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Big Bot Crew Pokie is the correct choice when you want to treat yourself to an excellent stake. It offers higher chances of winning your bet. The trick is to opt for some free spins and respins features.


Maybe you don’t know, Big Bot Crew is super quick and flexible. While it doesn’t have the reputation of being perfect, its humanoid robotic feature is awe-inspiring. Little wonder, it's called the “Big Bot.” With that Big Bot, you activate all your forty paylines in each spin mode and place your stake. No more, no less. You start earning when you have three or more matching pokie symbols in your paylines.

What’s more? The maximum payout is about $750, and the maximum stake is $100. For the minimum bet, you can go as low as $0.20. On the other hand, the minimum payout is as low as $15. If you are unsatisfied with the payouts, that’s why Big Bot has the Respin and Wild feature. These features will give your winning chances a little push.

Big Bot Wild and Free respin Features

It’s no secret that Big Bot Crew Pokie is a humanoid robot. That's why it's the correct choice. And since this Bot holds many betting tricks, it has both the Wild and Free spin features. For the Big Bot Wild, it’s quite simple. You know how air pumps, that's how it works. Your stake is the balloon, and the Big Wild symbol is the air that boosts its chances of winning. Do you know what's impressive about this feature? It awards a bonus that ranges from $75 to $1000. For almost every online casino player, it's like a bonus feature.

The respin feature is in every way connected to the Big Bot Wild. The respin enhances the stake, and the Wild activates the enhancement. I bet you want to know this works. Big Bot Wild activates a respin after the original spin. In short, each time you are lucky enough to have some Wilds on your reels, you can get a respin. Do you also know about one fun fact? Many respins can form another Wild. You know what that means, right? It meant other cycles of respins that may aid your winnings.


Big Bot Crew Pokie is user-friendly and hassle-free. Of course, it’s a humanoid robot, but it's a super one with fantastic bonus features like Wild, spins, and respins. This online casino game accepts stakes from as low as $0.20 to $100. With these attractive features, it’s a natural choice to go for Big Bot Crew Pokie.

Of course, Big Bot Crew Pokie has its disadvantages. It's important to take advantage of its disadvantages.

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