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Progressive Jackpots – How to win Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots is jackpot that keeps accumulating when a bet is placed and reel is spin. The jackpot will be initiated and it will keep increasing based on the amount of money the player wagered.

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About Progressive Jackpots

When online casinos first started, there was nothing like progressive slot, it was after some time that it was later incorporated into games basically for the benefits of the players. However, in as much as this is to help the players to win greatly if the player does not understand the principle behind it then he will not gain from it. This is the purpose this review will serve and with it players can understand how progressive jackpots works and how they can benfit from it. Then everything associated with the game will also be known to players from this review.

Both online-based casinos and land-based casinos offer progressive jackpots to their players. The working principle of progressive jackpot for both casino is quite similar either for the slots or games. Everything you will need to know as a player will be explained in this review. We hope this is be of help to you.

The Principle behind Progressive Jackpot

There is nothing complicating about progressive jackpot, it is very simple. Every time a bet is placed and the reel is spin, progressive jackpot will keep accumulating. Without betting you cannot have access to progressive jackpot. It is after you bet that some of your stake will then be stored inside a progressive pot. Once this pot as accumulate the bets to certain point the progressive jackpot will be triggered. Therefore, the jackpot pot will be triggered either slowly or quickly based on the amount you stake. The higher the amount you bet, the higher the portion that will enter the pot and the quicker the jackpot will be triggeeed. For instances, a player that stake 1 dollar, let us say 0.07 dollars will be deposited inside the pot. What if the player was able to stke 5 dollars then the amount oing into the pot will be 0.50 dollars. Hope you spot the difference? However, it is not always like that all the time due to certain exceptions that will be discuss as we move on. So until you have the necessary winning combination that is when you can win it. Like it was stated at the beginning, to win a progressive jackpot is not that hard. Hwoever, there may be slight differenc based on the casino and they tye of game.

Types of Progressive Jackpots

Basically, there are three types of progressive jackpots and they are: Random, Open ended and the Must-hit-by progressive jackpot. It depends on the player discretion to select the one he want to play.

Must-Hit-By Progressive Jackpots

This type of jackpot is basically based on the principle that as at a certain price the jackpot will begin and will be continuous based on what the player contributes. There is no time the player cannot win it in as much as it hit the exact stipulated amount by the casino. Players have more opportunity of winning based on how close the amount is to the jackpot. Once it got to the time to win this jackpot, it will be triggered automatically and the player that contributed to making the jackpot reach the stipulated amount will be rewarded. In this case, it is not necessary to hit the winning combination before you can win it. It all depends on the player that contributed to the amount that hit the number required.

One disadvantage of this jackpot is that it is small compare to others and it takes more time before the player will get to the must-win-by level. However, the advantage is the fact that you do not need to necessarily hit the spin before you can win it.

Open-Ended Progressive Jackpots

As the name it implies, it iss an open-ended type of progressive jackpot. The jackpot will be initiated at a particular number and it will keep on increasing depending on what the players are doing and how they contributed to it. This will go on until the lucky person secure the winning combination. There is no specific time for this to happen, it all depend on how lucky you are. This is what differentiate open-ended progressive jackpot from must-hit-by progressive jackpot.

The advantage of Open-ended progressive jackpots is the amount of money winners can win. Of all the progressive jackpots it is the type that can turn a player into a millionaire. There is no limit to the amount that can be accumulated since it is only triggered at random. There is no player that for not dream of winning this type of jackpot. However, unlike the other type of jackpot, it seldom triggers.

Random Progressive Jackpot

This is the last type of continuous jackpot and offered to players by many video slots. This type also is independent of the winning combination before a player can win it. Players also contribute lesser to it with their stakes and accumulates based on the stakes. It also does not have a certain time that it will occur but it does not depend on the winning combination. Although it appears at random, however, it appears more frequently than the other types of progressive jackpot. They do not give the players much unlike the open-ended progressive jackpot. Players can will maybe a couple of hundred dollars and sometimes can win as much a thousand dollars. It all seemed on luck because you cannot know exactly when it will be triggered.

Finding the same progressive jackpots on different casinos

Some players sign up with many online casinos for many reasons. One of those reason is to enjoy the various bonus and promotions each casino has to offer. However, when it comes to progressive jackpot, regardless of the casino you are going to meet the same thing. There will be no difference in the slot machine and the types of progressive jackpot. So players will be wondering maybe this casino and that casino are owned by the same person just that the name is the difference. Or is it that the casino wanted to cheat us? However, this is not so and we are going to explain it below.

The major reason why the same progressive slot machine is seen on the same casino is basically because the casino is not the developer of the slot machine. There are software providers such as Real Time Gaming, Microgaming and Wisconsin that are responsible for developing these games. So it is the developer that program the slot machine to offer the progressive jackpot not the casino. Therefore any casino that employed the software developer to built their slot machine is expected to have the same progressive jackpot.

Then all the players from various casinos using a slot machine developed by the same software developer will engage in the jackpot at the same time. Therefore, a winner can come from any casino who is also playing the progressive slots. Therefore, a player may noticed that the amount has increased without even spinning. it is because other players also are contributing to the progressive pot and it is the luckiest player that will win.

Due to the many casinos available and the number of players participating, that is why the players are able to win such huge amount of money. Then it brings us to the next question of how feasible it is that the online casino will pay you after winning the jackpot?

What is the feasibility of the Online Casino paying after winning the jackpot?

Although the notable online casinos are making profits both large and small however, what about the small online casinos. Will they be able to pay out the jackpot prize is a million dollars if a player was able to win on their casino? If they do not pay will players patronize such casino again? However, as hard as it seems that it will not be easy for the smaller casinos to be paying a million dollars to the lucky player. There are different types of progressive jackpots and that one that gives players millions of dollars is rarely won, like two times in a year. Whereas there are other types that involve hundred and thousand of dollars that can be won many times in a year. It can be won maybe two times in a week and sometimes more than that. If such happened, it will be hard for the smaller casinos to cope with paying the players. If the smaller casinos decided to pay all the lucky players won't they go bankrupt? So how were they able to cope with this situation and they were still able to pay their players.

This is done by setting aside the continuous pot money which has been increasing as everyone is staking till the winner triggers it. Then the accumulated money can then be used to pay the gamer. But what if there are many winners of the jackpot in one casino? How will they be able to cope with such? Can the casino be trusted to pay the lucky players their money? And once the casinos are not able to pay their players they will start losing customers and at the end they will be left with nothing. Therefore, what can the casino do in such situation?

It is not the online casino that it is controlling the progressive jackpot, it is the software developer. Once the players started playing the progressive game, their money is not with the casino but with the software developer since they are the one that made it. Therefore, once the lucky player hit the jackpot he will be paid immediately by the developer. It is no longer the duty of the online casino to pay the players regardless of the amount they won.

This is basically to ensure that the players get paid once they win the jackpot and the financial stress will not be on top of the casino. Therefore, players should be rest assured that they are going to collect their money regardless of the casino they are playing one. And one known fact is that when a player win any progressive jackpots the casinos are also delightful. It may sound somehow but no because they benefit from the player winning without having to pay a penny to the luck player.

How possible is it for a player to win the jackpots?

It is very possible for players to win the jackpot. This is a common question a lot people used to ask. As stated above, a lot of people had already won the progressive jackpots and also the casinos are delighted about it. Because the players will tend to trust the casino more that they will definitely pay any player that win the progressive jackpot. Also the casino will be able to promote themselves as the casino that produce a potential progressive jackpot winner and this will definitely bring in more customers to the casino. All these will be achieved without the casino using their money to pay the players why won't they be happy then? They will definitely be happy whenever a winner emerge from their casino and they will make sure he get the money so that they can use it to promote themselves.

More Progressive Jackpot Information

By now players that have gone through this review should have understand how progressive jackpot works. At the beginning of the review, it was stated that it is the amount of money the player stake that will determine how fast the jackpot will be triggered. However, there are other ways in which the progressive jackpot works apart from the common one mentioned above. All what we have been explaining is basically on the common way in which progressive slots can be triggered but there is also another way. We made mentioned of an exemption to the common principle at the beginning also. The exception is refer to as the tiered jackpot. This occur whenever a player used another currency different from the initial one he has been using before to stake. This will disrupt the jackpot and it is particular to land-based casinos. The higher contributor no longer determine the pool but the prize is another thing entirely.

Also, players should note the stake required whenever they are playing the progressive game. For instance, some video slot allows the players to win the progressive jackpot after they have met the maximum bet required. Therefore, the player cannot win the progressive jackpot unless he met the condition stated. Therefore, it is paramount you get yourself familiar with how the progressive jackpot works so as not to be disappointed at the end of the day after playing. However, the maximum bet may vary depending on the casino therefore the need to ensure you read the terms and conditions of the casino. Then you also check the kind of progressive slot the casino is offering.

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