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Lost Vegas Slot Review (Microgaming)

Lost Vegas Slot is an online slot game developed by Microgaming that consist of five wheels and two hundred and forty-three means of winning. It has two modes, namely, the survival mode and the zombie mode.

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About Lost Vegas Slot

Microgaming has developed a slot game that is made up of five wheels and two hundred and forty-three means of winning. It is named Lost Vegas, and it is comedy themed illustrating the ambience of Las Vegas. The gameplay is in two ways, which are the survivor mode and zombie mode that determine the free spin session the players will partake in. This provides the players with the option of winning hugely and the icons of large valuation being converted to money. If you are playing in survival mode, winnings will be packed for icons of small valuation during the free spin session. Then the players will be given the packed gifts, and that will terminate the session. For the zombie mode, the icon of a zombie will be showcased on the reel during the free spin session. Then the wild wheels will emerge from lone wilds. It is after the infestation of all five wheels or played fifty spins for free that the session will be terminated.

It is compatible with various devices, and players can place a bet within thirty pounds to forty-five dollars for a spin. It all occurs when the invasion of the zombies come to an end.

The gameplay of the survival mode is set in such a way that men will try to evade the zombies, whereas the zombie mode is about the invasion of zombies. There is restraint as to what kind of model you can play. Even when you are playing a mode and you are not satisfied, you can change to another mode that suits you. The two modes entail two bonuses session, which is triggered at random once you have spun and did not win. The first bonus session is referred to zombie fist of cash. It entails a fist appearing all of sudden and awarding the player with money. The second bonus session is termed blackout bonus, and it takes place on the wheel. Then all other icons on the wheel will be transformed into icons with a high valuation, and you will obtain gifts for all of them. It is worth knowing that during this session, the landing of a scatter on the wheel will lead to activation of the free spin session of any of the mode you choose.

The zombie-free spins session is initiated by the presence of three dangerous scatters or above. Then the infestation of the wheel will occur, and the time spent on the wheel determines how long the session will take.

The survivor free spin session is initiated by the presence of three dangerous scatters or above. The wheel will be free of every icon that is of small valuations. Then your winnings will be packed and will be awarded to the play after the session is over.

The free spin session of the zombie mode will be over after the infestation of the five wheels that implies the possibility of ending the session with the wheels turned wilds already. Playing free fifty spins can also bring the session to a halt, and you will be granted extra money.

It is clear now that the two modes are not the same with the way their free spins sessions occur and end. The most appealing offer out of the two is the one presented by the free spins session of the zombie’s. There is also a possibility of going away with two thousand one hundred and fifty-five multiply by the amount staked.

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