Payforit Casino

Payforit Casino – Best 10 Casino Sites That Accept Payforit

Understanding Payforit

PAYFORIT CASINOPayforit is a United Kingdom based system of payment launched by four different brands in 2016 and it the simplest and highly comfortable payment system in the gaming market, owing to its ability of providing its services via mobile phone. All charges with this system of payment is deducted via the users mobile and its payment is very swift. Also, this system of payment offers maximum security to its users and also the opportunity to take part in charity and contests. All necessary data of users is given by their respective network providers so you don't need to give any data of yourself, every records of transactions can be easily tracked since the billing for each month will be shown on users phone. This review will guide you on all you need to know about this system of funding.

Payforit Supported Casinos

Though casinos have several system of payments that they operate with but Payforit is still the simplest of all when it comes to settling of bills since all players can afford a smart device. With Payforit, all deposits can be made via phone when registering at Payfroit supported casinos. There is a minimum amount which is accepted by Payforit as deposit and several games are on offer for gamblers including , slots and classic games.

Depositing with Payforit

The only requirement for funding with this system is users phone number and funds can be made into your preferred casino.

Below is a guide on how to fund with Payforit:

  • Pick your preferred casino that accept Payforit

First and foremost, open an account but be wary of the deposit and withdrawal limit.

  • Choose your means of payment as Payforit on the page that is meant for funding

On the funding page of the site, select Payforit as your funding system. You can fund via phone or via SMS on the funding section.

  • Input the value you wish to deposit

Upon the completion of the second step, the next thing to do is to input your deposit value.

  • Verify the fund

The next thing after step three is to verify a message that you will receive on whether to acknowledge the funding or to reject it. Upon acceptance of the funding, your payment will be verified and it will reflect in your account.

Placing Withdrawal Request with Payforit

Withdrawal of funds isn't achievable with Payorit, another system of payment will be needed to place a request for withdrawal.

Available Games

There are many game titles for players at these casinos and every of these games can be played with comfortabiliting since phone is the only requirement for funding.

Payforit Casinos Security & Safety

It is recommended to be selective when deciding place of play especially when it's about being safe. Payforit casinos offers its players the highest level of security so be rest assured of your safety and since they don't collect users data, there is nothing to worry about.

Processing Period for Funds

All funding carried out with Payforit undergo immediate processing provided that the confirmation text has been acknowledged, the saddening thing about this system is absence of fund withdrawal.

Customer Agent

Payforit lacks FAQs page but some contact information are provided on its page. It is advisable for users to ether communicate with the provider of their network or reach the casino support team for their issues.

Merits and Demerits of Payforit


Merits of funding with Payforit are given below:

  1. Maximum security.
  2. User data is not needed.
  3. Highly convenient.
  4. Globally accepted.


The demerits of funding with Payforit are given below:

  1. Minimal funding amount.
  2. Lack of fund withdrawal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Payforit operate?

Phone is the only requirement for transacting with this system of payment. Follow the guide stated above to fund your online account.

  • How secured is Payforit?

Payforit is highly secured in terms of funding.

  • Can funds be withdrawn with Payforit?

No, it doesn't support fund withdrawal.

  • What is the lowest amount that can be deposited?

£30 is the minimum value that is accepted as deposit per day. Though you can get in touch with the provider of your network to increase the limit for you

  • What is the charge rate per transaction?

Depositing with Payforit is absolutely free.

Play with Cool Cash

This means of payment offers players a convenient and swift way to make deposit. Play your favourite games just by depositing via your phone. Commence play today with cool cash to have a wonderful experience.

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