Valley of the Gods Slot

Valley of the Gods Slot Free game !

Review of slot game designed by Yggdrasil Gaming, titled Valley of the Gods Slot, features 5-reel, 45 pay-lines that later increases to 3,125 winning ways, with the play theme sets across in a antique pyramid, & winning potentials worth as much as 580,000, RTP rate at 96.20%.

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Yggdrasil is here again in a different dimension with its unique title named “Valley of the Gods Slot.” Introduced as of the year 2017. Valley of the Gods Slot features five reels, 45 win-lines, and considers a Return to the player rate at 96.20%. This Slot is classified as non-progressive, featuring bonus games, multiplying co-efficient, and other mobile play formats. This Slot holds a jackpot worth 580,000 shekels; just as you'd expect, the Valley of the Gods Slot is accessible for play on either smartphones or PCs.

Casinos to play Valley of the Gods Slot

Specifics about Valley of the Gods Slot

  • Return to player rate: 96.20%
  • Variance Mid
  • Number of Reels: 5
  • Win-lines: 45
  • Coin denomination: 0.004 – 4
  • Highest wager: 100
  • Highest winnings: 580,000 Shekels
  • Bonus game: Available
  • Multiplier: Available

It appears Yggdrasil put all efforts to exploit a unique, old-time pyramid in Egyptian civilization, protected by two noteworthy divinity that sprang from Egyptian traditions – Horus and Anubis. This detail is deduced by Yggdrasil's sculptures that revolve around the pyramid's access and come active primarily to assist the mortals in extending the reel arrangements and turns up substantial winnings.

Valley of the Gods slot provides 45-3,125 winning ways and allows bets from at least $0.10 for each spin. The player's mission here is to align winning combos to ruin the blocker bets, extend the reel arrangement, and trigger bonus re-spins. As soon as each of the blockers becomes vandalized, gather blue and red dung beetle to serve the gods & expect to win more lives, and boost the multiplying co-efficient.

The basis for play and How to win

The play scene of this Slot is sets across in a antique pyramid. Players can experience an uncommon and a graphically striking impression. The characters provided here complement and suit the story-line perfectly, hence get ready to idolize the number-one gods from Egyptian tradition. Treat these deities nicely and envisage great returns, as they stand for this Slot's most valuable characters.

As far as characters that pay less, they are six in number, appearing as varying ciphers, serpent, Bird, Eye of Ra, Cat, etc. This Slot is deficient in Scatter or Wild icons as what matters is the assistance of gods towards winning huge payouts. Besides, Scarabs comes into view as blockers or meal items provided to 2 deities known to protect the pyramid.

The play principles of this Slot are straightforward as players should only anguish over the best-suited coin values, hence select bet according to your payroll. If you can appear a minimum of 3 identical characters over the adjacent reels, start with the reels at the extreme left, primarily to jack up winnings.

This Slot provides 45 winning ways at the start, and players can come across 12 Gold-covered Scarab blockers that obstruct a few chambers. As soon as the rewarding combos begin to appear, the characters can put off the blockers, boosting such players' winning chances raised to 3,125 winning ways. All payouts realized brings up a bonus re-spin, while it keeps on like that provided that you can appear series of winnings. After a losing spin, the blocker bets come back and prompts you to start afresh.

You can spot the Spin control within the Maximum Bet section, meant for slot players that admire to bet large. Also, the Automatic play feature enables players turn on the reels to no limits. Tap + icon to discover every information required to be aware of the paytables, slots principles and explore the set-up.

More features

The re-spins feature is the main attachment here, which's activated after all rewarding spins. Any rewarding characters can wipe off the blocker bets and make winning ways begins to boost. You can immediately ruin each of the blockers following a series of winnings; you can now claim 3,125 winning ways and trigger either Scarab packs. If you can achieve this, you'd have a 2x Multiplier through Anubis that receives Blue Dung beetles.

Any sets of 5 Blue Dung beetles gathered, Anubis can raise the Multiplier by 1. Contrarily, Horus receives the Red Dung beetles. Next, the Scarab stocks become turned on and can offer one more survival, which implies you'd have the opportunity to claim one more re-spin following a losing re-spin. Eating time with so many Dung beetles colored red, as every 5 Scarabs colored Red can allow more survival.

Survival is so essential on the part of players since there will be no longer a rewarding re-spins as soon as the whole survival is used up, then the feature stops and makes you start all over again. Gather Scarabs colored Red from rewarding pink, orange, red, and purple icons, whereas the Dung beetles colored blue shows a green, navy, or blue rewarding character.


Valley of the Gods provides an irresistible highest winnings worth 580,000 shekels. Once you adjust the coin value up to a maximum of ($4), then you can hope for a breathtaking winning worth $2,320,000. To achieve this, you'll have to increase the payout, multiplying co-efficient to the highest & claim so many more lives, though it's not that simple.

Either Horus and Anubis stand for characters that reward the highest amount, 500 shekels in Return, for three identical symbols. In contrast, Bastet and Tutankhamen are not paying large, yields about 250 shekels for a highest possible combination. Just as players need to position 25 shekels in Return for every spin, wager begins from $0.10 – $100. The Return to player rate is 96.20%.

Positive sides

  • Exciting features
  • It's available for play on any gadgets.
  • Unique graphics


  • Lacks Scatter or Wild icons
  • It's very hard to get away from each of the blockers and activate exclusive features.
  • The story-line is familiar.


Despite the online gaming sector accounts for great video slot games having the same theme, we're convinced that the Valley of the Gods slot is indeed a mystery tour, based on it provides creative play-attachments. The fact is before you can land some rewarding combinations, it doesn't just happen; it takes some period and opens up the opportunity to increase the series of payouts and claim so many other lives. You have to pay the price.

Have a close watch on your account payroll, as failure to do so can wipe off your account not later than you imagine. This Slot is indeed fair enough, at the same time, can mistreat folks that refuse to exalt them right.

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