Six Acrobats Slot

Six Acrobats Online Slots for Free ! (Microgaming)

Six Acrobats Slot is an online slot game developed by Microgaming that is made up of five wheel and nine pay lines. It contains wild icons, scatters icons, and free spin sessions. The minimum amount required to stake per spin is nine pounds.

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About Six Acrobats Slot

Microgaming has developed a slot game that is made up of five wheels and nine pay line named Six Acrobats. The game is about six acrobats going on a journey. The wild icon should be one thing players should try and land since they give you times five of your winnings. During the free spin session, in the beginning, you will be awarded twenty-five spins for free. As you obtain a scatter, you will receive an extra spin freely. Usually the wild is five times multiplier, but during this session, you will it as a twenty-five multiplier to give you about four thousand three hundred and thirty-three times your bet.

Six Acrobats Slot

The software developer of Six Acrobats that has five wheels and nine pay lines is Microgaming. It can be played on every device by depositing at least between nine pounds to 22.50 euros. It contains a wild with five times multiplier which will increase to twenty-five times during the free spin session. Together with an extra spin for free after landing a scatter. For having the wild giving you five times multiplier, you have the potentiality of going away with four thousand three hundred and thirty-three.

The slot is about some group of travellers, mainly talented acrobats that are on the journey to showcase their skills. The icons found on the wheel include ten, A, J, K, Q, and five out of the travellers. The wild icon of the game is the logo of the 6 travellers, which can replace any other icons on the wheel. In the free spin feature that gets activated with the presence of three scatters or above on the wheel, which is also interesting. The Golden Queen represents the scatter and for three scatters you will have fifteen spins freely. For four scatters you will have twenty spins freely, and for five scatters you will have twenty-five spins freely. Also, you will get additional spin freely for every scatters you land.

The graphics and designs of the game are amazing, and there is a chance for a player to cash out big. The player can go away with as much as four thousand three hundred and three times the amount they stake per spin at the end. The volatility of the game is high, therefore do not be too forwarded and calm down when playing. However, due to all the benefits you can derive from the game, it is worth trying out.

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