Blackjack Odds Explained

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Blackjack is a game that is all about the odds. Depending on the variables used the blackjack odds are always different. These variables include the number of decks used, if the dealer stays on a seventeen, and if splitting and doubling down are allowed. Many players do not understand the basic blackjack odds and are often defeated at the table because of it.

Probability and Blackjack Odds

There are many different probabilities when you are considering blackjack odds but the most important one is the busting probability. This statistic plays the percentages based on your current hand value versus the probability of the next card in base percentages. For example if a player was to hit on a 12 their chance of busting would be 31 percent while if they hit on a hard eighteen their chances would be 77 percent.

An Eighteen Is Not a Winning Hand when you know your Blackjack Odds

It is unbelieveable how many times a player will stand on a soft eighteen and hope to win. The only time you should stand on a soft eighteen playing the blackjack odds is when the dealer has a two through eight facing up. However seven out of twelve times the dealer will have either a 9, 10 or ace card showing. If the dealer is showing any of these cards you should always hit with a soft eighteen. A soft eighteen can come in many combinations but the most popular combinations are ace/seven and ten/four/four.