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Wild Water Slot Netent Online Slots for Free

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NetEnt's Wild Water offers us a glimpse of the past, and that's the Beach Boys meet Jaws through Love Island! Try to remember how it was while surfing in California while your radio is with you at the beach- and the radio has a weight of like a tonne with the size of a small car you can find these days. We have hippies when we wear the bomb medallion while making the peace sign and the glamour girls at the beach being tanned by the sun. There is the muscular dude that's putting on thigh glasses, then a guy on Afro who also has a medallion.

Everything Expanded in Wild Water

On the reels of this slot with five reels, there are expanded symbols. The boy surfer represents the scatter. The reels will speed up when you get 2 of him, and the soundtrack will go ballistic. Other times, when you hear the cries of “Radical!,” that means there is a win, then it'll go back to the music. A Jaws-typed shark is the Wild, and he might actually spoil the fun.

With Wolfson in free spins, expanding wilds, and a whole lot of other features, his game is loved by several gamers. Anytime you have a huge win, you'll see a surfboard zoom across your screen, and that's excellent!

The Wild Water Wild

There's a killer shark that rears up outside the water and gives us the chance to look at its fillings well, and that's the fearsome wild. It's a substitute for the most possible winning combination on all bet lines. You can see the wild on any reel in the main game. In the free spins feature by NetEnt, this also happens, and in the two modes, the wild is able to substitute for every symbol apart from the Scatter.

You require 3+ of the boy surfer scatter, so the free spins take cable triggered. The wilds in free spins automatically expand in order for them to cover the whole reel if it results in a win.

Wild Water's Surf Team and Surf Up's Bonuses

You'll see the Surf Up's bonus on the reels, and you'll get a multiplier of 20 times.

The other bonus is quite trickier. If you're able to get all symbols – swimsuit girl, bikini girl, afro guy, hippie guy, and surfer guy on the reels, you have won a 200× multiplier. As you'll see below, this slot is of high volatility!

Wild Water's Symbol Payouts

The surfer that's in the golden wave is one symbol, and it is also the symbol that pays the highest in this game. You will receive 2000 for 5 appearances! Then it's got a drop, leaving you with 400 for 4 appearances, then 40 for 3 appearances. You can see this symbol on the free spins and in the main game, and you can also see it on any reel. With this, your chances of seeing a couple of tasty wins will be increased.

The symbol that pays the next highest is the surfer dude that's got a red surfboard while wearing red swimming gear. He is apparently the champion surfer, so you'll get 500 for 5 of him, 75 for 4 of him, then 15 for 3. The next is the swimming queen who lounges on her surfboard while winning at you. She is the one that has the picnic, so she is the next when it comes to value. You'll get 250 for 5 of her, then 40 for 4, and 15 for 3. The surfer with a yellow surfboard putting on a yellow outfit and an afro haircut is the next. 5 of him is worth 100, 4 of him is worth 30, then you'll get 5 for 3 of him.

Lastly, we have the hippie man that's got a green surfboard while also putting on something green. 4 of him wins you 75, 4 will earn you 20, then 4 for 3 of him. You'll get the same reward from the siren in blue that has a blue surfboard.

Customizing Your Wild Water Bets

There are 20 pay lines in Wild water, and you'll not be able to change this figure. Nevertheless, they've got other ways you'll be able to customize your wager.

You get the chance of setting bet levels when you go to the space marked Level that's at the LHS of your dashboard. With this, you can make use of the arrows in decreasing or increasing the bet level ranging from one to ten. Every coin you play has a coin value that can be decreased or increased with the use of the coin value controls that you can see on the RHS of your dashboard. The coin value is inversely proportional to the number of coins you will see shown in your Coins box.

The bet level and coin value are used in calculating the amount you are presently betting, and you'll see the total bet in the Bet box that's at the LHS of your dashboard. For instance, if you've got a coin value of 0.02 and your bet level is ten, your actual wager is 200 coins. Here is how. It's because your bet level is the number of coins you're betting for each pay line! Nevertheless, you've always got the option gone instantly to the most possible bet when you click on the button “Max Bet,” that you can find on the RHS of the major spin control.

You've also got the Autoplay option on your dashboard, and NetEnt offers excellent autoplay functionality. If you are familiar with games from NetEnt, you will be aware of these, but if you've not seen games that this developer made before you will be very surprised by how much control you've got over the spins.

To switch options, press the Autoplay button. You can begin with only ten spins, then increase it to as much as 1000 if you engine. They've also got an advanced Autospin option. In the Autospin options box, click on the “Advanced Settings” option, and you will see a couple of sophisticated customized options. You'll be able to stop the Autospin on any winning or on a free spin. You've also got the ability to define custom limits like making it stop when you win a particular amount if the coins you have gets to a particular amount of if it is reduced to a particular number.

Game Settings

Right from the bottom LHS of the game's screen, you will see the spanner symbol. When you click on it, the speed of the spin will be changed. The sound symbol is next to the spanner, and you'll be able to use it in turning on or off the sound.

The RTP is 96.4 percent, and they're quite fair. Nevertheless, these are average RTPs that are mostly calculated after thousands of spins. The RTP's odd decimal isn't therefore very noticeable and will not affect your fun. This RTP is applicable to both tablets and mobile.

Wild Water Volatility

You've noticed its RTP, but you'll definitely notice this game's volatility. Volatility is just how varied the free spins and wins are while you play. If you've got long periods with no win and you then suddenly get a huge payout, then the game is of high volatility. In these slots, times that there isn't any action when it comes to winning alternates with high points that you're likely lucky enough to win.

A couple of players enjoy games of low volatility that there aren't many major pay lines, but regular and steady wings that keep the game engaged. Other games are searching for more spills, excitement, and thrills. They're ready to see a rapid diminishing of their coins while they wait to hit the big one. Everything depends on your gaming style and personality.

The volatility of Wild Water is high, meaning that you'll likely wait for quite some time before the surfer will correctly assemble and pay you some nice wins. You'll enjoy this if you're the kind of gamer that feels it is worth the wait and would rather get a couple of major winnings here and there instead of several little ones.

Help and Info

You will see info on the pay lines and game rules when you click on the “?” button that you can find on the bottom LHS of your dashboard. With this, you'll be taken to the Help pages. You can make use of the huge green L and R arrows to move front and back in the Help pages. If you are done and would like to go back to gameplay, either click on the X at the Help screen's top right corner or make use of the huge green Return button.

If you'd like to check out the paytable and see how the bonuses work, click on the Paytable button that's on the bottom left corner of the game area.

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You can find all these slots and several others on our website to freely play. Start playing now!

Note: The license and trademark of Wild Water are owned by Net Entertainment and NetEnt doesn't endorse this website.

Even though we try to show you the best casino for your game of choice, you also need to check multiple times before you deposit some money in an online casino.

The minimum bet here is 0.20 pounds, and a max of 100 pounds. It's got the retro and beach theme and is available to players in the UK as NetEnt is licensed by the UKGC.

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