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Switzerland Online CasinoDespite the fact that Switzerland is one of the best country all around the globe, it is still facing some difficulties when it comes to the regulation of gambling activities.

Although of recent, some establishment has been made for some land-based gaming, but then we are still very uncertain about the fate of gambling in Switzerland.

Even with the fact that some positive innovation are being put in place, majority of the locales are not pleased with the decisions enforced. If you go through this article, you are going to know the history of gambling in Switzerland and some of the casino establishment you can invest your money on.

Online Casino Sites in Switzerland

Many of the players in Switzerland enjoyed the gaming atmosphere despite the fact that gambling activity was banned not until 1993 that the government has now come up with the idea of having some regulations.

The gambling activity allowed was only for the land-based casino. The online casino was not clearly stated but it is still regarded to as as illegal until 1993 when the government now made a legislation that it should be legalized in 2017, but the availability is only for the local operators.

Even with this, there are some offshore gambling site that are still making things happen despite the fact that they were not regulated. Some players do try out the offshore site, but going by the fact that they are not regulated, it will be advisable for the players to go for the ones that has a better reputation online.

There are lots of online casino sites at the the disposal of the Swiss players. But we will be particular about the leading online casino that makes use of the reputable online providers in the industry. The online casinos include Jackpot City, PlayAmo, Royal Vegas, Lucky Nugget Casino, Platinum Play, and the Gaming Club online casino.

These casinos have a good reputation, now let us look at some of their features


Although no official license is giving to any casino establishment in Switzerland, but then we have been able to come up with the casinos that are regulated and are certain to give you the best of experience while playing.


The collection of games made available for the players on these casino are of good quality such that you won't have any dulling moment in the process of playing. The table games on the casino include the variety of roulette, blackjack and poker games. Provision is also made available for the free games such that you will be able to test the game before you invest your real money.

Good Interface

The interface of the casinos are user friendly such that you will be able to navigate and enjoy the games of your choice.


This is one of the amazing facts about these casinos, they provide the needed support for different languages such that there will be nothing like language barrier. The official languages supported by the casino include German, Romansh, Italian, and French.


New players may find it difficult to understand that games' algorithm, but then you don't have to get yourself worried about this as the support service is readily available to help you. You will be guided through the registration procedure and all that you need to understand as a player to have a better gaming experience.

Banking Methods

Despite the fact that some online casino are restricted in Switzerland, there are lots of offshore sites that supports the usage of debit cards, credit cards, PayPal and eWallets.

Going by some factors that we have considered before choosing those casinos, we are confident that they will give you nothing but the best. Just ensure you enjoy the free games first, you can then invest your money if you like how things are patterned on the casino.

Gambling Laws and Regulations

Before 1921, every form of gambling has been banned in the state. In 1993, licenses were given to the land-based casino. Currently, there are up to 21 land-based casino in Switzerland, but the issue online gambling is still uncertain.

Does the State permit online gambling?

The state has prohibited online gambling as the only casino activity that can be carried out in the state is land-based. For this reason, you can hardly seen an online casino in Switzerland, but then the players tend to register on some offshore sites to enjoy a wonderful gameplay. Fortunately the local bank does not have any issue processing online payments for the players.

What are the regulatory bodies that controls gambling in the state?

The fact is that there is no standing regulatory body before the advent of the Money Gaming Act. The restriction is only placed on the operators and not the players individually. So with this the players cannot be faced with any issue when gambling online.

To prevent any fraudulent activity or disappointment, the players are advised to select the casinos that are of good repute.

Is there any gambling age?

The minimum age a player must attain before he will be allowed on a land-based casino in Switzerland is 18.

What is the current state of gambling in Switzerland?

Going by the social trend in this developed state, the authority are trying to devise a means through which the online gambling activities will be regulated as it is what the players cherish most.

The money gaming act was issued on 29th September, 2017.

After lots of deliberations were made on the legislation. Only the local casinos were given the chance to run online activities. The offshore sites are not allowed to operate, but there are some players that still make registration on them.

History of Gambling in Switzerland

Before 1993, a ban had been in place that forbids gambling but in that year the law was revoked. But, the revoking was not absolute because there are still some guidelines that should be followed. All other form of gambling was prohibited except that of limited-bets casino. It was only in 2000 that the law was amended and players can now gamble on non-limited-bets casino. Then, the division of the game set in, with the first one being games of chance. Such game can only take place in a local land-based casino with license. The second game of the division was called the game of skills. Switzerland has twenty-six states and in all those states there are twenty-one casinos and eleven tracks for horse racing.

After these laws were in effect, Switzerland become famous in the aspect of gambling since 21.2 percent of its gamers were termed ardent players. But all those years there was still a prohibition of online-based casinos. These prohibition led Swiss gamblers that want to gamble online to try out online casinos from different countries. Therefore, there was a setback in Switzerland online-based casinos then until the advent of the Money Gaming Act. After the act was adopted, there was a swift transmission and prohibition of online-based casinos in Switzerland was revoked. Since online-based casinos in Switzerland can obtained license, then it is our duty to provide you with best online casinos you can find in this country. You can check with us and select the casinos of your choice which are all safe and secure.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Switzerland

Like it was stated earlier, it was after the adoption of the Money Gaming Act that online casinos in Switzerland become licensed. However, this even happened in 2017 which turned out to be an amazing year for land-based casinos that wished to expand to online-based. But, the legalization of online-based casinos can result into the prohibition of Swiss players from gambling on casinos from other countries online. This is only a possibility because it has not been effect already. Before they can pass such resolution, they will need to check out the amount of money they are generating. They will check out if players were spending more money on overseas casinos than the one in Switzerland. However, with the look of things it seems gambling on online casinos in other countries will not be prohibited for Swiss players. But, there is nothing that does not change with time.

Since online-based casinos has become legalized in Switzerland, then you can our site to see recommendations on the best Switzerland online-based casinos you should registered with. Our selection was made based on how secure and safe they are. We also consider the payment and banking options they offered. The bonus and promotional offers, fair play and the number of games they can provide for players. Then, we check out their compatibilities with mobile devices and computers. Therefore, there is nothing delaying you from checking with us and find the best casino where you can amass a lot of prizes.

Switzerland Casino FAQ

Does Switzerland has any prohibition on gambling on sites online?

Switzerland has no prohibition on online gambling sites in as much as they act in accordance with the Money Gaming Act. And also, their licensing must be done by Switzerland Lottery & Betting Board or Switzerland Federal Gaming Board. However, for those operating internationally it is not easy for them to get license. Therefore, some of them cannot operate due to the absence of license.

What is the legality of Sports betting in Switzerland?

Only Loterie Romande and Swisslos can provide legalized sports betting for Swiss players. This is because of the monopoly of Switzerland Lottery and Betting Board. Transferring of license to a third-party operators is prohibited and the license issued is only for twenty years. But, players can also play on online casinos that operate internationally in as much as they are cautious.

How safe it is for Swiss Players to participate in online gambling?

No one has been prosecuted yet in Switzerland for participating in online gambling in international online casinos. Since this is against the law set by the gaming board, however, players should also be cautious of their action

Do they offer bonuses?

There are lots of bonuses offered by this and they include the no deposit bonus, extra bonuses and the referral rewards. The bonuses will be trapped into the players account until the wagering requirement is fulfilled.

What are the available deposit methods?

Regardless of the fact that you are making a deposit with USD, EUR, GBP and CHF, there lots of ways to deposit which include e-wallets, credit cards and debit cards. Just choose the one that best suit your taste when it comes to efficiency and check if it can be used for withdrawal as well.