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Pollen Party Slot is an online slot game developed by Microgaming that is made up of five reel and seven hundred and twenty means of winning. It contains scatter icons, wild icons, and two bonuses options such as free spins session and the babee bonus session. The minimum amount required per spin is fifty pounds.

Pollen Party Slot

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About Pollen Party Slot

Microgaming has developed a new slot game that is made up of five reel and seven hundred and twenty means of winning. The slot is named Pollen Party, and it is compatible with every device. The minimum required amount for a spin is fifty pounds, and it also includes a bonus session that gives the players the opportunity to win a lot of money. During the free spin session, the players will be awarded twelve spins freely. However, you will be given an additional three wilds whenever a unique wild showcased on wheel three. In the end, the player can amass a winning of about four hundred and forty multiply by the amount they placed as the bet per spin.

The game has a little variance and Microgaming is the developer of the five wheels game. It also contains seven hundred and two means of winning and compatible all devices. The amount stake for a spin can be in-between fifty pounds and two hundred and fifty euros. The free spin session and a select me session are the two bonuses options available in the game.

The graphics and designs of the game are amazing, and it is styled in a cartoonish way. The game took place outside the territory above a green hill. The wheels are not of the same variability-wise since wheels one and five are three icons high and wheels two and four are four icons high. Also, the wheel has three, which is five icons high and resembles the structure of a honeycomb. The same way their high symbols, there are also low symbols like a honey jar, four prestigious honey bees, and jelly. The game is full of enjoyment and exciting. Pollen Party Slot possesses three wild icons that can replace every other icon on the wheel apart from the two scatters.

Pollen Party Slot contains two bonuses options for the players to catch their fun. The first bonus option is called Babee Bonus that will be activated due to the appearance of three scatters or above on the wheels. During this option, you will be open to twenty choose able materials as a player. Out of the twenty materials, seventeen of them will give you cash gifts, two will provide you with pop material, and pop-blocker will be available from the remaining one material. Picking will be continuing unless the pop has been showcased.

The second bonus option is the free spin session that is activated by the presence of three bees scatter icons or above, and the player will be awarded free twelve spins. When the session has been activated, and you are lucky to land a unique wild at the centre of the wheel, which will cause the appearance of three extra wilds on the wheel. The fantastic aspect of it is that the session can be reactivated. It slot is simple and full of enjoyments when played. There is a possibility of winning about four hundred and forty-four multiply by the bet. However, it has a low variance. In case you want to try out other, better Microgaming games you can reach out to us.

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