Pay by Phone Bill Online Casino

Pay by Phone Bill Casinos – Best 5 Pay by Phone Bill Online Casino

Pay by Phone BillIt is widely known that the mobile casino has brought a new face to how the players enjoy their online casino games.

Going by the fact that most people are always with their mobile device, it has become a major tool that they make use of when it comes to enjoying online casino game. Despite the fact that you will enjoy the gameplay, it is not always easy to make deposit with the mobile device.

There are still lots of players that make deposit using the PC, but now there are so many methods that go down well with mobile devices while they didn’t. This review is made to give you a detailed explanation about the phone deposit option.

For players that are very comfortable making deposit with their phones. Compilation of the online casino sites that can help you out has been made. The online casinos include 22 BET, Betway, JackpotCity, PlayAmo, and Spincasino.

How Pay by Phone Casinos Work

For players that are very familiar with the casino website, you must be very familiar with the process of transferring the funds. The available deposit methods include Visa, Bankwire and Paypal.

Other than making use of another payment line such as Bitcoin and Visa, you will be making use of the third party processor such as Boku and Zimpler.

If you have decided on a pay by phone that you will like to use, all that you need to do is establish your account, then you will be informed if they are willing to collaborate with your carrier or not.


Now we will be looking at the advantages that the players will derive when they are making use of the pay by phone.

Fast Deposits

The deposit is done almost instantly, once you have been able to secure an account on any of the sites, then the deposits will be made within few minutes. This is not going to take long compare to you making use of the credit/debit card or the bank wire.


The secure of this method is totally safe as there is no need for you to drop any of your card details. There are lots of online casinos that get hacked and the vital information of the players will be stolen. Now, there is no need to get yourself worried about this.

Deposit Now

This works really well like credit card, instant deposit will be made to your account, and no deduction will be made when until your next phone bill is paid. With this, you don’t have to pay instantly for the deposit made.


Even with the fact that there are lots of advantages that you can derive while using this method, it is important to say that there are disadvantages as well. Now, let us look at them.

Limited Provider

The providers that work with this processor are limited compare to some other available options. Players that don’t have a cellular that flows with this method, may not be able to enjoy the method.

Limited Casinos

The online casinos that encourages this kind of payment method are few in number. So the players find it really hard to enjoy the advantages Pay By Phone has to give to the players. Even with this, we will not advise the players to settle down for anyhow casino.

Limited Countries

With the situation of things, the Pay By phone option can only be seen in some part of the world. It has not really gained much popularity all around the world. Factors include cellular provider constraints, and most people don’t have access to this kind of method.

Withdrawal can’t be made with phone

Another issue is that you cannot make use of this as a withdrawal method. Currently, the software does not permit you to credit your winnings to the phone bill. Once provision has been made for this, we will updating this review.

Things to look for

In the cause of making research for a reputable online casino, there are some things that you must take note of. We have made compilation of some things that you must put into consideration.


The first thing you need to consider is to figure out if the casino has compatibility with the phone you use. Aside the fact that you will need to detect if the casino is compatible with mobile devices, you will also have to figure out if the phone provider can work with it.

Check the functionality of the page, if it is ok, then you are good to go. Otherwisee, you may have to go elsewhere.

Game Selection

Having figured out if the cellular provider can work well with your phone, the next thing is the type of games made available.

This is very essential as it is the place that you will have to deposit your money and starts to wager. For you to start, try and list out the games that will give you the best of experience while playing.


It hurts when you lose your hard-earned money unnecessarily, so it is important that you check out how trustworthy the casino site is. Ways that you can know a trustworthy casino is to check for genuine reviews online, or get recommendations from friends that have attempted them earlier. You can check the list of the top pay casinos and start to enjoy things.


For players that are lucky enough to make use of a provider that supports the pay-by-phone, consider yourself lucky to enjoy all the advantages promised.


Are they safe?

Some are safe, but then we still have some rogue online casinos. The best thing is to select from our recommended website.

Can I make withdrawal?

This is not possible as you will have to make use of another payment alternative

When does the deposit reflect?

The payment occurs almost instantly so you don’t have to keep waiting.

How safe is it compare to credit cards?

Basically, this is safer going by the fact that you will not have to drop any of your banking details.