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Ancient Greek-themed video slots have long been a favorite among online casino gamblers. Realtime Gaming, on the other hand, wants to return to this sub-genre with a new twist. This is what gamers can expect when they play the Princess Warrior video slot game.

The presentation is the first thing that gamers notice when they open this game. The characters in this film are so lifelike that they appear like they might be real people. This game has a great look and feel, thanks to the visuals and animation in this style. Non-character symbols are also dealt with in a meticulous manner.

The gameplay hasn't been neglected in favor of the stunning visuals. There are a plethora of options available to players in this regard. Both the standard paytable and the feature set are covered here. However, you won't have to wait for what seems like an eternity for new features to appear. That's a big part of what makes this game so enjoyable to play.

Game Design and Betting

For the remainder of the game, the game's format serves as a guidepost. For RTG, the goal was to provide players with a solid basis on which to build a ton of action. As a consequence, the game's layout will be as follows:

  • A five-reel grid of symbols is used. Symbols will appear in three rows across the grid as well.
  • There are 40 ways to win in this game. If you're looking for a 40-payline arrangement on a 5×3 grid, you're going to have a hard time finding it.
  • Only the left-to-right paylines are eligible for payouts. In addition, you have no control over how many lines are utilized for each spin. It's always been set at that value.
  • There is a wide range of bet size increments to choose from. It all begins, though, at the €0.40 per turn level.
  • There is also a maximum stake amount of €10, which covers the great majority of players.

The following payouts are based on the number of coins staked. Using the example of a €1.20 bet size, the coin size is €0.03. If you want to see the coin sizes alter in relation to your bet size, you may do so.

Volatility is moderate for this stock. Most of this is due to how much value is packed into the features. There's also a hefty portion of it derived from those at the very top of the corporate food chain. However, balanced volatility results in a balanced play.

Features and Gameplay

The Princess Warrior online slot's gameplay is all about action-packed bonus rounds. In this game, the features take center stage, even if the standard paytable is well priced. As a consequence, you'll have a gameplay style that most gamers will like.

Symbols of the Wild Princess Warrior

You'll see three princesses on the reels, which is vital to know. In the end, there's only one, and she's the wild icon. The other two, on the other hand, are represented by the two highest-paying regular symbols.

There is just one Princess Warrior wild symbol on the middle reel. We'll look at the logo scatter later on, but she may fill in for any other icon in this title. In addition, she seems stacked, which means there are more chances for multi-line wins with her than you may expect.

The Princess Warrior Bonus Feature may also be triggered in the normal game mode because of the stacked wild symbol. When the stacked wild spans the whole reel, it does so.

Free Spins and Scatter Logos

Only the first three reels of the video slot include the Princess Warrior symbol. Each time you hit three at once, you get a reward equal to your stake size in return. In addition, you'll activate a round of free spins. You have the option of selecting one of four distinct free spins options, but no matter which method you choose, you'll get 10 more free spins.

The following is a brief summary of the four modes:

  • During each spin, a random multiplier of two, three, or four times is added to all winnings.
  • The first, second, fourth, or fifth reels are randomly selected to go entirely wild on each spin.
  • During each spin, wild symbols emerge in random locations on the reels at unpredictable times.
  • At the start of each individual free spin, one of the other three characteristics will be randomly selected.

In this manner, you may make the most of the free spins bonus round. Here, Realtime Gaming has taken things to a whole new level.

Progressive Jackpots

This game offers two different ways to win the progressive jackpots. However, if you're fortunate enough, you can really win both of them on the same spin. With several progressive jackpots, you don't see it too often.

Jackpots are categorized as either “major” or “minor.” Differences in size and odds of winning are also significant factors. More seldom, but with a greater potential payout, the huge jackpot is struck. Similarly, the small jackpot has the opposite effect.

Getting one of these rewards requires no effort on your side. Instead, you're given a chance to activate any of them at random with each and every spin. However, the more your wager, the better your odds of winning. As an example, a bet of €1.20 has a 50% chance of winning the jackpot, whereas one of €2.40 has a 75% chance of winning. Because the jackpot remains constant in size regardless of how much you wager, it's fair to all players regardless of stake level.

Princess Warrior: How to Win

It's rare to see a game with progressives and moderate volatility. In this case, the high hit rate and well-balanced feature set make it all work out just well. There is a lot of value in the usual paytable as well.

As a consequence, you won't have to change the amount of your wager from what you're used to. The aim of deliberately raising or lowering your bet size in this situation is not worthwhile. Furthermore, you don't have to bother about adjusting any specific settings in order to be eligible for the increasing benefits. They are accessible on every spin, regardless of the bet amount.

Structure of Princess Warrior's Payouts.

Higher payments are initiated by two more princess symbols. For five of a type, the purple-hued princess is valued at 600x. For five-of-a-kind combos, the green princess offers a 300x win.

There are four more intermediate symbols accessible after that. If you buy five of the helmets or shields with swords, you'll earn 120x each. The vase and crossed swords combos pay out 100 times for five of a type.

In the lowest reaches of the paytable, a series of card rank symbols completes the payout scheme. There are 50x wins for five on the purple A, and the green K. Five red Q or blue J will give you a 40x multiplier instead.

Final Words

Because of its wide popularity and the additional padding that this game's features provide to your profits, this slot machine from this software provider is an important part of the company's overall portfolio of slots. In contrast to other games that make use of similar themes, this video slot has a few unique features that set it apart from the pack.

There is a lot of action to be had in this game's feature-heavy gameplay style. The number of visuals also allows slot aficionados a tremendously immersive play style, rather than just being an afterthought.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Princess Warrior Online Slot

What is Princess Warrior's RTP?

Princess Warrior has a 96.0 percent return to player percentage (RTP), which ranks it among slots with an average RTP. A slot with an RTP of 98 percent or higher would qualify as a “high RTP slot.”

Which online casinos have Princess Warrior available?

Check out our list of Princess Warrior casinos to find all of the online casinos that offer this game. Only Princess Warrior casinos that allow players from your area are included in the top list.

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