MATCH PLAY 21Match Play 21 is another mind-blowing iGaming slot released by Real Time Gaming, and it is one of the best free blackjack variants that can be played for real money. What makes this gaming title more famous is because of its simple rules that looks like the rules of classic Blackjack.

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The Gameplay of Match Play 21

You will be dealh with two cards face up at the beginning, the dealer will receive two cards with one face-up and the other face-down. The objective of this slot gaming title is to move to twenty-one points ahead of the dealer without busting. The Blackjack hand get to win automatically, and this hand comprises twenty-one points with two cards. Each of the cards from two to nine has their face value; the face cards have a value of one to ten points, and this depends on what is required to make your hand better.

Features of Match Play 21

Unlike other Blackjack gambling clubs, Match Play 21 has its cards removed from the deck. A win is achieved when you obtain a Blackjack or when you have your hand closer to twenty-one than the hand of the dealer without going beyond twenty-one points or when the dealer gets busted. The dealer must hit on any hard totaling sixteen or less than sixteen, and hit on any soft seventeen of less; the dealer must stand on any hard totaling seventeen or more and hit on any soft totaling eighteen or more. Insurance is another feature of this gaming title, it is an extra bet when the dealer hits Blackjack, and this cost you half of your main bet and pays 2:1.

>>Play on Math Play 21<<

Winnings of Match Play 21

The maximum payout of this Match Play 21 is 40:1 with three seven cards of a similar suit. Combinations of 7-7-7 all spades pays 3:1 with seven cards or more twenty-one. Combinations 7-7-7, 6-7-8 and 6-card 21 of the same suit pays 2:1. Combinations of any 7-7-7, any 6-7-8, 5-card 21, and Blackjack in the first hand only pays 3:2. Gamblers with any 21 or other wining hands will also be given money.


One of the best Gambling club iGaming gaming titles that you can play for free or play to earn real money is Match Play 21. If you are looking for an experience in an iGaming gambling club, we will recommend this Match Play 21 for you. Enjoy your time!

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