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Secret of the stones slot Review

The Secret of the Stones elicits from the Celtics' antique spheres provided with a paranormal soothsayers as the watchmen of sacrosanct Stones. The whole process eventually rewards a fantastic Free Spin feature, which players can gainfully capitalize on. Meanwhile, the enthralling Bonus Spin mode comes active.

Net Entertainment introduced a revamped format of this slot with other features as of the year 2020, referred to as Secret of The Stones MAX.

  • Return to player rate: 96.72% – 96.81%
  • Game type: Video Slot
  • Configuration: 25 wager lines on five different reels and three rows.
  • Play-attachments: Bonus spins accumulator, MAX and Nostalgic play-session, Bonus spins, and Characters replacing the Wild symbols.

Enjoy Secret of the Stones Slot in demo play!

The Secret of the Stones slot features five different reels, 25 non-fixed wager lines, and three rows. Besides, either coin denominations and bet limits are adjustable, while the paying wager lines set out from the extreme left towards right. It features exclusive game attachments: Bonus spins, conjoint Bonus Spin accumulator, Wild symbols, & “i,” whereby there's an opportunity to win additional bonus features during the Bonus Spin play-mode.


The wild symbol comes to view on the entire five reels, either during the Bonus spin or base game. The Wild characters replace every other icon, excluding Scatter symbols, towards forming a rewarding wager line.

Bonus Spins

Each time 3+ of the Scatter icons land at any point over the reels, you'll have the Bonus Spin feature triggered & the game offers 10 Bonus Spins by default. Each Scatter icons offer a pick feature capped at 5 for Bonus Spins Bonus accumulator.

The Free Spins Bonus Accumulator

Right after you trigger the Bonus Spin feature with the 3+ Scatter symbols appearing over the reels, the Bonus Spins free accumulator turns on together simultaneously. Twenty pebbles watched by a soothsayer comes to view, & you can select from 3 – 5 stones to release the Bonus Spin giveaway. The number of choices is contingent upon the quantity of Scatter icons that triggers the Bonus Spin features. Each stone stands for a bonus which comprises of the below:

Extra Bonus Spins

The Bonus offers an additional bonus spins, which later sums up to the ten earlier obtained. The max you can receive is 38 Bonus Spins.

x1 and x2 Multipliers

While the Bonus spins feature is active, the x1 and x2 Multiplying co-efficient bonuses top to one another, then act upon the payouts. The highest you can claim is an x8 multiplier.

Wild Reels

Considering the Wild Reels bonus, reel two and reel four are filled with a Wild character that replaces other icons and glues over the reels in any Bonus Spin feature running.

Extra Wilds

Any other Wild bonus transforms the bandit & buffalo icons to a different character replacing Wild icons while the Bonus Spin feature is active.

MAX Play-elements

The MAX is an impressive feature to hanker after regarding the max Variance, including the highest payouts.

It doesn't matter you run the game in high volatility ‘MAX style” or low volatility ‘Classic style” the selection is to your choice & it influences the payouts with your game mechanics.

This slot's Return to player rate differs, claiming 96.81% for the MAX mode and 96.72% for the Classic style.

Wager Sizes

You can play this game with ten respective wager sizes & 5 distinct coin denominations varying from € 0,01 – € 0,50.

The wager sizes indicate the counts of coins a player stakes on every spin, while the coin denomination refers to a single coin's monetary value. Therefore, the wager size multiplies by the number of pay lines set active, likewise the coin denomination to decide the overall wager value for each spin.

The coin denominations available to select ranges from; € 0.01, € 0.02, € 0.05, € 0. 10, € 0.20 & € 0,50. Right after you can multiply the wager size with numbers of pay lines together with coin denomination, you'd be able to compute the least & highest wager right in this game.

  • Least wager: wager sizes 1 x 1 payline x coin denomination € 0,01 = € 0,01
  • Highest bet: wager sizes 10 x 25 paylines x coin denomination € 0,50 = € 125

Winning strategy / Pay Table

Study through this slot's paytable to know whenever you can expect winnings to the appropriate characters to pair up together to form a winning combo. Besides, the chart presents precisely the number of coins won assigned to the combinations over a pay line. As discussed before, the pay-line moves in the path of the left-right.

Tap the “i” control to access the paytable. You can find the button at the lowest point by the left of the display. The only payment to be released is the most significant amount on a pay line. Each time there's a winning spanning beyond a single pay line, it then tallies.

The configuration you need to familiar with

Like every other video slot game developed by Net Entertainment, players can modify several game set-ups to their preference in this Secret of the Stones video slot. The controls have to do with four symbols by the lowest part of the display along the left axis.

You can decide to switch the sound to run or deactivate, load the game guidelines, activate the automatic play feature to keep on rolling even with no control from you, not necessarily tap the spin control continuously. Right after you tap the wrench, other set-up pops up as follows;

  • Instant play; Used to toggle on or off the instant play set-up
  • Preface display; Used to turn active or deactivate the introduction video clips
  • Video clips: Applied to switch active or deactivate the video clips
  • Musical background; Applied to turn active or deactivate the musical background
  • Atmospheric tunes; Applied to switch on or off the Atmospheric tunes
  • Visuals standard; Applied to modify the visual quality during which the Wi-fi connectivity lags.
  • Keyboard codes; Applied to configure spacebar as a control to set the reels to motion.
  • Game records (You can only use this control during real money mode)

The Secret of the Stones comes with similar buttons to every other video slot game featured at casino sites featuring NetEnt titles. Other consoles are as follows;

  • Round middle control: This control initiates the reels conforming to the wager size and coin denomination chosen.
  • Paylines: It assigns the number of pay lines to your choice.
  • Wager size: This control assigns the (number of coins for each pay line).
  • AUTOPLAY: This feature turns on the automatic play feature.
  • MAX wager: With this control, you can directly wager the maximum range for the selected coin denomination.
  • Coin denomination: You can adjust the coin value.

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