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Geisha Slot Machine: Learn How to Play and Earn Big in this Japanese-Themed Slot

Geisha Slot

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Geisha Slot machine is a game developed by Endorphina. This guide includes where you can play alongside whether you can play it for free or not.

A Geisha is a traditional Japanese performer who is proficient in song, dance, and ritual. She is usually a woman. Wealthy clients and commercial enterprises hire geisha to entertain them. The profession has dwindled to the point where just a few hundred genuine Geisha remain in Japan. Misrepresentation of the Geisha's function in society through liberties taken in play and literature has led to some Europeans mistaking Geisha for prostitutes.

Kabuki theatre and at least one class of performer prostitutes have roots in the Geisha culture. Historians generally assume that the first female performers appeared in the seventh century, near the conclusion of the Asuka Period when Japan experienced considerable aesthetic and intellectual growth due to the impact of Buddhism and Chinese culture. The Japanese, on the other hand, were pioneers who expanded the arts in their unique ways, particularly in the late 600s.

During this period, poor girls from marginalized households began to perform as musicians, singers, and dancers. Some were successful enough to be invited to Nara's Imperial Court. The emergence of odoriko (chaste “dancing girls”), theatre troupes, and elite prostitutes known as courtesans was fueled by the popularity of these independent entertainers. The term geisha, which roughly translates to “performing artist,” was traditionally reserved for men. In the 1700s, a prostitute from Fukagawa named Kikuya began referring to herself as a geisha, singing and playing the three-stringed shamisen. Within a few decades, female geisha were competing with traditional Oiran prostitutes and were no longer allowed to perform alongside male geisha. Different levels of geisha arose over time, and some did provide sexual services. The world of the Geisha was forever changed by WWII, and their demise began. Most geisha were compelled to work in factories, and when the country was seized by Allied forces, many prostitutes pretended to be “geisha girls” to the soldiers. In the 1950s and 1960s, new laws were implemented that harmed the Geisha culture, especially compulsory schooling for girls, making it extremely impossible for young girls to enter conventional apprenticeships.

Rules of Geisha Slot Game

Geisha is a video slot game with five reels and three rows, as well as 25 partially customizable pay lines. In numerous ways, the game closely resembles the original physical slot machine, including control design, albeit several buttons, such as “Service,” are absent from the interface due to their lack of utility.

All victories are shown as credits. The value of a credit is 0.01 currency units (US dollars). Only the biggest prize per pay line is awarded, and each pay line emphasizes the winning combination that triggers its prize. Bet Per Line multiplied by Combination Credit Value equals line winnings. Line winnings are multiplied by scatter wins.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in the game is the Geisha, which can replace all other symbols except the Scatter. When one or more Geisha symbols appear in a winning combination, the payout is doubled. For two adjacent symbols, The Geisha pays 100x Bet Per Line for 4 adjacent symbols, 2x Bet Per Line for 2 adjacent symbols, 25x Bet Per Line for 3 adjacent symbols, and 800x Bet Per Line for five adjacent symbols.

Scatter symbol

The Scatter symbol in the game is the Torii (gate). For two Scatters, the Torii pays 2x Total Bet, 25x Total Bet for three Scatters, 100x Total Bet for four Scatters, and 800x Total Bet for five Scatters. The bonus game is triggered by three or more Torii symbols.

Other Geisha Slot Game Symbols

The game's two most valuable emblems are the Golden Dragon and the Golden Flower. They both pay 750x Bet Per Line for five of a kind, 100x Bet Per Line for four of a kind, 25times Bet Per Line for three of a kind, and 2x Bet Per Line for two of a kind.

The Ace symbol

Pays 125x Bet Per Line for five of a kind, 50x Bet Per Line for four of a kind, and 10x Bet Per Line for three of a kind.

The 9 symbol

Is the game’s lowest value symbol but it pays 2x Bet Per Line for two of a kind and matches the Queen, Jack, and 10 on all other prizes.

The Golden Fan symbol

Pays 400x Bet Per Line for five of a kind, 100x Bet Per Line for four of a kind, and 15x Bet Per Line for three of a kind.

The King symbol

Pays 100x Bet Per Line for five of a kind, 50x Bet Per Line for four of a kind, and 5x Bet Per Line for three of a kind.

The Black Headed Gull (white bird) symbol

Pays 250x Bet Per Line for five of a kind, 50x Bet Per Line for four of a kind, and 10x Bet Per Line for three of a kind.

The Queen, Jack, and 10 symbols

All pay 100x Bet Per Line for five of a kind, 25x Bet Per Line for four of a kind, and 5x Bet Per Line for three of a kind.

The Mount Fuji symbol

Pays 250x Bet Per Line for five of a kind, 75x Bet Per Line for four of a kind, and 10x Bet Per Line for three of a kind.

How to Play Geisha Slot Game

There are two groups of controllers in the game. The top two controls are used to manage player data and the game platform's technological features. The controls at the bottom of the screen are modeled like the buttons found in the game's land-based casino variants. The “HELP” button, located directly below the playing reels, displays the game's paytable.

To see the “Game Balance” and “Account Balance,” go to “Account.” Unless they transfer their whole account balance to the game, only real money players have an account balance.

To examine the widgets for manipulating the display screen's functionality, such as sound, full-screen mode, and so on, click “Menu.” Make sure you don't unintentionally click on the white “X” because that would stop the game.

A single-button navigation system is used on the pay tables screen. There are five screens, and you advance from one to the next by clicking the “HELP” button. After you've seen the fifth screen, click “HELP” to return to the spinning reels.

The green Auto Start button activates continuous play mode in the game. It spins the reels for you, subtracting the total stake from your current Game Balance, until you click this button again, exit the game, or win a free spins bonus. Before you begin the Auto games, double-check that the bet amount is set to the desired level.

The next five yellow buttons adjust the number of active pay lines. There are 1, 5, 10, 15, and 25 active pay lines to pick from. There is no way to select a different number of active pay lines.

The Bet Per Line amount is changed by pressing the red Set One button. To cycle through the Total Bet possibilities, check this out. With 25 paylines that are active, your options include: 2500 credits, 1250 credits, 1000 credits, 750 credits, 500 credits, 375 credits, 250 credits, 125 credits, 100 credits, 75 credits, 50 credits, and 25 credits are your possibilities with 25 active pay lines. When the Total Bet reaches 2500 credits, pressing the button returns you to the first option, 25 credits.

To change the Bet Per Line to 100 credits, click the black Max Bet button. The number of active pay lines is unaffected by this. To bet the maximum potential stake, you must first activate all 25 pay lines before clicking on Max Bet.

The green Start button spins the reels once at the current Total Bet and the number of active pay lines.

The “Bet One” and “Max Bet” buttons become “Gamble” buttons after any spin earns a prize. To enter the special gamble screen, click on one of these buttons.

In this game, you are given a hidden playing card and seven options: you can choose Red or Black and double your winnings if you are accurate, or you can choose one of four suites to double your wager, or you can simply click on the green button that now says “Take Win.” If you guess incorrectly, you will lose your entire wager (the prize you won on the previous spin). Each prize can be gambled up to fivex. Free Spins is a game where you can get free spins.

Three or more Torii are required for this to happen. The amount of gate symbols required to start the game has no bearing on the number of spins awarded or the value of the rewards. You will be given 25 spins, and the feature can be reactivated during the free spins. During the Free Spins game, all prizes are tripled.


Geisha is a popular land-based casino slot machine that has been around for a long time. The game is old enough to appear obsolete by today's gaming standards, yet it still has enough reward variety to keep things interesting. The sound effects are based on outdated arcade game sounds and leave a lot to be desired; nevertheless, as you roll up several Geisha symbols, the music changes and becomes more strident and orchestrated. You will know when you have won a large prize.

The graphics are sharp, but the animations are simple by today's standards. The Geisha herself is the only tile that is truly animated. When she contributes to a winning combination, she fans herself and looks around. The Torri (gate) changes colors between red and blue, and the water around the gate's feet appears to be moving. The other tiles just flash to indicate that they are part of a winning combination. Each spin's outcome is shown in an information bar beneath the reels. Above the spinning reels, you will find some helpful hints. For example, the game advises that you “play on, gamble, or take win” if you win a prize. How frequently does a slot machine advise you to grab your winnings and run?

Geisha offers an interesting collection of pay line patterns, notwithstanding the absurdity of discussing strategy when playing slot machine games. If you are short on cash and choose to play fewer pay lines, you will get a great spread on lines 1 through 5. Even if you play Max Bet, this saves you money per spin, but it also removes 80 percent of potential winning patterns.

Only the Scatter Prizes are guaranteed to pay every time they appear, which adds a little more value to your game. This added value is not present in a game that offers no award for Scatter wins.

With Geisha, you can have long dry runs, but eventually, a good combo will appear. Instead of placing Max Bets on all 25 pay lines (which quickly depletes your bankroll), you should employ an even-handed strategy. At decreased pay lines, you can place a Max Wager or a moderate to mid-range bet at maximum pay lines. In any case, the Scatter combinations will assist you in staying alive.

When a victory awarded 500 credits or more in the Free Games, there was an old gimmick where you could click the Take Win button to receive the payout and keep playing the free games.

If you win more than 25x your entire bet, the game will shower you with coins and play joyous celebration music. After the credits had finished counting down, the Take Win button became active.

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