Online Gambling in the United States


Online Gambling in the United States

Online Gambling in the United States

Online Casinos are the alternative to brick and mortar casinos where players can access casino games through their mobile devices and desktop with the help of internet. Gambling was not legalized in the United States before but some states have started legalizing online gambling.

The legality of online casino varies from one place or country to another. Likewise, there are many online casinos that are available in the online space but, not all of them can be trusted. There are some online casinos that have been defrauding players of their money and selling out their personal details. That is why it is always advisable for players to ensure they have carried out researches about a casino before registering with them. Among the countries that are yet to fully legalize online gambling is the United States of America. However, every year it keeps getting and better and soon we believe it will be fully legalized all over the country.

Is online gambling legal in the US

In 2018, America ban the professional and amateur sports protection act (PASPA) that have been hindering online gambling for a long time thus, paving way for it being tolerated in the country. Now, about 20 states in the U.S have decelerated online gambling to be legal. The act was created to prevent people from the U.S from participating and visiting sportsbooks but since the act has been relaxed many people can now participate in sports betting. Although, there still some places in the country where it is yet to be legalized. Since the government, gave each state the power to decide if they want gambling to be legal or illegal.

States Where Online Gambling Has Been Legalized

As stated above, each states have been given the power to decide if internet gambling wi be legal or not and since online casinos have been legalized ok four states. These states will be discussed below together with the aim their aims for legalizing online gambling.

New Jersey

This is one of the state that legalized online gambling and it was in 2013 after PASPA have been suspended. The aim of legalizing is to create expansion for the New Jersey gambling industry and recoup the funds that have been lost for a long time to neighboring countries where gambling is legal. Since online gambling has been legalized it was stated that the state make two hundred and twenty-five million dollars per annum. Now in the United States of America the state that is known for their gambling activities is New Jersey and when it comes to online gambling it is the largest shareholder.


This is also among the first state to legalized online gambling by allowing brick and mortar casinos to extend their presences to online in 2012. In 2016, it was stated that the state generated three million dollars from online gambling.


Although the states have legalized internet gambling since 2017 but, the state do not have an online casino until 2019 and this act have boosted the economy of the state. It was stated that they generated thirty-three million nine hundred thousand dollars from internet gambling as at 2019.

West Virginia

In 2019, online gambling become legal in this state and in 2020 the first online casino in West Virginia was launched. It was stated that the state generated a revenue of more than fifty-three million dollars only in October 2020.

Benefits of Legalizing Online Casinos in the USA

Legalizing online gambling will benefits both the people and the states which is obvious from the four states that were discussed above. You can noticed the enormous amount that was generated as revenue from internet gambling by those states. If the other states do not legalized online gambling they will be losing revenues to other states in the country. Some of the benefits the government will derived from legalizing online gambling are discussed below.

  • The state will be in charge of licensing online casinos therefore, realizing money from it and as well as reducing the risk of the casinos scamming the people of the state.
  • When the online casinos are being regulated by the government then they will ensure they operate with fairness and prioritize the safety of the players.
  • Since all the online casinos will be under the government then, it will be easier to charged them fees and collect taxes.

Some of the benefits of online gambling for the players include the following:

  • The players will be assured they are playing at online casinos that are safe since they are licensed by the government.
  • There will be no need for all the players to visit the brick and mortar casinos any more
  • When playing at online casino you will be anonymous thus, no one will be intruding your privacy.

Future of Online Gambling in the USA

States that have legalized online gambling are generating numerous amount from it as revenues and the neighboring states are aware of it. This is one of the reason why other states will soon legalize online gambling because they will not want to keep losing revenues to the neighboring states. In the future, there is aspirations that all the states in the United States of America would have legalized online gambling for all the players.