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Online Casino Denmark – Best 10 Denmark Online Casinos

Denmark is a Scandinavian country made up of the Jutland Peninsula and many islands. Danish Gambling Authority is in charge of licensing and regulating online casinos.

About Denmark Online Casinos

Since the legalization of gambling in Denmark it has undergone drastic changes. Initially, Denmark do not allow foreign operators into her market. However, with the changes that occurred, they have become a model for all other nations on how the regulation of their gambling industry ought to be done. As at 2010, monopolization of every forms of gambling is done by Denmark. Only one firm is licensed and allow to operate legally which is also an operator owned by the state. But in 2012 this was changed with the introduction of act no. 848 of July 1, 2010. Then this gives room for international operators to be able to obtain license from the gaming authority in Denmark. Gambling is common in Denmark as at that time with the larger population partaking in it. The forms of gambling available are football, pigeon racing, lottery and horse racing. The rules of online betting was first relaxed in Denmark making it the first Scandinavian country to do so.

To gamble in any online casino in Denmark you need to be above eighteen years. And the security and safety of their online casino is top notched. There are many amazing Danish casinos you can sign up with. You can check our review for recommendations of the best casinos to register with in Denmark.

Gambling Laws in Denmark

Danish Gambling Authority as at 2018 is in charge of everything relating to gambling in Denmark. It is in charge of licensing and regulating all the casinos in Denmark. It is also a branch under the Danish Ministry of Taxation. It was in 2010 that a reform was made for the licensing and regulating of other casinos by the Danish Gambling Authority thereby putting an end to monopolization.

Now operators internationally were able to apply for the license of their online casino and also providing sport betting. After the reform, Denmark have been seeing a lot of growth. In the first year after lifting the monopoly, they were able to give out twenty-five license to operators. Then an announcement was made thereafter that there is no restriction for any foreign operators that want to get licensed to operate in Denmark. To cap it all they do not need to have office in the country it can be operated internationally. But, it is a must for them to apply for the license from the appropriate body before they can operate in Denmark. 28 percent is the corporation tax all sites are required to pay together with an additional 20 percent as game tax which seems exorbitant. For casino sites in Europe, Denmark is among the countries that make use of strict processes before accepting. They will first ensure whether the safety and security of the players can be guaranteed. Then if the casino will be able to obtain license based on the required software. The casino should be able to authenticate the source of player’s money, protect their personal details from third-party and be able to watch out for problematic gamblers. Some players do request for temporary or total exclusion from a gambling sites and it is pertinent that the Danish Gambling Authority have the list because the law require it. Also, 10 000 Danish Krone is the highest amount a player can deposit into his account at any online casino.

Famous Online Casino Games

Before the monopoly was removed, Danske Spil had been the only licensed gambling sites but now that there is no monopoly a lot of larger sites have surfaced with many games. There is strict regulation guiding the licensing of offshores site. If not licensed, they will be blacklisted and prevent from operating in Denmark. Many big casino sites operating offshores have acquired their license from the Danish Gambling Authority such as Ladbrokes and 888 Casino. A lot of the online casino accept the Danish kroner as a means of making payments. Denmark also have a law that state that the online sites when they offered players bonuses, they must wait for at least sixty days before they can remove it. Notable operators that are licensed by Danish Gambling Authority are Net Entertainment and Microgaming. Casinos that are licensed by Denmark are surely going to contain the best online slots and the largest. You can also play for real money and participate in live dealer games. The most famous live dealer games include live roulette, live blackjack and live card poker. All these can be offered by a single casino or some casino may just have one or two. It all depends on the software provider of the casino.

Payment Methods at Denmark Online Casinos

Deposits and withdrawal can be carried out safely using Danish kroner since all licensed casino sites accept it. But, it is pertinent the player confirm if the casino is accepting Danes before registering on the casino. Do not assumed that a casino will accept a means unless you have checked out the currencies acceptable by that casinos. Below are some acceptable means of making payments either deposit or withdrawal


Neteller use e-wallets as a means of making transaction and the accounts can be funded through many means like bank transfer and cards. You make transaction with neteller and move your money into your casino account to stay playing on the casino.

MasterCard and Visa

The licensed casinos all accept MasterCard and visa as a means of making payment. They can be used to deposit into the casino accounts in Danish kroner although a 3 percent fee can be charged for such deposit.

Live Betting and Casinos

There are about six live casinos that are all licensed by the appropriate authority. A lot of these casinos operate mostly during the midday and at night. As at 2018, below are three best live casino in Denmark.

Royal Casino Aarhus

The time of opening of this casino is from 3pm in the afternoon till the early hours. At 3pm slot machines would have opened and the lover of slot can start playing whereas the table game lover will need to wait till 7pm because that is when it opens. There are more than one hundred slot machines available at the casino. Also there is table game like roulette and they also offer poker. This casino is the first casino to offer poker in Denmark way back since 1996.

Casino Marienlyst

This is the oldest casino in Denmark and started receiving players’ way back since 1902 after the royal approval to open by the Crown Prince Frederik. There are slot machines, table games and also a small poker room for players to play the game of their choice.

Casino Copenhagen

In Denmark, it is regarded as one of the largest casinos. There are more than one hundred and forty slots machine available and the maximum bets being 1200 Danish kroner. They also offer the American roulette and also have more than forty connected progressive jackpot machine. Mini, minor, major and grand are the classification of the progressive jackpot machine. Tickets is the formed of payment for the slot machines winnings which will be used to collect money at the cashier. There is also a big room for poker game where 6 competitions are being carried out every week. Therefore poker fans can also play on this casino and enjoy depositing between 1000 Danish kroner to 3000.


Players in Denmark play Omaha and Texas Hold’em the most which is quite famous around there. Majority of the Danish casinos get their individual cardrooms. Recently, World Poker Tour have been welcomed in Denmark by the players and have gained ground already same as the PokerStars European Poker Tour. Normally poker rooms are mostly found in many casinos.

Horse Racing

It is well renowned since 19th century that there is something called horse racing. People still bet on horses and this is controlled by the Danish Jockey Club. There are more than four thousand betting shops in Denmark where players can stake.


Denmark also offer lottery game and the tickets can be obtained from the Danske Spil that has the monopoly over it. The Danish lotto was played through the internet all over Europe in 2018. There is also Viking Lotto that is common to countries like Sweden, Norway and Finland. Wednesday and Saturday are the days when drawing take place.

Licensed Mobile Casinos in Denmark

Danish players are not prohibited from playing with mobile devices. Mobile casino is very legal and must be licensed so that players from Denmark can access numerous games using their mobile devices. TDC Mobile is the biggest data package provider. Many games by software providers such as Net Entertainment and Microgaming are compatible with mobile devices.

Playing At Online Casino

Denmark always take special care when it comes to licensing and regulating online casinos because they have to watch out for their players. The casino must be licensed before it can operate fully in Denmark. Then you can play various games with either your mobile devices or your computer.