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The Best UK Online Casinos for High Rollers and Casual Players

It is easy nowadays to become a victim of fraudulent casinos. There are a number of online casinos in the UK that offers mouth-watering bonuses and trick players into playing on their conditions. But once you are in their nets, they show you the real picture and it would have been too late by then as you might have lost some cash. So the question is how you protect yourself from these scamming sites?

The best option is to prevent this from happening. So when you decide to play with a reliable and safe casino, then you are 200% guaranteed that you won’t be scammed and defrauded by these unreliable gambling platforms.

You are in for the best when you play with the casinos that we have listed among the top 10 casinos in the UK that offer the best casino experiences.

These platforms are carefully tested and selected by our team.

Criteria used to select the top 10 Best Uk Online Casinos

We are well informed on the best online casinos UK and how different they are from the dubious casinos. We have also taken out time to test the US casinos that accept UK players.

The criteria are listed below for the benefit of our visitors as we intend not to only tell them about the best casinos in the UK, but give reasons why we chose them.

  • Player Pool: Any trusted casino in the UK has a sound client base, which is always growing by the day. Upon visit to such casinos, you will come across many positive reviews from their players. And not only that, users are fond of sharing information on new offers on these casinos social media pages.

The casinos don’t often make extra advertisements as their reputations speak for them and the players are the ones spreading good news on their experiences.

  • License: All the reputable and reliable casinos in the UK get their licenses from reputable gambling authorities. There are organizations that are responsible for controlling and protecting gamblers’ interest worldwide.

The primary license that most UK casinos are expected to have is one from the UK Gambling Commission. Other jurisdictions will include Gibraltar, Antigua & Barbuda, Kahnawake, Curacao, Malta, and others.

  • Fair Gaming: Legitimate UK casinos online are mostly advocates for fair gaming for players. When you play with legit online casinos, you won’t be bothered about being swindled by a dealer who manipulates results.

It is also interesting to note that auditing agencies as eCOGRA test the games on these platforms as well as their random number generator incorporated into the games.

  • Payout Rates: Payout rates are what you will hardly see on fraudulent sites. The best online casinos UK that we have reviewed and recommended to our readers post their payout rates for every game to the public. The percentage indicates how much of the wagered cash will be returned to the players.
  • Bonuses: Bonuses are what most users look forward to on most sites, but it might carry negative connotations as well. Once you come across a casino site that offers massive bonuses that you rather find hard to believe, take a look at the wagering requirements. Most times, the bonus is not worth giving a try, because the ageing requirements will make it almost impossible for the player to cash out.

How does a good casino online UK look like?

With the above listed points, then it is crucial that you make move to play on the reputable online casinos in the UK. Although this might not be an easy process for you so we have taken out time to draft out the best indicators of a good casino in the UK.

The casinos that we have listed are the best UK online casinos that you can come across on any platform. The ones that we have selected boast of:

  • Lots of regular players and high rollers
  • The needed licenses to operate
  • Responsible gaming practices
  • Reports of their payout rates
  • Bonus with wagering requirements that is realizable.

However what you need to understand is that there is more to it.

A good casino should be solvent, in the sense that there are enough funds at its disposal to pay its clients. Of course this might be quite impossible to check. The best way that a player could know if a casino is solvent is checking how long they have been on the market and if they have been paying off their players on a regular basis.

Technical issues, delays and errors are not what are obtainable on reliable casino sites.

Standard casinos boast of high payout rates and time: The payout rate is an indicator of how much the casino gives back to the players. In the casinos that we have reviewed, the payout rate is about 98%, which indicates that the player will get $98 out of the $100 deposited into the casino. That sounds cool, right?

You will be allowed to make withdrawals at a good casino: Players should be able to withdraw fund at least once in a week without glitches. In the course of our article, we will discuss ‘reverse withdrawal’ and if it is a characteristic of a good casino.

In all the ability to withdraw without stress should be a feature of a good casino.

Social Media Friendly: A respected gambling website is always close to their players. Standard and reputable casinos have online presences and you can find then on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They utilize these channels to interact with their clients through the dissemination of news, special offers, promotions and everything relating to the site.

Blog: While it is hard for dubious casinos to have up-to-date news and information to dish out to their players, the reputable ones will have a lot of information to share. The information can come in the form of tips, blog posts, game rules and other relevant information that the players might have useful.

Mobile: A reputable casino will give its players the options of playing on various devices, especially mobile phones. They are mostly compatible with all the modern mobile operating systems such as android, iOS and Microsoft Windows.

For a casino to have taken their time and energy to invest in these mobile applications, then you can be rest assured that they are buoyant enough to pay out players without delay.

Games: Reputable casinos work with the best software developers to entertain their users with the best games that can be obtained in the industry. These games offer users with the best gambling experience so they while they are making money; they are being entertained at the same time.

These casinos work with credible developers in the industry as Microgaming, NetEnt, PlayTech and so on.

Reputable Payment Options: Reputable casino websites will only work with reputable payment systems such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller and a host of others.

Other criteria that we consider are the reputation of the website, longevity, interface design etc.

UK Online Casino Bonuses

Modern casinos always have bonuses for their players. In fact it is rare for gamblers to look the way of casinos that do not have any form of bonus for them.

But at the same times, player should be aware that bonuses come with their term and conditions and they should also look out for outrageous bonuses, which may be an indicator of a bad website.

Find below a list of what should be observed:

  • Welcome Bonus: This is the best bonus that is being offered to new players on a casino website. The package usually comes with a lot of bonuses as match bonus on first deposit, credits, free spins, and cash and so on. Welcome packages are allocated to players once and these can be withdrawn once the player is able to meet up with the wagering requirements.
  • Match Bonus: Match bonus is the percentage that your 1st, 2nd and other bonuses are increased by. They usually start from 50% and may be increased as you continue to play on these platforms.
  • No Deposit Bonus UK: This usually comes as a token and can be received by players without condition. You are not even expected to make a 1st deposit to get this.
  • Credits: Credits at a casino game are free to play bonuses that are given to players by the casino so they could have some gambling freedom. These are equivalent to cash and they can be converted at the player’s will.
  • Free Spins: Of all the casino games, free spins are favored among casino players in the UK due to the easy rules that guide them. Free spins are mostly included in welcome packages on these casino sites.
  • Cashbacks: If it happens that a player is quite unlucky and loses some quite some amount in a game, some reputable casino sites UK offer cashbacks to players to allow them more chances to play and hopefully win.
  • Referral Bonus: Reputable casinos in the UK will offer your bonuses when you invite friends to their platform, when they register and make deposit.
  • Loyalty bonus: This comes with different names on different sites. However it is based on same ideology. If you stick to a site, you get rewarded for doing so.

It is one thing for you to understand the bonuses that a casino has to offer and it is another thing for you to understand how to claim them. Well that is what we will be discussing below:

  • Casino with suitable offers: If your plan is to start playing big right away, then the 100% or 200% match bonus offer is the best you can go for. For pokers, then you might want to go for more free spins and if you are not ready to make deposit yet, then a casino that offers free demo account should work fine for you.
  • The Registration Process: You should understand that you are not entitled to anything if you don’t register. The registration process is simplified on the casinos on our list, so you shouldn’t be bothered about anything. What you are expected to do is to fill in your email address, password. Once that is done, you will receive a confirmation email from the site.
  • Once you have registered, the process is over, you will be given the bonus you are due. All you need to do is get your bonus code and fill it in the necessary field.
  • You will also be required to set up your payment methods before getting the bonus code. It is advisable you do this immediately after you register.

Before we round off the bonus section, here are some important facts that you should understand about online casinos.

  • The welcome or signup bonus is the most generous bonus that you will receive, so it is advisable that you choose the casino that offers the most lucrative bonus that you can get on the market.
  • All the big bonuses come with wagering requirements
  • You can receive minor bonuses even if you have not made any deposit, but the biggest that you will receive is after deposits have been made.
  • Withdrawals cannot be made until after you have made a first deposit and you cannot also withdraw the bonus funds until you have met the wagering requirement.

What are Wagering Requirements?

Best Uk Online Casinos New PayoutsThis is the limit that is placed by a casino on the number of times that a bonus must be wagered before it can be considered for withdrawal. Most casinos have wagering requirements, except if it’s a no-bonus casino. Otherwise the wagering requirements and the bonuses go together and you have the responsibility as the player to watch out for them and read the terms and conditions carefully.

But in all, you need to be quite selective when it comes to choosing bonuses as they are not, sometimes, as they are painted. However with the list we have, you don’t have to worry about not getting what you sign up for.

Testing British Online Casino

We have taken the time to test the online casinos that we have in our list and we are only recommending the most secured ones to you. Surely it is not our full responsibility to do the full testing – That is the job of the relevant agencies – But what we try as much as possible to ensure is that every license, logo, certifications that should be on the site is there present.

Find below the list of features and items that we look out for on these sites:

  • Certifications and licenses
  • Reputable software providers
  • Different banking methods
  • Affiliate program
  • Lots of bonuses
  • Active customer service
  • Quality and quantity of games
  • Time in the industry
  • Users feedbacks

What we do is to check all the casinos on our list to see if they have been able to meet with the requirements, if yes, we give them a pass mark and form the rating.

Licenses acquired from the Curacao Gaming Control, Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Alderny Gambling Commission, UK Gambling Commission, are mandatory and these casino sites must have them.

These independent auditing firms are responsible for the testing of the games and the entire websites. Particularly, they will have to check if the Random Number Generator doles out random results just the way it should be, and also if live dealer games are being conducted fairly.

Reputable casinos that have nothing to hide from players will not hide their badges, address and phones and logos. One of the way through which confirm if a site is reliable is by checking with their customer support.

Most times, unreliable casinos will set random numbers on their sites as that of their support, simply because they can’t boast of any.

But if the number of the site is okay and you are connected to any representative, ask questions and listen to how coordinated the representative is. With this, you can be convinced if they have people you can rely on when the real situation comes up.

Since the reputation of any casino may be quite difficult to estimate in numbers, we therefore resort to reviews of users of these UK casinos. With such reviews, we are able to detect how well a casino treat their players and if there are many negative reviews from the internet.

Testing out these online casinos cost a lot of money and energy and that is just what we do – we spend out real cash to deliver you with the best information. Once we noticed that all the promised bonuses have been received and the banking options are working perfectly, then the casino will be considered as being reliable.

However the final conclusion is made after we have been able to make withdrawals from the sites.

Playing Games at the Top Online Casinos in the UK

Playing Games at the Top Online Casinos in the UKAfter considering the bonuses and the reputation of the site, the next thing you will want to get yourself concerned about is the games available to play on the UK casino site.

So what are the games casino players in the UK seek out on UK casino websites?

  • Online Casino Roulette:

Almost everyone has seen or played roulette as it is one of the most exciting casino games. It thrills the player with suspense, makes them want to develop tricks and tactics to win. But yet, this is impossible as the results are completely random and do not depend on the previous results. You can get all red 10 times in a row and this is no guarantee that the next on the line will be all black

  • Online Video Poker

This is a 5-card draw poker that is being played on a console. Video poker can also be enjoyed on the PC as well as from a mobile online casino.

  • Pokies

Online pokies are quite popular in the United Kingdom and in other parts of the world. It is loved by casino players, both online and offline, for its simplicity and the varieties that one can choose from.

  • Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games can also be enjoyed on the internet without leaving the comfort of your home. This is made possible with modern technologies through streaming. Players and dealers in other countries or cities can have a live dealing without glitches.

The live dealer games are powered by quality software providers such as PlayTech, Microgaming, NetEnt and so on.

  • Others

There are plenty of tables and many other games that can be played on online casinos. They all can’t be listed here as the games are as unique as their different names.

And interestingly, these games are being updated on a regular basis and more new games are being introduced to the users as well.

While these modern games offered by these online casinos are quite entertaining and filled with so much fun, not all the players utilize the experiences these sites have to offer.

Mistakes Players Make During Online Gambling in UK

Most players fail to come to terms with the fact that they are playing against machines. Slot machines and pokers, unlike human beings, do not have feeling and emotions but run by algorithms. Even though this fact is understood by players, they still make same mistakes over and over.

Gambler’s fallacy is one common disbelief among gamblers that the outcomes in games are somehow connected. However this is not true, outcomes in most games are purely random. So hoping that a bet on red after a row of blacks will get you close to win is quite wrong.

Finally, playing games is fine, but it is important to bear in mind that security matters most. Before getting to play any gam of choice, especially with real cash, always ensure that you have put everything in place to guarantee your security.

You can follow these security tips to be on the safe side;

  • You should come up with a unique password that has not been used on any other site. Using same password across various sites is not being security-conscious. It is better that you place yourself on the safe side.
  • You can utilize password generator for better security. Passwords that consist of random lower case and upper case letters, numbers and symbols are recommended. And once again this password should not be used on other websites.
  • You also do not need to ignore security questions as they are not meant to annoy you or waste your time. In fact they are meant to work as protective mechanism in case some makes an attempt to hack into your account.
  • When you receive suspicious emails from untrusted sources, do not click on the links. If you receive any mail that requests for your password, you should understand that it is not legit and surely a scam mail.

All that we care about is that the tips will help you stay off troubles. It is important that you stick to them before playing any games with cash or even with bonus money.

Extra Tip

It is important that you learn and understand the rules even before you start playing. Most British gamblers resort to playing games after reading the rules just once and not even having an understanding of what they read.

It is recommended that you learn from videos, pictures and also try much spending much time on demo accounts before trying out the real games.

Best Uk Online Casinos Software and Online Mobile Casinos in UK

The most trusted casinos online in the UK utilize software from top developers across the world:

There are quite a number of other software developers, but partnership with any one of the above listed developers, indicates how reputable the online casino is. These developers only associate with trusted and reputable casinos as they themselves produce only quality games.

  • NetEnt was established in the year 1996 and it has been in the top position of developers of games in the gambling industry. Based in Swede, they produce quality games that thrill all their users, even the demanding ones.
  • Playtech, on their own, are associated more with amazing progressive jackpot games, which have made millionaires of many people. With about 20 years’ experience in the industry, PlayTech only offers the best to its clients.
  • Microgamming never cease to amaze its fan. The software developer is rated number 1 by most casinos. They come up with new games regularly, which have given them the edge over their rivals.


One important thing to note is that the casinos that we have listed here are among the best UK mobile casinos. If you visit a casino website and you are allowed the choice to download their mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows and desktop for computers, it only tells one thing – the site is buoyant enough to be able to afford such – and so you are on the safe side playing on their platform.

Mobiles apps developed by the top developers like NetEnt, Microgaming and others are just an equivalent to the computer version. And not only that, it has its own advantages too.

On the mobile app, it is possible for players to make deposits, cash out, and play games from any location, on any device, at any part of the world the casino is not restricted in.

And for users that make use of other phones with rare operating systems, soft providers create apk files they can download and then install on their phone.

Why is software so important?

Players that have no clue on how to different a good casino from a rogue one, most times become victims of bad gaming practices. This is what might happen to their experience on the sites:

  • Software errors which come up during or after they have won. Rogue casinos may refuse to pay the player with the claim they have a software problem. And of which this is done intentionally to deprive the player of their money.
  • Users may not be allowed to make withdrawal with the claim that there is a technical issue and some other irrelevant reasons that they may come up with. Or they can even send you cash less than the amount you withdraw.
  • Games software developed by inexperienced developers is often found on rogue sites and you may experience glitches in the game during play.

You can be rest assured that the top providers will not allow these uncomfortable situations occur on their clients’’ platforms. You are guaranteed a glitch-less and smooth gaming experience as well as security and safety of funds and personal data.

Withdrawal on UK online casinos

The ability to cash out and deposit money without stress on these casino websites is very important to British gamblers. No one would love to spend hours setting up their payment method and then wait for days before the money reflects in their account.

Well, for that reason we are giving you the list of casinos that boast of the fastest payout and also have a variety of payment options players can choose from.

Among the fastest banking options that allow for instant withdrawal on these casinos are credit and debit cards, e-wallets, e-cheque, wire transfers and so many other.

  • Visa/MasterCard: The main advantage these cards have is that they are owned by almost every adult. Besides, users are giving the opportunity to make deposit into their account even if they have zero balance in their account. They often come with no transaction fees and the cards can be acquired for free. All you need to do is locate any bank and make a request.
  • PayPal: This e-wallet has been accepted by millions of people across the world. You can set up an account with your email, and it does not take much time.

At the same time, no fee is required to make transactions, although withdrawal may take as much as 24 hours.

  • Skrill: Although skrill may not be as popular as PayPal and credit cards, but the demand among users is growing. There are as much as 15 million users on the platform. The deposit and withdrawal using skrill is instant and you will be charged a minimal fee.

Skrill is as well convenient to use and always a preferred withdrawal methods by most gamblers in the UK.

  • NETELLER: This is one of the most trusted e-wallets. They are known for providing top quality services and instant withdrawals and deposits. Though the charges may not be comfortable for some players as they charge as much as £5 per transaction.
  • Wire Transfer: Wire transfer is easy to transact with, but the only downside is that players have to wait 3 to 7 days before they are being paid their withdrawn funds.

Users from the UK may not find problems locating a standard banking option to use on their favourite casino.

It is also important to note that withdrawal time will depend on the payment system. Most of the casinos have the Reverse Withdrawal feature, which is a situation whereby cash is held in your account for a while, pending the time the casino is able to check your information and verify that it is safe and secured to transact.

At this period, a player can even decide to change their mind on the withdrawal and keep playing.

Players are also advised to watch out for their casino requirements and their preferred banking options. Most of the time, some casinos will offer additional bonuses to user who play with their promoted banking methods.

At the same time, not all banking methods are fit for both withdrawal and deposit. You may deposit with a payment system and feel more comfortable making your withdrawals with another system.

Tips to choose a secure UK casino website

Every week, new casinos spring up and there are a lot of them that you might not be able to keep track of the offers they have for their players.

We will be giving out some hints that we believe will help you in the right direction when making the decision to choose from the tons of casino website UK.

  • Read Reviews and Check Rating: What we do here is to serve as watchdogs for most of these casino websites. We visit them and test their offers and write about them. All these just for your own good. Try as much as possible to get reviews and rating of a site before playing with them.
  • Search on Google: Once you make a search on the internet on any casino, you will be fed with information on their past activities. So if a casino has been labelled as scam or have any fraudulent past activities, you will be able to make a run.

But the truth is just that satisfied customers will hardly drop negative comments on any site, while dissatisfied ones are not slow to do so.

  • Watch out for bonuses carefully: Any casino can make promises on bogus bonuses, but how can you be so sure they will keep to their promises? So as not to be a victim of fraudulent activities, it is better that you take time to figure out how the bonus system works and what should be your top concern is the wagering requirement.
  • Check Deposit and Withdrawal Options: If you come across banking methods that you have not seen before and not even a single provider, this is a red flag. Usually, reputable casinos will only work with accredited and licensed payment providers.
  • Be wary of new casinos: Traditionally, the new UK online casinos will offer the best and most attractive bonuses that you might find difficult to resist. You still need to take into consideration that bad casinos will offer the biggest bonuses that they have no intention to fulfill. So if you plan playing with new casinos, it is better for you to go for the ones that we have reviewed.


As long as you consult with our team, you are guaranteed of playing with reliable and safe online casino in UK. Even after the testing has been done on every casino, we still take our time to monitor them and give updates on information about them on a regular basis.

Consulting with us will only afford you the most up-to-date information that will help you in making a good choice.


Is gambling legal in the UK?

The United Kingdom is home to some of the most popular casinos across the world, both offline and online. It is a very competitive business in the country and a good source of revenue for the government of the United Kingdom. So as resident in the UK, you should not doubt the legality of this activity in this region. It is legal and even has a regulatory commission that oversees the activities of casinos in the country.

Are gambling wins taxed?

In the UK, gambling is not regarded as a means of earning money, but just a form of entertainment. So money made from placing bets is not taxed by the government. They are entirely yours.

Can I report fraudulent gambling providers?

Yes, our users are being encouraged to give reports on experiences they have on any gambling site they visit. Once we have hold of the information, out team will make their investigations and provide the users with more information on our findings. We will even be at liberty to make final suggestions if you should play on the platform or not.

Banking Option To Make Withdrawal in GBP

It is interesting to note that any of the banking options that you choose will give you the opportunity to make withdrawals in your local currency. Even though most of the casino websites state their figures in either dollar or euro, the conversion is done automatically and payment will be made in your local currency.

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