Vikings Go To Hell

Vikings Go To Hell Slot (Yggdrasil)

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Vikings Go to Hell is a fun video slot game developed by Yggdrasil. It is based on Norse mythology and offers players plenty of visual attractions while they play. The game has five reels and four rows with 25 paylines available. The game features bonus games, free spins, and wild symbols.

Free Spin at Level 1

When three or more free spin icons are collected, or if a bonus spin trigger is won from the treasure box in the main game, the bonus spin mode will begin. All Viking icons during the Free Spins feature will join forces to battle a monster. If they prevail, they'll each get one rage point and transform into wilds. During the Free Spins mode, all wilds remain in place. During any bonus spin rounds, the icon does not appear.

Lord of Chains

Each time a spin ends with at least one Viking icon, this character will make an appearance. The Viking he fights is selected at random by him. One of the Lord of Chains' health bars will be depleted when the Viking hits him, and the Viking will become a powerful sticky wild. When you beat your adversary, you'll unlock level 2 Bonus Spins, which you may play after the regular Bonus Spins mode has concluded. All Vikings are victorious in their battles against the standard demon for the rest of the player's bonus spins, and the bettor is awarded two more wilds at random.

Berzerk Bonus Spins

The Berserk Free Spins feature is identical to the Level One Free Spins feature, except that you may only activate it by amassing 300 wrath points on a single Viking, which caps out at seven spins. The Berserk Free Spins trigger a Viking who never loses to the standard demon, but they do not get Rage Points. This bonus spin round's coin worth is calculated on the mean of every spin that yielded anger points.

Free Spin at Level 2

Every sticky wild from the first round of free spins is removed before moving on to round two, and the bettor is awarded an additional seven free spins. A Warrior in this mode will remain so until the situation is resolved. Each time the second free spin is played, one Viking is randomly selected to face off against Lucifix. Two random sticky wild symbols are awarded for all hits on Lucifix.


After every Level 2 Bonus Spin in which at least one Viking symbol occurs, the Lucifix will emerge. The Viking he fights is selected at random by him. When the Viking lands hits Lucifix, Lucifix loses a health point, the Viking becomes a powerful sticky wild, and two other sticky wild icons are sprinkled over the reels at random. When the Vikings defeat Lucifix, they get three times as many free spins as they would have gotten had they just fought the standard demon.

Treasure Chest

It’s only on the fifth reel can you win a Good or an Epic tablet if the treasure chest appears, containing rewards.

Collecting Rage

Those who collect rage can gain anger levels as they play. A player will get seven berzerks when their rage points total on one Viking reaches 300.

Free Spins

The first Viking in a new player's arsenal is worth 150 wrath points. The accumulated rage from one session is carried over to the next. After a player gets 300 points, the Berzerk Bonus Spins feature is activated, and any further points earned during the mode are credited to the player's total when the feature concludes.

How to Get Rage Points

You get one rage point for every wild you achieve when fighting the Lord of Chains, a regular demon, or Lucifix.

During Berzerk Bonus Spins, the Viking's fury meter does not fill up, even if the Viking stays in Berzerk form.

For every Viking found in a treasure box, players may get 60 wrath points in the standard game.

Tossing all four Vikings into a treasure chest in the main game may get players 60 rage points.

In-Game Demon Battles

Each Viking icon on the reel set will engage in a demon battle if two or more Bonus Spin icons appear.

With each victory, the victorious Viking becomes a wild card, adding one point of wrath to their total.


You'll get a respin when two or more Free Spin symbols appear on the reels during the main game. Two more Bonus Spin icons will restart the respin. During the respin round, all currently present wild symbols will remain in place.

Treasure Chest

Only on the fifth reel may you win a Good or an Epic tablet if the treasure chest contains the items listed below.


With medium volatility and 96.1% RTP, Vikings Go to Hell is an exhilarating game with many features. It is not only enjoyable to play, but also has a fantastic design that allows you to immerse yourself in the Vikings' world. The chances of winning are pretty high, and there are many opportunities for incredible wins.

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