Basic Blackjack Betting Strategy

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The basic strategy really became popular when computers came about. The reason for this is because many computer programmers where able to model blackjack. They came out with a program that would show the player which action to take: stand, hit, double down, etc. The program always gave the “right” answer in terms of which choice was the most profitable.

Soon this computer program was simplified into a card that players could use to make the right choices at a real live game of blackjack.

Below is our gift to you, the perfect blackjack betting strategy card. To print the card below: Right click the image, choose “Print Picture…”.


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Blackjack Aggressive Strategy

The following betting strategy is not for the faint of heart! This strategy will win you a ton of cash of loose your money quickly. Follow these instructions EXACTLY:

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Make a deposit of $100.
Make sure that you have the free bonus money in your account before you start.
Place a $5 blackjack bet, only play the perfect blackjack betting strategy card above.
If you win double it to a $10 bet, if you lose go back to step 3.
If you win again double it $20 bet, if you lose go back to step 3.
If you win again (you have won $35) or lose go back to step 3.
Cash out after you have a total of $650.

With this black jack system you will bet more when you are on a streak and you will bet less when you are having bad luck. Also, this system will enable you to take your winnings and stop gambling after you have won some serious money.