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Mayana Free Play

The civilization of Mayan excelled for more than 3 thousand years in 3 periods from year 2,000 BC to the year 1519 AD in the lands of Central America that are now El Salvador, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and 5 Mexican states. Even though the empire that used to be powerful isn't existing anymore, we've still got some Mayan ancestors who live in that region. Similar to several ancient cultures, the Mayans used to worship gods that are strongly connected to nature.

They performed several rituals so the gods can be appeased, and many of these involved them putting on masks that have very intricate designs to avoid their wrath. For instance, dignified Mayans used to wear special masks that were made in a god image when they are having a funeral, to dodge the gods of death and enjoy an afterlife filled with joy. Their fantastic meals are heavily featured in this excellent example of the borough inventive free Quickspin pokies; they surely included an extra spice to the game.

Mayana's First Impression

Since they revealed the reels, gamers are attracted to the Magical Mayana world. In the backdrop, you'll find clearing jungles and the overlaid images seem quite like a block wall – that type where you'll have the thought that pressing on any of them would result in a slow opening of the entire thing and revealing a couple of mysterious secrets! They have a powerful ruler, and this is basically a game that makes you eager to always spin and win.

Graphics of Mayana

When you first look at, this game's key images have this cartoon-like look, yet they are a perfect fit to the game's theme and show of every jewels and masks detail that were an integral part of the culture of Mayan

You'll see 4 Mayan animal masks here, and all of them are in bright colors. That includes a bird-like being in purple, a tiger in yellow, and a frog in green. These alongside 4 purple, light blue, white, and green jewels. What you didn't expect to see – and that's quite unusual – are the standard playing card and number symbols!

Mayana Sound

You'll not be disappointed if the game's scenery makes you expect an exotic drumbeat and a jungle-like sound. Those that enjoy playing in silence can toggle off the sound with ease (it's by the right, above the reels), but generally, it doesn't have intrusive background noise, and it is definitely always nice to have that extra spice of sound for the celebration of victory.

Mayana Pokies: How to Play

Both complete beginners and experienced players are going to find it easy to set up and play Mayana.

Even though its control panel could have a more blending design with the background, it's apparently laid out and can easily be understood. To the farthest left you'll see your current balance (5000 for demo play mode) and under this us the betways that are between 27 to 243. After that is the overall bet wagered for every spin that's set to the minimum – 0.25 – alongside various for increasing or decreasing the figure. You'll see the autoplay symbol at the right that if you click it, you'll get the chance of setting the gene to spin at any point from 10× to 1000×, and lastly, the impossible to miss and large spin symbol. If you're new to this game, it would be best if you have a couple of spins at the least level, maybe in demo mode. That's a fantastic way of getting to know the gameplay before you invest your money.

Paytable of Mayana Pokies

The payouts of the base game may seem a little bit surprisingly pie when we compare it to several free online cookies, although they're not a reflection of the real amounts paid because they've got several responses and bonus opportunities. As it is, they label the main symbols as follows: the red mask pays 0.25, 0.50, and 1.50 for 3-4-5 matches; for the yellow mask, it's 0.10, 0.25, and 0.50; for the 4 gemstones it's 0.04, 0.06, and 0.08.

What's the Mayana RTP?

This game's documented Return to Player (RTP) is 96.6 percent, and that denotes that while you fairly play this game, players can be expected to win an average of 96.60 dollars for every 100 dollars they wagered. Of course. It's necessary to have it in mind that this is an average, and a couple of players will earn more or less, and it depends on the amount of time they play for.

Mayana Pokies: How to Win

In this interesting game, there isn't any precise strategy required to win because the reels provide several finances of racking up he hasn't with lots of free extra spins. So it is as seamless as just deciding your wager and bet likes then check out the outcome.

Bonus Features of Mayana Pokies

You need to first notice this bonus feature, which is the free respin. You'll trigger this when you match 3+ symbols on any adjacent reels. The matched icons are held by the initial re-spin and open every other reel and win playing multipliers with a one-time value. This is roudned up by the second respin up to two times, as the winning icons of the initial spin and all included are held while there's a spin or an extended feud rel. Players who get a huge respin will get the same winning symbols value and a 5 by 3 spinning reel grid. It isn't shocking that all you win here will enjoy a three times multiplier. They've also got a special feature with the title ‘Mucha Mayana' that'll be activated only on the third respin. You're required to have unlocked the whole board before this is going to pop up, and if it pops up, you're in for a wonderful experience, as the multiplier is going to jump to any place between four times and twenty times your wager.

Top Win of Mayana Pokies

You're required to reach that 3rd set of respins to get the ultimate payout and to that special bonus. They've got several chances of building a nest egg, but this is one that's surely the most generous and fastest.

Mayana Pokies Free Spins

This game has some respins that are automatically triggered and you may quite often be used to while you okay other Pokies rather than the traditional free spins.

Mayana Pokies: No Deposit and Free Play

They've got some real online casino websites that you'll be able to play Mayana in practice or demo mode, and you definitely do not require to deposit any money to do that. You'll also maybe be able to play for actual cash on a website that offers both this game alongside a welcome no deposit free spin deal or a cash bonus.

Mobile Mayana Pokies – Tablets iPhones, and Android

Mayana is totally optimized for both tablet and mobile devices, and that means that there isn't a quality loss in any of this game's parts anytime you play on the go when compared to enjoying a couple of spins on a device.

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Mayana is an excellent game to play, but if you're in the mood for a little bit of a different thing once in a while, we'll recommend you check out these games from Quickspin.

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The best way to escape from a stressful day, this game takes you straight to a peaceful and calm rainforest on an island in Indonesia that has gorgeous relaxing background music to boost your needed zen feeling. This magical place houses the Goddess of Prosperity and Riches that keeps herself busy but offering lots of harvests while the locals offer her treasures for expressing their gratitude. On the game's reels, you will see these symbols, and that may be cool but is all about action when it has to do with wins. Expect the mystical multiplier so your pot of cash can be beefed up. They've also got divine free spins and a super respin bonus that you can win in the most recent pokie.

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You're welcome to this mysterious Tibet land where you join 2 intrepid travelers going to Shangri-La. While you're moving, they'll see stacked wilds, random wilds, multiples, extra spins, and free spins too. The generosity of every extra wild or free spin opportunity ends depending on your outcome of the bonus wheel you'll come across at the gate of the valley.

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We bet you've guessed this is centered around the famous patient of the Three Little Pigs, and that's true. Although, it isn't multipliers responsible for stealing the show here but scatters, wilds, and cascading reels. It has captivating cartoon images, and the popular story is fun and comforting simultaneously. You're aware you will be cheering the pigs on as they run while escaping the nasty wolf.

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It's hit the Mayan theme, and this EGT pokie makes entire use of the largely secretive and fascinating icons and culture of Mayanz, and you'll enjoy seeing a slap jaguar, a toucan, and pyramids amongst other visuals that are well-drained. There is a pyramid scatter and a calendar wild, and both assist in boosting wins, including an interesting game feature that makes gamblers brave enough to try doubling their wins from a lucky spin. There's also a cool side game with the title ‘Jackpot Cards' that randomly appears and provides you with the chance of winning big with any of the 4 progressive jackpots available.


A popular folktale with a twist that's unexpected, thus pokie by Genesis Gaming has a Robin Hood female version who's looking for that evil queen responsible for stealing land for her villagers and requires your help to be successful. With several stakes, a free spins bike, and a target bonus feature that adds much interest and makes this game rewarding and fun to play.

Quickspin: About

This company is quite young in the gaming industry, but this company from Sweden is entirely committed to whatever they do, which is offering high-quality, exciting, and innovative video pokies to a growing and loyal customer base. The three individuals that founded this company definitely had lots of experience. Daniel Lindberg, who is the CEO, worked for 5 years at NetEnt, Mats Westerlund, its VP of products also used to work at NetEnt, and the 3rd individual was from Unibet. Several Pokies here are based on mythology and fairy tale themes, and gamers can play every game in free mode before they deposit any money.

FAQ of Mayana

Can I play it for free?

Sure, this is usually possible on a website if you opt for the demo or practice mode.

Are there free spins at Mayana Pokies?

Not like that, but they've got free respins if you get the precise symbols combo.

Will I win actual cash while I play Mayana Pokies? You've got the chance if you sign up and deposit money with any online casino that offers this game.

Can I play Mayana Pokies with no deposit?

You're not required to pay any deposit on demo mode, and you'll likely also see a deal of such in any new player offer if you're ready to search through several online casinos.

Its ‘Play for Real' button that's visible on a tablet or mobile device directs to an online Casino website. On this website, visitors get the chance of playing Casino games for actual cash as soon as they've signed up; the casino will likely not have this particular game on the website. Ensure you check the online gambling laws in your region/country before you click on the button.

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