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Playthrough or Wagering requirements is always attached to free bonus. This is the amount of money players need to wager before they can be able to withdraw winnings with their bonus.

About Wagering requirements

Wagering Requirements

There is no category of players that does not like free bonus and it is basically one of the reason why some players prefer to play at one particular casino to the other. This also serves as a competition for online casinos among themselves with the one that can offer the best bonus having an edge over the others. Is there anyone that does not like free things? Then why will a sane person see the opportunity of winning big with free bonus and decided to leave it for another thing? It is not possible. Right?

However, many players erred because they were attracted to the big welcome bonus that will be giving to them that they forgot to check the wagering requirements. There is no casino that will not attach wagering requirements to their free bonus. They can also called it playthrough requirements or roll over depending on the casino you are playing at. The purpose this review is going to serve is to let player know what wagering requirement means, the principle behind it and how they can qualify for it.

We are going to use an online casino that offers a 100 percent match bonus to newbies as an illustration. It will definitely comes to your mind that why can't I just deposit then collect the free bonus and withdraw all the money. It is very understandable if you reasoned like that moreover, who does not like free things? However that is not how it works. The casinos also understands that players can just deposit to get the bonus and withdraw the money. That is why they introduced the playthrough requirements. Before you will be able to withdraw your bonus you must have satisfied the wagering requirements. It means that you must have wager a certain amount of money before you can withdraw the winnings from the bonus. However, withdrawing the bonus alone is only possible if it is a cashable bonus. If it is non-cashable bonus then you can only withdraw the winnings from the bonus.

The Principle behind it

Understanding how the playthrough requirement works is very simple it only require simple mathematics. We started earlier that there is no bonus that does not have playthrough requirement. It is express as a multiple the amount you deposited and the bonus. By using a 100 percent welcome bonus as a n illustration, it may require a wagering requirements of six times the amount deposited plus the bonus. It implies that the playthrough requirement must be more than or equal to 6x the addition of the amount deposited and the bonus.

Therefore, if a player deposited 100 dollars and received a free bonus of 10 dollars making 200 dollars all together. With the formulas for the playthrough requirements above we can calculate for the amount the player need to wager before he can withdraw the winnings. Applying six times the amount deposited plus the bonus will give us 6 × $200 = $1200. Therefore, the player will be require to bet with a minimum of 1200 dollars in order to satisfy the playthrough requirements.

So, to calculate for the rollover, the first thing is to obtain the multiplier like the one we used above(6x). Then you sum the amount deposited and the bonus together. After that you use the multiplier to multiply the summation. Then ensure you place a bet equal to or more than the playthrough requirements in order to withdraw your winnings and bonus.

This principle explained above works very well in calculating your playthrough requirements. Since there is no specific amount you are required to deposit then you can calculate the requirements yourself before depositing any amount.

How can you satisfy the playthrough requirements

There is no way you will not need to pass the requirement before you can withdraw. However, there are certain things that can help you in order to cash out. Ensure that before playing any game you first read the terms and conditions applied to the bonus. This will make you prepare beforehand on the amount you will need to deposit. Many players ignore the terms and conditions and at the end of the day when they want to withdraw they will not be able to because they have not fulfilled the requirements. Also, since playthrough requirements vary from casino to casino and from bonus to bonus. It is advisable that you detest comparing the playthrough requirements. In conclusion, bonus having a large wagering requirements should be avoided. Unless you are capable of making that amount do not go for such bonus. Because it will just be a waste of time if after you have received the bonus then you realized you cannot pass the wagering requirements which will be disheartening.

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