Face Up 21 Blackjack

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A Comprehensive Tip-Offs on Face Up 21 Blackjack, covering the game regulations, payouts & possible chances to actualize winnings

Face Up 21 Blackjack

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Game Details

  • Number of decks: 6
  • Blackjack payout: 1:1
  • Dealer's forced move: Stands on Hard 17
  • Dealer's first card: 2 up
  • Split: Enabled
  • Re-Split: Disabled
  • Split Aces: Enabled – no draw
  • Double Down: 9/10/A
  • Surrender: Disabled
  • Insurance: Disabled


Across this game titled “Face Up 21”, the merchants often strike over soft 17. Appealingly, each time the merchant gets pressed to stand (whichever Hard hand of 17 or higher), the game then covers for you, & by itself hits alongside pending you generate winnings or loss.

It's possible to split any match for a new stake equivalent to your fee, & can forge ahead to strike over every single hand, except aces is the cards been divided. Based on this, every single hand solely attracts one additional card, then its necessary to stand.

It's possible to double down over the Hard aggregates of 9, 10, & 11, & also double down following a split. The availability of the insurance is not accessible, neither the merchants actualize winnings of the whole ties since the merchants first two cards are visible.


While playing Face Up 21, the bet charges must be a minimum of 1, & not exceeding 250 dollars, British pounds or Euro. There exist four separate tokens, i.e., 1, 5, 25, & 100, which players use to set forth stakes.

Blackjack remunerates quite well at 1:1 since it's a machine of Face Up, such that the merchant's hand gets revealed, Well, the entire winning hands reward at 1:1. Therefore, players can often have an idea of the amount they can each time they set froth the stakes.


At the initial of loading this blackjack game, its likely such player discovers the clear & smooth interface. The entire of the additional characters, such as chip trays, card shoes & the controls for running the game, gets amassed nicely all about the edges of the table, thereby splitting the middle open & bright for the playing cards to go.

As soon as the game kicks off, it runs fast & seamlessly, & more so across dated Pc's, Face Up 21 plays entirely satisfactory. Just as there exists several graphic images & card progresses tossed, they slip away, whereby they do not get in the game manner by any means.


Observe the merchants playing cards; there's the tendency it appears clear. However, its quite straightforward to develop a habit while running blackjack through a Pc's of simply tapping across subject to anything your hand gets placed over, free of peeping / penetrating what's within reach of the dealers.

It's particularly crucial in Face Up 21, because, the user can access the two of the merchant's cards. Peradventure, the merchant encompasses a mid-high aggregate, gets cautioned, because there's a tendency he reaches 21 ahead of you.


Face Up 21 is a blackjack game concept programmed by Realtime gaming, & its quite an exceptional game ordinarily. Just as it's a Face-Up blackjack game, it remains high exceeding others.

The visuals are matchless & blending the sleek, swift gameplay & soft musical background; it creates an impression almost exact as a real live casino adventure.

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