Secret Romance Slot


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Secret Romance Slot

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Secret Romance Slot is an online slot game developed by Microgaming that is made up of five reels and fifteen paylines. It contain features like scatter icons, wild icons, mystery icons, and free spins session.

About Secret Romance Slot

Microgaming has developed an online slot game that is made up of five reels and fifteen paylines. The theme of the game is love and the minimum amount required for a spin is fifteen pounds. It is compatible with every device and contain paradoxical icons that showcased in pack at the beginning. These icons will showcased every other icons apart from wild containing scatters overcrowding the screen to increase a player winning. Players are liable to fourteen spins for free and times tow multiplier whenever the free spin session is activated. In this session, the paradoxical icons showcases in pack and can disclose the wilds. There will be increment in the multiplier between one to five times if you possesses three scatters. At the end of every free spin you can go away with six thousand times the amount you bet.

Microgaming is the software developer of secret romance which contain five reel and fifteen payline. It is compatible with many devices and you can spin with a minimum of at least fifteen pounds up to fifteen euros. The bonus option of the game are the free spin session and the mystery icons. The slot is set as a lovely themed game that is full of enjoyment and relaxation. The wheel is made up of icons like heart of rose, rose, mask, and bottle containing perfume. It also contain the basic cards containing ten, A, J, Q, and K. the wild icon which is the heart can replace every other icons apart from scatter. When playing the game, it is advisable to search for the paradoxical icons since they can showcase any icon picked at random. Only the wild is exempted and with the icons you can have scatters fulling your screen. These can result into activating the free spins session and obtaining up to one thousand two hundred multiply by your bet.

You will also receive times two multiplier and fourteen free spins once you have three scatters. During this session you can have the mystery icons also that are super packed therefore increasing your chance of winning big. Additionally, the wild icons can be displayed when you possess the mystery icons thereby increasing your winnings. There will also be increment in the multiplier of free spins from one to about times five whenever you have three scatters or above during the session. However, there is no feature supporting reactivating the session.

It is not hard to play and there is high chance of going away with a lot of winnings. This will be possible because of the appearance of wilds with the influence of the mystery icons. Then there will be an increment in the multiplier to about five times. It has a moderate volatility and players can amass about six thousand multiply by their bet. Secret romance slot is regarded as being among the best game developed by Microgaming.

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