Mega Moolah Slot

Mega Moolah Slot

mega moolah slots

mega moolah slots

You may not necessarily think of Mega Moolah slot as one of the best online slots of this time. But surprisingly, that’s what it is. It’s a mobile-friendly game with impressive paylines, game-play, and bonus features.


Mega Moolah Slot

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Mega Moolah is a classic and hassle-free game. Five reels. Three rows. Twenty Five paylines. That’s what it is. With these features, you activate your 25 paylines and place your bets. The game-play is that easy.

I bet you want to know where Mega Moolah draws its symbols and themes. Of course, it is from the African savanna. So, don’t be shocked if you find wild animals like giraffes, Zebras, lions, and many others in the mix.

What’s more? The minimum bet is 25₵, and the maximum bet is as low as $6.25. In the same breath, the maximum payouts are between 75,000 and 225,000. If you feel that the payouts and bet rates are too low, consider the fact that Mega Moolah is pocket-friendly. It means that this casino game welcomes even low rollers with open hands.

Beyond selecting the right number of paylines, there's a lot more involved in increasing winning prospects. That's why Mega Moolah has the Wild multipliers and free spins.

Bonus Features

Unlocking the Mega Moolah bonus features is always an excellent idea for a casino player on the go. It's because they are the most convenient and lucrative option. Instead of doing all sorts of things to unlock it, it triggers automatically. On the other hand, you tend to win higher bets. These bonus features comprise the free spins, welcome bonus, and Wild multipliers.

For the multipliers, the Mega Moolah slot has a 3x one. All you should do is spin the jackpot bonus wheel, and then you are good to go. If you are fortunate enough, you may win the maximum jackpot. The maximum jackpot bonus is as high as $1,000,000, and the minimum is as low as $10. So, it's up to luck to knock at your door. But whatever it is, you will win a jackpot anyway.

For the free spin, the spin is just the spin. While the Multipliers will give you the bonus, the free spin feature will initiate them with a left and right mix.

Mega Moolah welcome bonus is massive with as high as $1500.

Mega Moolah Slot Risk Rate &Withdrawal Speed

It’s no secret that every online casino game comes with a risk. Embracing them is a great way to press forward. However, there are high-risk and low-risk casino games. Good news! Mega Moolah slot is a low-risk one. It’s perfect, isn't it?

In most online casino games, there is the “Return to Player percentage.” It means the amount of money that a game-player would receive back after an indefinite number of game-plays. For the Mega Moolah standard play, the RTP is 88.12%. But for the jackpot bonus, the RTP is about 96 %.

Now that you have figured out the risk rate of Mega Moolah, it’s only wise to learn about its withdrawal speed. This casino game does not disappoint. It's swift and secure. Plus, it supports a variety of withdrawal methods.


Unarguably, the Mega Moolah slot is one of the most original and convenient casino games of this time. Taken together, it is both user-friendly and pocket-friendly.

In short, it’s not easy to carve a disadvantage out of Mega Moolah. It’s because it strikes a balance between what may pose as its disadvantages and its advantages. So, that’s why it’s revolutionary.

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