Turning Totems Slot

Turning Totems Slot Machine Review

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Turning Totems Slot machine is a pretty decent slot with an excellent theme and bonuses. It was developed by Thunderkick, so you should know what to expect from this slot. To learn more about it, click here.

When you first approach this slot, an audiovisual clip appears, sweeping through into the clouds to reveal a landscape of the North American desert, filled with massive rock formations, towns with wigwams, and wandering animals. The background for the slot machine is a big rock formation with five enormous totem poles and a youthful Native American lad standing to the left. The totem poles serve as the reels.

The 5 totem poles in this position have an extremely colorful appearance, with inscriptions on the poles that alternate between appearing welcoming and menacing.

Establishing and playing the Turning Totems Slot

This slot is considerably dissimilar from what you may anticipate from a machine with five “reels.” Players could touch multiple signs at any given pole at once in this game where the symbols are distributed randomly throughout the poles. You must land at least a handful of the same image on any of the poles to win (much like a scatter symbol). The lowest payout is six, but theoretically, you may get the same pattern 15 times, which is where the biggest payouts occur. You will only have a cumulative stake for the spin, which you can select since there are no actual win lines.

The pink, slightly maniacal-appearing icon has the greatest payout—1,204 times your total bet—for hitting all fifteen of them. The red one that resembles a pair of “angry birds” wins you 72 times, while the orange one that appears fearsome wins you 254 times. The winning symbols are those that are composed of green and blue. There are also four “no win” symbols, each of which is brown and has a simple pattern; nonetheless, any combination of them will not result in a win.

You may be excused for believing that it would be impossible to land all 15 of the same symbol, but in this case, you are in a better position. Other characters will be substituted when a particular symbol occurs five or more times throughout the poles. The re-spins will keep going as long as more of the “winning symbol” is landed, up to a spin in which no more “winning symbols” are landed. For instance, if six pink icons appear on the first spin, only those six remain in place; the remaining nine symbols are now replaced. If you get an additional pink image on this spin, the other eight symbols will be replaced, and so forth until you run out of pink icons.

The “snake” bonus symbol is the sole additional symbol on this machine. To begin the feature, you'll need at least six of them to show up.

Turning Totems Summary

With Turning Totems, Thunderkick, who is renowned for creating slots with some extremely unique and eccentric features, has done it once more. This game stands out from standard slots in numerous ways, making it special. The vibrant, dynamic graphics and motions make the game considerably better, notably before and after the bonus round. This slot is among the greatest I've ever played, and I'll play it once more.

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