Oink Country Love Slot


Oink Country Love Slot is a slot game developed by Microgaming that is made up of five reels and forty-five pay lines. It contains scatters that triggers the free spin sessions, and players can have a maximum of 160 free spins.

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Oink Country Love SlotMicrogaming is here again with a slot made up of five wheels and forty-five pay lines named Oink Country Love. It is compatible with every device, and you can start spinning with a minimum of fifty pounds. The set in such a way that to gain the attention of Miss Southern Charm the pigs (Willy & Chancho) had to brawl. There is also the presence of a scatter, which is responsible for activating the free spin session with the player having about eighty spins freely. Also, players are eligible to one hundred and sixty spins freely if they reactivate the session.

The software developer of the slot is Microgaming, and it is made up of five wheels and forty-five pay lines. For a spin, the player can bet between fifty pounds to one hundred and twenty-five euros. Oink Country Love is playable with any mobile or android devices. Once you triggered the free spins session, you can earn about one hundred and sixty spins freely.

The gameplay is about two pigs that want to catch the attention of another good looking pig. It is full of enjoyment, and the graphics and designs are amazing. The two pigs and the third one they are fighting over are all present on the wheels. Other icons present include Ten, A, Q, K, J, and a banjo. The slot also contains wild icons that represent the two pigs fighting. The wild icon can be used in place of all other icons except scatter on the wheel. On the wheel, the scatter will be found on wheel two and three landing two high. Therefore, there is a possibility of the wheel accommodating seven scatters. The free spins session will be triggered once the player has three scatters or above. Beginning from wheel one, with three scatters, you will be awarded five free spins. With four scatters, you will be awarded ten free spins. And, with five scatters, you will be awarded twenty free spins. There is the possibility of the spins won freely being multiplied if the scatters are packed. This implies that the presence of two scatters on wheel two or three can give the player about forty spins freely.

However, if the two scatters are both on wheel two and three, then the number of spins will be multiplied by four, and you will have like eighty spins freely. There is also a chance to reactivate the session for the player to amass up to one hundred and sixty spins free. The wilds icons also have their advantages, and they showcase more often. The game is a small to moderate game.

Oink Country Love is a western-styled slot that is full of enjoyments and the players receiving free spins to amass winnings. On a spin, players can amass up to five and hundred and seventy multiply by the amount they bet.

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