly different gambling offers. In particular, several of them provide a page known as Bitcoin Games, which has games that make use of bitcoin rather than dollars. You may be confused at this point, but we will explain later.

The normal currency of virtually all US casinos is the default US dollar you know. So even if you are making a deposit in Bitcoin, the casino will change your Bitcoin into US dollars with the use of the most recent exchange rate.

However, some casinos also offer non-conversion games, which means that they can be played with BTC rather than USD. These are mostly online slots, with some board games.

Reasons Why Bitcoin is More Preferable to Other Payment Methods at Casinos


  • Bitcoin can both be used for making deposits and withdrawing funds
  • Bitcoin transactions are almost always instant
  • Bitcoin offers low transaction charges
  • Bitcoin is easy to use and anonymous
  • Bitcoin is widely accepted in online casinos, including the casinos in the United States


  • It is not regulated by any government
  • Bitcoin is still a fairly new currency that a lot of players do not yet understand how it works
  • Bitcoin is not as popular as some other payment methods

We have provided all the benefits of using Bitcoin as an online casino transaction, but to convince you that this payment method is far superior to other payment methods, we think you need a more detailed explanation.

One of the great advantages of Bitcoin Casino is its ease of use. Unlike other older methods (such as bank transfers and checks), in this case, you have to wait a few days or weeks to receive the funds. However, with Bitcoin, only a few clicks are needed to complete the transaction, the funds can be transferred almost instantly.

Transaction fees are cheap or non-existent. If they find other fees, casino operators may charge them, but many casinos do not provide fees to Bitcoin players.

If the casino uses Bitcoin as an available banking option, it is usually possible to use Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals. One thing we haven't mentioned is that Bitcoin's maximum deposit and withdrawal limits are usually much higher than other methods. So, for example, if the casino mentions that the maximum withdrawal amount you can pay with a credit card is 5,000 dollars, then the maximum Bitcoin will exceed 20,000 dollars.

Anonymity is another advantage of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. If you are worried about the casino keeping all your banking details, then you don't have to worry about using Bitcoin. The transaction is completely anonymous and is considered to be one of the safest ways to send money online.

Online casinos have geographic restrictions, but Bitcoin itself does not. You can use it to send money from anywhere in the world. Bitcoin is a truly global service, although certain other payment methods may only be available to residents of certain countries.

In terms of restrictions, some casinos do not allow you to unlock your welcome bonus when using certain banking options (usually not including Neteller and Skrill bonuses). Not only Bitcoin is 100%, but you can also participate in some casinos that provide special Bitcoin promotions and bonuses, otherwise, you can't open it.

Now that we have understood all the advantages of Bitcoin in the online casino world, it is fair to discuss its disadvantages fairly.

In our view, the main disadvantage of Bitcoin is that it is still very rare in online casinos. Although it is becoming more and more popular in the internet gamling community, not all casino operators accept Bitcoin.

This is mainly because many people don't know how to use digital currency. The old player generation are mostly attracted to casinos that use traditional payment methods (such as credit cards plus wire transfers), but some younger players like e-wallets to cryptocurrencies. However, every website we included in the previous list are compatible with Bitcoin, so you don't have to surf the web yourself.

Many people think this is positive, but actually Bitcoin is not under any central banking system makes some participants afraid. Bitcoin is not subject to any government regulation. Many players prefer to use fiat currency because Bitcoin's value fluctuates rapidly.

Best Bitcoin Alternatives

When Bitcoin was created in 2009, only it was the available digital currency around the globe. However, today, people can use about 3000 different cryptocurrencies, but only 12 of them make up 93% of the cryptocurrency market worth. In the case of online casinos, there are not many options, and operators rarely accept cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is still the commonest option in online gambling, but certainly there are other options.


The Ethereum platform provides opportunities to publish and run applications, promote peer-to-peer contracts, etc. Therefore, Ethereum not only owns the digital currency.

Bitcoin Cash: This cryptocurrency can be said to be a lightweight variant of Bitcoin. This is because the unit of value is much lower and is suitable for tracking small payments.

Ripple: This is another transfer network generally acceptable in casinos on the internet.

Litecoin: Recently, many people have claimed that Litecoin is faster and more convenient than Bitcoin. Therefore, many online casinos also accept this cryptocurrency.

The various other cryptocurrencies you can find in online casinos are Dogecoin, Monero, Zcash, Dash, NEO, and 0x.

Final Words

Since the birth of online casino games, Bitcoin has always been associated with the game. In truth, before casino operators knew about Bitcoin, there existed an application known as Satoshi Dice created by the unknown Satoshi Nakamoto herself (or himself).

This application is an easy dice game where Bitcoin owners can try their luck. The app is a pioneer for the highly famous Bitcoin casino concept every day.

Several years ago, it was nearly impossible to find a casino that accepted Bitcoin. But the world situation has changed. As it is obvious, today, various Bitcoin casinos can be seen all over the Internet everywhere, and Bitcoin provides a very incredible way of playing casino game titles on the Internet to achieve fast and safe financial transactions.

So, if you are an owner of Bitcoin and are looking for a means to play slot machines, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, or others, look at the top casinos that use Bitcoin.

If you think there is anything we should add, please leave a comment in our comment box below. Have a great time!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are not familiar with cryptocurrency, you may encounter some problems. We have answered some common questions from novice users of Bitcoin. Continue reading!

  • What is a Bitcoin wallet address?

Every Bitcoin wallet has a unique address to help you receive funds. When sending money, you need to enter the destination wallet address. This address is provided by the person you want to send money to (in this case, the online casino). Think of your Bitcoin wallet address as an email address, but you are receiving money instead of email.

  • How much does Bitcoin cost?

There may be fees when you buy Bitcoin, but usually, when you use Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals, the casino itself does not charge any additional fees.

  • What are the risks of making use of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is widely regarded as one of the best payment methods, but there is one thing to keep in mind. Bitcoin fluctuates greatly, and its value keeps changing. There are many reasons for this, but its price usually depends on the ads created around it.

  • Can I use Bitcoin to set up bonuses and promotions?

Yes, all the sites on our list have welcome bonuses, which can be opened via Bitcoin deposit. Some websites have exclusive Bitcoin promotions, which can only be unlocked with this payment method.

  • Is Bitcoin secure?

Because of the blockchain platform, Bitcoin is among the most secure payment methods available. You will feel 100% safe when trading Bitcoin on your preferred online casino.

  • What is the maximum amount of Bitcoin that can be withdrawn?

The maximum withdrawal limit varies from casino to casino. However, compared to most other payment methods, Bitcoin deposits and withdrawal limits are usually higher.

  • Is there an alternative to the Bitcoin payment method?

There are actually hundreds of cryptocurrencies today, but none are more popular than BTC. Although it is available in some casinos such as Ethereum as well as Litecoin, Bitcoin is the most popular in the online gaming industry.

  • What are the bitcoin bonuses?

All Bitcoin casinos offer bonuses for new gamers, known as welcome bonuses. Those who open an account and make a deposit will receive an additional amount proportional to the deposit. All casinos on this list offer welcome bonuses and many other promotions. Check them out, as some of them may offer special promotions for those who decide to deposit Bitcoin.

  • Do I need to pay to deposit Bitcoin?

In most cases, the casino does not charge BTC deposit and withdrawal fees. However, every transaction in the chain requires a small fee. In other words, it is the Bitcoin network that charges a small amount of deposit and withdrawal fees. However, these fees are insignificant compared to other casino payment methods.

  • Is Bitcoin legal in the United States?

The legal status of Bitcoin varies from country to country, but it is absolutely legal to use this digital currency in the United States.

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