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Pink Elephants 2 Slot

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There is no denying that sequences are difficult. If the first was a success, you will have a ready-made audience of interested buyers to pitch your product to. Is it not, though, delicate? Do you take the fan base by the hand and lead them somewhere completely unusual that has the potential to raise the roof, or do you horrify them with the new direction's strangeness? Do you go the safe route and rehash the original with a few changes? That is an approach that can easily attract the same level of criticism. Is it possible that we are overthinking things?

In any case, Swedish developer Thunderkick has chosen the second route, taking its 2017 big hit slot Pink Elephants and tweaking the math model and aesthetics. Pink Elephants 2 is the consequence.

The first impressions will not blow you away if you have played the original, but it is still an improvement. For one thing, the parched deserts have given way to a quasi-galactic environment with mountains, stars, and a grassy area scattered with what appear to be shattered Stargates. The slot's title has connotations, and the visual portrayal surely lives up to them, making for an excellent start to the sequel slot.

Getting on board this journey entails placing wagers that range from 10p/c to £/€100 every spin. The RTP remains at 96.13 percent, but there has been a considerable change in the volatility, which has been reduced marginally. Certainly, this results in more balanced gameplay, which should complement the total potential boost.

Instead of the lemurs, Thunderkick has named the blue, green, orange, and purple goats as the premium insignia. When you consider the new mountainous surroundings, this makes sense. The mystical pink elephant is the highest paying symbol, worth ten times your investment if you get six of them.

The remainder of the paytable consists of 9-A royals printed on grey granite pieces. Winners must have at least three matching symbols from left to right, except for the elephant, which only requires two. Because winning symbols can appear on any row, there are a total of 4,096 possibilities to win. A pink ‘W' sign is thrown into the mix as the wild symbol, which can replace any other pay symbol. There's not much else to do in the original game besides waiting for the bonus game to appear and mixing things up like there was before.

Pink Elephants Features

Free spins feature

The symbol to look out for is the elusive golden peanut scatter which can land anywhere on the reels. When 3, 4, 5, or 6 are in view, they trigger the Bonus Game and award 7, 11, 15, or 19 free spins respectively. The random Mystery Scatter Symbol function, as before, is helpful. This can happen at any time during the main game, causing 1-5 scatters to appear on the reels and increasing your chances of landing in the Bonus Game.

Elephant Orbs come during free spins and must be gathered. Each one fills a meter to the side of the reels, next to the four goat symbols. When a meter is filled, the corresponding goat symbol on the paytable is promoted to the next one up. Only until the final fourth sign is completed are all goats transformed into pink elephant symbols, and things begin to take shape. Additionally, once a meter is filled, the Bonus Game receives an additional free spin. Moreover, the golden peanut scatters remain in the bonus game, and 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 of them award an additional 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 extra free spins.

Pink Elephants: Verdict

Pink Elephants 2 is similar to giving a car a new paint job, extra gear, and increasing its top speed. Oh, and perhaps a pair of fluffy dice hung from the mirror. Pink Elephants 2 may not be a revolution in comparison to the original, but its changes are certain to gratify die-hard fans. Things are not drastically altered visually, but there is a little improvement with a change of landscape and some new characters.

The volatility has been reduced slightly, but the maximum potential has been enhanced. This pink elephant has been wounded with a stick, and his eyes have turned blood red, and steam is pouring out of his ears, just like in cartoons. The original Pink Elephant slot machine could payout up to 8,200 times your bet, while the current version can payout up to 10,000 times your bet. Again, the difference is not revolutionary, but it is likely to convince aficionados of the original to give it a try.

The adjustments, on the other hand, make a tantalizing idea. The gameplay remains as good as it has always been, with a mediocre basic game that builds to potentially dramatic climaxes in the bonus game. If you enjoyed the original, chances are you will enjoy the remake as well.

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