Ivan and the Immortal King Slot

Ivan and the Immortal King: Get 10,000x Wins

Quickspin’s Ivan and the Immortal King features 5 reels, 3 rows, 20 pay-lines, bet low €0.20, RTP of 96.29%, inspired by tales of Russian Ivan Tsarevich.

Ivan and the Immortal King Slot

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Specifics about Ivan and the Immortal King slot

  • Provider: Quickspin
  • Rows: Three
  • Number of Reels: Five
  • Pay-lines: 20
  • Return to player: 96.29%
  • Lowest/Highest Bet value: 0.20/100
  • Highest payout: 10,000x
  • Winning rate: Not available
  • Variance: High (5/5)

Ivan and the Immortal King slot is a beautiful slot machine inspired by the narrative of a Russian legend star Ivan Tsarevich. Whereby he's involved in a heroic battle on a mission to overthrow the superhuman ruler & the contender Koschei. In December, Ivan and the Immortal King slot is released from Quickspin's desk.

As reported from Quickspin's description, users act just like Ivan, known to be “neither influential nor intelligent.” However, this character has a bonanza of good fortunes that he'd require on his mission to overpower or win against the wicked Koschei, also to collect the jewels obtained illegally.

As a means to round off the errand, Ivan must reach Koschei's mind claimed to be kept out of sight disjointed out of his body in a needle. Found in an egg, inside a lagomorph, and a barnyard fowl. Throw open the case, then crush the spike to have the jewels as your own.

To a large extent, Ivan appears as a regular Quickspin slot equipped with features specific to Quickspin. It gives the impression that anybody that has once tried slot games designed by this developer from Sweden can be comfortable with it.

The arithmetic configuration is a more recent type added with maximum chances of winning much better than the former. It contributes this new slot game to be better for other audiences of frustrated players with a determined mindset.

Theme and Gameplay

Quickspin has a unique trait in designing slot games of fantasy theme – The Three Musketeers, Big Bad Wolf, Goldilocks, & Sinbad, for example. Ivan well matches the collections by its colorful, freehand-sketched graphics that smoothly suit the stylish background. The familiar Russia-composed music is a good update also, particularly the Korobeiniki song that the vast majority from the westward might identify as the Tetris design.

Quickspin's Ivan and the Immortal King features three rows, 5-reel, treated lightly with 20 non-adjustable pay-lines, and staking from €0.20 – €100. At the core of this Ivan and the Immortal King is a Baba Yar element that activates. More essentially, the bonus spin attachment has an average-up multiplier full of great chances.

The Paytable and Characters

The familiar characters you'd find in Ivan & the Immortal King slot is ten altogether presented as the five low paying jewels of different color & 5 premium characters forged from the following;

Leprechaun woman, Ivan the Immortal King, foxes, monsters, and the superstar on his own, Ivan Tsarevich, sorted as the premium or most significant value of all the characters.

If you could appear 5 of Ivan Tsarevich, you can hit up to 100x of the bet amount. The characters come into sight jam-packed about the reels; therefore, you could expect 2000x the bet jackpot during the main game. It's good enough. In addition, it's worth noting that the prizes are put on display in money value corresponding to the best value in effect, and that's impressive.

In addition, Koschei, the Supernal King, has many similarities to the Night King character in Game of Thrones. Funnily enough, it transforms to Koschei the Supernal King in a different state as soon as it's overthrown. However, it keeps to an equal amount.

Experience the exciting minutia, though—besides the layout custom characters’ pack in Ivan and the Immortal King slot. A bonus scatters symbol, wild, and a motion scatter icon becomes active only when the bonus spin element is involved.

Baba Yaga Eye-opening addition

Baba Yaga represents a mysterious witch inside the Slavonic myth that takes the form of a deformed and ugly-appearing lady. Baba Yaga moves about in a time bomb; wow! Possibly this character can block or assist anyone she finds on the way. Baba Yaga plays a vital function in Ivan. The Immortal King & is likely to change during the main game play-mode or the bonus spin round.

The genius at Quickspin chose to fix up her motor car; also, at any time, she glides in her new classy modifier. The system allows four random close-by characters across the reels.

Let's say you're fortunate enough; Ivan and the Immortal King can release to you high-paying symbols at an advantage also. The scatter icons contribute to assists activating the bonus or, at any time it's found amidst the moving scatter icons, bonus.

Bonus Spins element

At the bonus spin round, the developer programs the return to player rate to be about 42%. Though activating the Bonus spins feature is not so complex. Because Ivan and the Immortal King are highly volatile, wait on almost all bonus spin features to bring about low payouts. Overall, the game design is not worked out unsatisfactorily, instead of the features.

Appear at least three scatter characters at any point across the reels to activate the bonus spin round. Get to start this, showing up immediately in just a single spin or via the intervention of Baba Yaga. Moreover, the reel-play must have come to an end. Receive the bonus spins correspondingly as follows;

  • Three scatter icons can initialize ten bonus spins during the Chest stage.
  • Four scatter icons can initialize 14 bonus spins during the Hare stage.
  • Five scatter icons can initialize 18 bonus spins during the Duck stage.

Whenever you find yourself in the bonus round, alert the moving scatter symbol since it is an essential average up the multiplier scale. Gather three of these scatter symbols to start the following multiplier mark, also release four bonus spins.

The game has six layers added to a 20x multiplier until a player can get to the highest level about fighting Koschei. Baba Yaga is in a specifically active mode; therefore, be hopeful of the character to walk about flaunting her modifier.


Hitherto, Ivan and the Immortal King slot is neither a groundbreaking slot machine nor specific. The concept is simply much of an exemplary online slot game like Ivan the Immortal is a common myth related to Russia.

In Ivan and the Immortal King slot, bargain for a wonderful Quickspin complemented by a paytable that's very much modern & appropriate to the current standard of this modern times. The bonus is undoubtedly the bottom line because the game has a pretty good chance at the main game round.

All things being equal, the maximum winning chances to expect of Ivan and the Immortal King slot is 40,000x the bet amount. It's achievable if you could appear any premium character loaded on display is added to 20x multiplier.

We could not get down to these max winnings even at 500 billion spins attempt or thereabout while testing this Ivan and the Immortal King slot. We could achieve a maximum winning of 10,222x players' bet value in the long run. That's pretty far from the assumed chance; however, we just had to accept it that way.

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