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UAE Casino

United Arab Emirates are situated in the southwest region of Asia, on the Arabian Peninsula. It is made up of seven states in which each state has its own constituted authority. The country is an Islamic country that operate based on Islamic laws.

About United Arab Emirates Online Casinos

The Emirates which fully known as United Arab Emirates are situated in the Arabian Peninsula and it is also a small country. Over nine million people are believed to reside in the country although 80 percent of the total population are expatriates. Only about 1.4 million people are the original citizen of the country. So the name United Arab Emirates is because it is comprises of 7 emirates and individual emirate has an emir who is the constituted authority. Abu Dhabi and Dubai among the emirates that are under United Arab Emirates. The country is also a conservative Islamic country that operate based on the Islamic law. And in the Islamic law, gambling is prohibited in fact any form of betting is considered illegal. Therefore, players cannot see a land based casino to gamble on. This does not stop players who want to gamble from gambling because there are foreign casinos that are ready to accept players from this country.

Online Gambling in the United Arab Emirates

In as much as any form of betting is prohibited and online gambling is also a form of betting making no difference between the two. And in order to ensure that the prohibition are not taken with levity some measures were taken. Even President Sheik Khalifa in 2012 issued a decree which is to punish any form of cybercrime, online gambling, anti-religious and pornographic contents. However, the agency constituted to ensure that there will not be any form of online gambling has failed to live up to expectation. This made it possible for many online casinos to be available to players from this country. Although with measures and decrees released by the government of this country no firms should be seen allowing UAE players. However, this is not so because some reputable and prominent software providers are known to offer UAE players the chance to play at their sites. These providers include Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Play’n GO, Betsoft and SoftSwiss.

Prohibition of Gambling, Horse Race

United Arab Emirates do not condone anything relating to gambling and they make sure thr law that are binding this act is well enforced. Operating online gambling in UAE can make the operator find himself in prison or to pay a high fine. The players can also be charged to pay small fine for participating in the gambling. It is a rule for any ship or airplanes to stop playing games if peradventure they are being played before they enter the country. The same thing applicable to all other Muslim countries. However, just because Islam does not support gambling does not mean everyone follows it to the core. There are some people that will still deviate from detesting gambling. Funny enough, there are some activities that are carried out in UAE that people do bet on it from other countries. Horse racing is one the thing that attract a lot of crowds. Horse racing is not a form of gambling here rather it is just a sport that is for the crowds.

Between November to March is when the racing season fall into in which a lot of visitors will witnessed many races. These are races are totally free and no betting or whatsoever took place. Although there are some races that it include picking up things which will serve as gifts for the racer. Although the race are all for fun but people from outside the country bet on these races from different places. One race that usually caught the attention of a lot of people is the Dubai World Cup and which is termed as the richest race in the world. Although no casino or poker room is legalized to operate in UAE but that does not mean there are no casinos or poker room. There used to be a lot of busted dens used for illegal gambling in the United Arab Emirates. And once this happen, the culprit are always brought to justice to serve as deterrent to others. This is why it is not advisable for players to indulge in gambling in UAE.

What Is Likely To Happen In The Future?

According to the kind of country and the origin of their law, United Arab Emirates does not seem like a country that will legalized online gambling. It is forbidden in Islam and the country is being govern based on the Islamic law. Also, it is obvious the president have no reason to disapprove the illegality of gambling. The citizen of the country apart from those who support betting shows no inclination too towards the legality of gambling. The only positive that can still have effect on it is the fact that the country mingle heavily with other countries. But, we have seen presidents that does not change their stands even after interacting with others from all over the world.

There is high possibility that the intervention of external forces can worsen the situation right now. Since a lot of countries have started regulating their online gambling which has made many operators to fold up most especially if they are among publically-owned companies. With all these the future of gambling being legalized in this country does not seem like something that can be realized. Before online gambling can be legalized they would have first ensure the functioning of land based casino. Then maybe foreigners will be allowed to gamble through a particular casino. However, in reality all these does not strike as something that will soon happen in the foreseeable future.