Infinite Blackjack

Infinite Blackjack: Side Bets, Splits, Game Rules.

Do you want to play a unique blackjack game online? This review of the Infinite Blackjack contains all the information you need to know about this game.

Infinite Blackjack

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LIVE BLACKJACK, without going over 21, aims to get a higher count on the cards than the person who deals. And Blackjack, when 21 is the value of the first two dealt cards, becomes the best hand. The competition is against the other players, and not the dealer.

  • 8 decks are used in playing.
  • 17 is where the person who deals always stands.
  • Any two initial cards will be doubled down on
  • Initial cards of the same worth will be split
  • Each hand has a single split only
  • Each Split Ace has a single card.
  • After each split, double down is not possible.
  • When the person who deals has an Ace, insurance is offered.
  • 3 to 2 is the pay for the Blackjack.
  • 2 to 1 is the pay for the insurance.
  • When there is a tie in the hands, push the game.


Started by a person who deals and having room for up to seven players, eight standard decks of 52 cards are used to play the game. The following are the value of the cards:

  • The 2 to 10 cards have their worth as the value on their face.
  • Each of the face cards is worth 10. They are the Jacks, Kings, and Queens.
  • The worth of the Aces of 11 or 1, which depends on the one the hand finds favorable. A soft hand also has the 11-worth Ace.

The dealer will deal one card to all the players face up after the time set for betting has expired. When dealing, the dealer begins in a clockwise direction, from the player that is first to the left of the dealer. Then the second card will be dealt face up to every player, and to himself, he will deal face down. And next to your cards, the worth of your initial hand is shown.


You have a Blackjack when the worth of your main hand of two cards is 21 exactly.


If an Ace is the up-card of the dealer, you'll have a choice to settle the risk of the dealer having a blackjack by purchasing insurance, even if the blackjack is yours. The bet of the insurance is separately settled from the ones you have, and the value of insurance is the same as your first bet divided by two. Then the dealer checks for blackjack by taking a subtle look to know the value of his downcard. However, the round will continue if the person who deals has no blackjack. The dealer wins if he has a blackjack and you don't have. However, your bet will be returned if both you and the person who deals have blackjack. You should note that you will be given zero options for purchasing insurance if the dealer's up-card is a face card or a ten. Also, the person who deals can't know his blackjack by taking a look at his downcard.

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Double Down, Hit or Stand

Players will in turn have the opportunity to better the worth of their hands as the dealer moves around the table if the dealer checks his two initial cards in a clockwise direction, and he does not have blackjack.

You can choose to double down if 21 is the worth of your initial hand. When this happens, you have to double the value of your wager and only one additional card will be dealt to you. Another option for you is to increase the value of your hand by choosing to Hit so you can be dealt an extra card. To retrieve the extra cards, you can hit them repeatedly. Then when you're okay with the worth of your hand, you can decide to stand.


If you have a pair of cards with the same value as your initial hand, you can have two different hands (with everyone having a different wager that is of the same value as your original wager) by splitting the pair. You can then increase the worth of these different hands by making use of the option for hitting before standing after a second hand is dealt. But you will only receive one extra card for each hand and hitting option if you split an initial pair of Aces.


You lose your bet and bust on a hand if the total of your hand is more than 21.

The dealer shows his downcard's worth when all the other players have played their turns. It's a must for the dealer to stand on a hand of soft 17 or more and for a hand of 16 or less, he will hit. When the dealer busts or when your final hand has a worth that is 21, you will win. Your bet will be returned if you have the same value of hand as that of the dealer, and a push will be the end of the game round.

A hand of 21 is a blackjack beat, which results from a split pair and a hand of 21 made up of three or more cards.


Included in the game of blackjack are the 21+3 and Perfect Pairs, which are optional side bets. Along with your original blackjack wager, you get the option of placing side bets. If you win later in your blackjack wager or not, you have the chance of winning on any side bet.

Perfect Pairs

If your initial two cards contain any pair, such as two Aces, two 3s, and two Queens, the Perfect Pair bet gives you the chance to win. With each one having a separate payout, there are three pair types:

  • Perfect Pair: consists of the exact same suit. For instance, two Aces of Hearts.
  • Coloured Pair: consists of separate suits of the exact same color. For example, 2 of Hearts + 2 of Diamonds.
  • Mixed Pair: consists of separate suits. For instance, 10 of Clubs + 10 of Hearts.


If your initial two cards including the dealer's up-card contain any of these winning combinations, the 21+3 bet will give you a chance to win. These combinations are like the ones found in the game of poker. Each of them has a separate paying system:

  • Suited Trips: consists of the same triplet. For example, 3 Jack of Clubs.
  • Straight Flush: is in a sequence of numbers, and also has the exact same suit. For example, Jack, 10, and Queen of Hearts.
  • Three of a Kind: has the exact same worth and separate suits. For instance, any of the 3 different Kings.
  • Straight: sits in a sequence of numbers, but has separate suits. For example, 2 of Hearts + 3 of Spades + 4 of Clubs.
  • Flush: has the exact same suit. For instance, 3, 8, and 10 of Spades.

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The feature of Bet Behind lets you wager on a hand a different player was dealt to. The result of the other player's hand will be shared by everyone. For ordinary bets, the paying system for Behind Behind bets is the same.

If you're at the table and want to play the hand given to you, you can make use of this feature. But you won't be able to wager on a Bet Behind wager on your hand.

While the bet is open, you can place a bet in any Bet Behind activated spot at another player's seat. To view the total number of players who just placed a Bet Behind bet and also the total of their combined bets, keep your cursor over any Bet Behind spot.

Your bet will be immediately refunded if you wager on a Bet Behind, and a player setting at that particular seat chooses not to be involved in the round.

The player will is going to make all the choices for that hand is shown by the alias shown at every seat. When the dealer's up-card is an Ace, you may, however, choose whether you want to make an insurance wager or not. When the player you're betting behind decides to split or double down, you can equally opt in before time whether to increase your bet or not.

Before you make the initial Bet Behind wager, the box used for making choices shown below will appear. Using it, you can mark your selections concerning when to split or double down.

Later, you can modify these configurations by going to the button for settings, then choosing the “Bet Behind Options”. If you don't want the rest of the members to place their bets behind you, you can equally uncheck the “Allow other players to bet behind me” box.

To find out which of your fellow blackjack players is on the longest-running streak of winning, you can use the “Hot Players” icon.

The number of successive game rounds a player has gotten a win in is shown by the number within the gold medal. Be aware that a “Hot Player” will lose their gold-medal icon if they lose just one round.


3 to 2 is the payout of blackjack.

1 to 1 is the payout of the winning hand.

Insurance has a payout of 2 to 1 if the dealer has a blackjack.

Perfect Pairs


You should be aware that if there's an error, that particular round including the payouts will be invalid.


In theory, there's an optimal percentage of payout for each one, and they are as follows:

Blackjack: 99.28%.

21+3 bet: 96.30%.

Perfect Pairs bet: 95.90%.


Displayed on the LIVE GAMES MENU are all the available game tables.

Beneath the icon of the table, there are the names of the tables and the bet limits shown. Also, the dealer's photo and name will be displayed when your cursor hovers over the icon of the table.

The amount of seats that are occupied compared to the overall number of seats is the fraction shown on the table. 5/7, for instance, means that currently occupied are just five out of the seven seats, therefore you have an empty seat available. Simply select the icon that represents a particular table if you want to join that one.

Regardless of the time and regardless of the game, you can choose the button for the LIVE GAMES MENU.

It's easy for you to choose a separate live game or change tables from this menu. And till you make a choice of being part of a new table, you will not be removed from the table you're currently on. This means that while you are playing at the table you're currently on, you can use the LIVE GAMES MENU.


On top of the empty seat, you want to occupy, select SIT HERE.

Your screen name will be shown beneath the seat when you've sat at the table.

And you can use the X button placed on the seat you're on to vacate that particular one.

You will lose your seat if you are not playing and do not make a wager in more than two successive game rounds.


The maximum and minimum stakes allowed at a table are shown by the BET LIMITS. To see these bet limits and more comprehensive details about them, use your cursor to hover over them when possible.

If you want to make a wager that is more than the bet's limit, you will get a notification on your screen. And your bet won't be accepted when the betting time expires if you place a bet that is less than the minimum limit. You need enough funds to take care of your bets in order to be part of the game. Your present game BALANCE can be viewed on the game screen.

The information about the current status of your game will be displayed by the TRAFFIC LIGHTS: when you see that the light is green, it means that you should wager or place a choice; the yellow light means that the time for betting or making a choice is almost over; finally, the red light shows that the time for betting or making a choice is over or expired.

To choose the worth of every chip you want to make as a wager, you should use the CHIP display. The only chips that might be enabled are those of the denominations that your present game balance can handle. When the light is green or yellow (which shows that you still have time to bet), this option will be illuminated. However, if the light turns red (expiration of the time for betting), the display for the chip will be switched off so you can't choose any chips.

You can place a chip by selecting the right spot for betting on the gaming table, once you have chosen a chip. And the worth of your chip will improve by the amount on the chip every time you click on the betting spot. Also, you can choose a chip that has a separate value to get to the bet amount you want.

When you click the SIDE BETS button, you have the option of enabling or disabling having to make side bets.

The selected spots for betting used with the side bets will be shown next to the original betting spot for blackjack when the side bets have been enabled. The 21+3 and the Perfect Pair betting spots can be activated after the bet in the original blackjack betting spot has been placed. In the exact same way, like you placed your original bet, you can place your side bet(s).

You can make the same bet(s) from the game round before it by using the REPEAT button.

The button will switch to DOUBLE (2X) once you have clicked on the REPEAT button. To double the wager from the game round before it, you can click on this REPEAT button.

To take away your last placed bet, make use of the UNDO button

To successively take away your bets one after the other, in the opposite order you placed them, continue making use of the UNDO button. Bear in mind that you can only remove your bets when the green or yellow light is still on (which shows that you still have time). However, once the light turns red (which shows that the betting time has expired), you cannot cancel your bets.

The sum of all wagers that are validly made in the present round of the game signifies the TOTAL BET.


You can select the first choice concerning your hand immediately after you get your first two hands. This is possible when the dealer hasn't gotten to your turn. Only the options for choosing will be shown and enabled at your seat.

The dealer has to deal based on the first choice you've made when the turn of the game gets to you. And the window for picking a choice will be shown in the middle of the screen if you have made any choice when it gets to your choice. The time left if you want to make a choice will be indicated by the traffic light.

The various options for making decisions are shown below:

  • HIT: shows the green button alongside the “+” sign.
  • STAND: displays the red button plus the “-” sign.
  • DOUBLE DOWN: shows the yellow button alongside the “x2” sign.
  • SPLIT: displays the blue button and the arrows opposite each other.

When you do not respond, it will be taken as a decision that you're standing on your present hand if you do not make a play decision before the time expires.


To talk to the other players and the dealer, click on the CHAT BOX. Use the field called CLICK TO CHAT to type your message.

Also, using the CHAT button, you can launch a bigger chat display.

Note: Although the CHAT button is disabled if the game is shown in the Classic View, the chat box is always shown via the screen.


To see the game in full-screen mode, click on the FULL-SCREEN button.

You can press the ESC or you can click on the FULL SCREEN again to leave the full-screen mode.

If you want to send messages to others, you need to have Adobe Flash Player version 11.3 or a newer version, although you can read the chat messages from others while in a full-screen setting.


A separate GAME NUMBER identifies every game round.

This game number signifies the time the game round started according to the GMT, showing the second, minute, and hour. If you want to reach out to customer service concerning any specific round, you should always use the game number.


If you wish to switch on the game sounds or switch it off, make use of the SOUND button. However, when you switch the tables of your game, the sound will automatically turn on again.


If you want to see all the played game rounds and their corresponding results, then you should use the HISTORY button. At the beginning of the chart, the most recently completed rounds will be shown.


To see a selection of settings you can change as a user, use the SETTINGS button. Using this button you can hide or unhide the chat messages of other players as well as modify the video quality. And by clicking the “Bet Behind Options”, you can change your options that concern the Bet Behind feature.


When you want to place deposits or withdrawals, you can use the CASHIER button.


If you want to see the page that talks about the Responsible Gaming policy, you can use the RESPONSIBLE GAMING button. All the necessary links and important details about wise and responsible online gaming actions and are available here. Also, if you want to set limits on the number of gaming sessions you want, you can do it here.


The AAMS information is shown in horizontal view (on the right side of the screen), or portrait view (in the lower part of the screen.

GAME: displays the game's name.

SESSION ID: displays the AAMS-issued identification value of the game session.

PARTICIPATION ID: displays the AAMS-issued identification value of the game participation ticket.


The game round will be temporarily paused if there is any glitch in the game, the system of gambling, or game processes. During this period, the manager on shift will be notified by the dealer. Then through chat or a message that shows on the screen, the players will be made aware of the investigation currently ongoing. The game will continue normally if the shift manager can take care of the error immediately. However, the game will be canceled and all the players who were part of that round of games will be given back their initial bets if the error cannot be resolved immediately.


Until the person who deals gets to the cut card, where the cards will be shuffled, the game play will continue. One extra round will be taken before shuffling the cards if the cut card is reached between games. Depending on the presence of a table for shuffling, the dealer or an adjacent shuffler performs the shuffling.

The dealer will shuffle all the game table's cards if there is no available shuffling table.

Two shoes, with everyone having different card sets will be used if a shuffling table is available. The dealer will continue the game using the other shoe's shuffled cards when the cards from one shoe are being used.

MULTI-GAME PLAY (if available)

For those who love to enjoy constant gaming, they can play about 4 separate game tables at the same time and still see them in that same window on their browser.

To go to the lobby, click on the LIVE GAMES MENU after you have been in one game table at least. When you are there, click on the “+” button associated with the table of your choice to be part of the table. (Some tables will not show the “+” button and this means that they are not available for multiple plays for the game.)

Although you will not be able to resize each game window individually, you have the ability to resize your browser window as a whole.

And you can leave a particular table and it will not have an impact on your availability at the various tables you are a part of. Click on the X button when it shows as you keep your cursor above the window for that table if you want to leave a table.

Please note:

If the game table is shown in the full-screen configuration, the X button used to leave a table will not be accessible.

If you mistakenly become a part of the same table using a different browser or device, you will automatically leave a table.

You will only switch tables rather than joining your chosen table along with the table you joined before that one if you click on a table icon instead of the “+” button.

Our advice is that you should join the maximum number of tables that are allowed by your screen while still giving you the chance to accurately and deliberately place your bets.

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