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Best Online Live Dealer Casinos for Players

Best Online live dealer casinos have been provided in this guide for people who enjoy playing live dealer games. This is an in-depth guide that also shows you everything you should know about these games.

You can play at online casinos with live dealers to have a more genuine gambling experience. The cards are dealt by actual dealers as opposed to a randomly generated number generator. Even better, you can engage them in a live conversation.

Check out a few of our suggested live dealer online casinos to get started.

Check out Best Online Live Dealer Casinos

Live Dealer Casinos

You can play your preferred table games in real money casinos with live dealers just like you would in a physical casino. Games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat are available in live internet casinos.

Both your PC and your smartphone can be used to play. Numerous smartphone apps offer live casino games.

Starting a live online casino game is simple. On this page, we go over everything you need to know about playing online casino games for real money.

Choosing one of the leading online casinos for live dealer games is the first step. So let's start by looking at some of the best choices.

Las Atlantis Casino:

One of the top live casino websites is Las Atlantis Casino, particularly for US players. Visionary iGaming provides the website's live dealer functionality.

The live casino options will open in a new browser window when you click the live casino button on the main website.

You must transfer some money from your profile page to your online casino to start playing.

Your main account and your gambling balance are displayed in a box in the upper right corner of the screen. Only online gambling games with live casinos can be played using the latter.

By selecting one of the preset sums, you can make a transfer of money to this account. Additionally, some options allow you to select a specific sum or transfer the entire balance.

You can play live casino games after funding your casino website. games for real money on Las Atlantis.

Because they offer a variety of accessible banking alternatives for both withdrawals and deposits Las Atlantis is one of the top live dealer casinos for US players.

To finance your account, you can use a credit card or a cryptocurrency. Players from other nations can also choose from e-wallet choices.

Anyone can utilize the same banking option that you utilized for your deposit to withdraw money when you are ready. One of the few American online casinos that allow credit card withdrawals is Las Atlantis.

There are never any withdrawal costs. Your money can be available to you in 1–5 business days, according to the mode of payment you select.

Las Atlantis is among the top live dealer internet casinos because of its quick, easy, and cost-free banking options.


You don't have to spend all of your time at your desktop while playing live online casino games. To allow you to play while on the go, many smartphone casinos have live dealers.

Perhaps one of our top picks for gambling apps with gameplay is BetUS. From Visionary iGaming, this app offers sports gambling, casino games, and smartphone casino games featuring a live casino.

For each game, BetUS is running many tables. In this manner, you can select the dealer and stake alternatives that you like. Male and female dealers coexist there, but female traders are more prevalent.

There is no need to worry about installing particular BetUS applications. One of the mobile casinos with live dealers that employ mobile-friendly websites rather than native apps is BetUS.

You can use the internet browser on your device to view these mobile websites. As long as a device has an internet connection, they work with any device.

The website is identical to the one that you would access from a computer. It has simply been adjusted to fit the screen of your smartphone. The game's characteristics are identical throughout.

The BetUS mobile live dealer casino was tested. On both the computer and our phones, the quality of streaming was superb.

To select among blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and super six, you must press a menu button. The options for the game fit your monitor better thanks to that menu button.

If you already have an account with BetUS, you can log in to the online gambling app using the same credentials.

Among the various mobile internet gambling with live dealers, BetUS is a fantastic option. There is a wide variety of games released, and enough tables are running for you to have options.

It is simple to play on the go while downloading an app thanks to the website's mobile friendliness. Playing games with live dealers on your smartphone doesn't require you to give up quality.

Software Provider

Visionary iGaming, FreshDeck Studios, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming, Authentic Gaming, and Microgaming are examples.

At live dealer internet gambling that uses several different software providers, you have additional alternatives. Even if the games offered by both software providers are comparable, you have more dealers and bet options.

Only a few software vendors are available to US live casino sites. Because they are USA-based online casinos providing live dealer games from several software suppliers, Wild Casinos and Superb Slots stand out.

Because we understand how crucial the capability to play on the go is, all of the websites we suggest also provide smartphone live dealer casino apps. On the linked page, you can discover a list of further top gambling applications.

Best Mobile Casinos for Real Money – The Operation of Live Dealer Casinos

sites for mobile betting

You might be asking what makes live online gambling distinct from other forms of gambling. If you have never played real-dealer online casino games, you may not always know what to anticipate.

Live casinos combine the ease of online gambling with the social interaction of a physical casino.

Actual dealers deal with the cards in these games, while real croupiers spin the roulette wheel. In the same way that you would do if you were gambling in a physical casino, you can communicate with these dealers.

The only distinction is that to communicate with the dealer, you must use a chat option. No one can see you or hear you. they saw a display with your identification on it instead.

The same chat option lets you communicate with other players as well. The dealers' conversations can become more interesting as a result of player interactions.

There is a dedicated facility for dealers in online casinos that offer live gaming. Their acts are captured on camera and broadcast on a streaming platform. The games are not recorded in advance.

Here are a few advantages of playing at an online live casino.

  • An opportunity for social gambling exists with the chat feature.
  • Anywhere you go, you may use casino applications with live dealer games.
  • The games don't make use of a random number generator. Instead, how the cards are dealt with or where the roulette wheel lands determine the outcome of the game.
  • Table games at online casinos with live action often have lower minimum wagers than those at physical casinos.
  • A more realistic betting experience is produced by real dealers.

Most live dealer gambling sites for real money provide both online and live games. Then, you can play both editions of your favorite online games.


How To Win At Blackjack

Best Blackjack Odds

Best Blackjack Odds: Mastering the Perfect Strategy for Winning! Welcome to the exhilarating realm of blackjack strategy, where the deck is stacked in your favor, and every move counts in...

One of the most popular games in real-money online casinos is blackjack. This is so that a studio may easily copy and stream the game's fundamental design.

The dealers will deal a hand for themselves using one card stare-down and another face-up, along with two cards face-up for every player at the table. Each participant has a turn to perform. You have these options.

Hit: You get a new card.

Holding your total, stand to complete your round.

Split: Divide your two cards into two distinct hands that can be played.

Double: Increase your total by (only) one card and then stand.

The first six to eight players at the table determine the movements whenever you play blackjack games with a real dealer. Other players may place bets behind these individuals if the table is full.

You can play a variety of blackjack games in this format. In other variations, there is no limit on the number of participants, and the dealer simply distributes one hand to everyone.

Because live blackjack does not employ a random number generator, it differs from online blackjack games. A shoe with six decks will normally be used by the dealer.

Digital blackjack games often provide $1 minimum wagers. When playing blackjack with actual dealers, you usually need to wager at least $5 per hand.

On our webpage, you may find out more about live blackjack.

Another game that is well-liked on casino websites with live dealers is roulette. Again, the usage of a random number generator symbolizes digital roulette and live roulette (RNG).

RNG software in digital roulette determines what number the ball will fall on. A genuine croupier will spin a real roulette wheel when you play live roulette.

On live dealer websites, you might play both American and European roulette. As an example, some studios have also produced Lightning Roulette.

The only difference between Lightning Roulette and European roulette is that a RNG will choose which numbers receive a multiplier for each round.

Speed roulette is an alternative. Although it is identical to classic roulette games, the croupier plays the game swiftly. You now have less time to place your bets as a result.

Both virtual and live dealer roulette games typically have a $1 minimum wager. A greater minimum stake may be enforced by some live online gambling sites by necessitating multiple bets.

For instance, they might state that if you are just placing outside bets, you must wager at least $5. This is something you should consider while developing your bankroll plan.

On the following page, you can read further about playing roulette with a real croupier.

Live Baccarat and Roulette

Baccarat is another well-liked game. You must decide whether you anticipate the player hand or the banker's hand should win before you can play baccarat.

Two cards will be dealt to the player and two cards to the banker by the dealer. Either hand may receive a third card, depending on the total.

The winning hand is the one that comes closest to nine without exceeding. In baccarat, the digit in the tens spot is always dropped. Consequently, a hand valued at 12 becomes 2.

Although there are several baccarat variants, punto banco and super six are among the most popular ones that may be played with a live dealer.

When turning over the cards, Asian baccarat players perform several superstitious rituals that entail touching, blowing, or twisting the cards.

When playing baccarat via a live casino website, you are unable to physically touch the cards. As a substitute, Evolution Gaming developed baccarat squeeze.

In baccarat squeeze, you can decide which cards to reveal first. The dealer places them face down on the table, but if you choose, you may use the cameras built into the table to see the card.

You cannot select the order in which the cards are revealed in digital baccarat. The cards are automatically revealed by the RNG program.

Regardless of the variation you select, a different minimum wager is required. Baccarat is normally available for $5 per hand with a professional dealer.

Visit the following link to find out more about gaming baccarat with a live dealer.

Live Casino Hold ‘Em Baccarat

A variant of the poker game Texas Hold ‘Em is called BaccaratCasino Hold ‘Em. You'll compete against the dealer directly rather than other players.

You must make an ante wager before you can begin playing Casino Hold ‘Em. The dealer will next deal himself two cards and two cards for the players.

Additionally, the first three community cards will be dealt with by them. You can choose whether you want to take on extra risk by throwing a call bet or folding after seeing the flip and your hand.

The dealer will proceed to deal with the remaining community cards while at least one player calls. They'll compare your hand to theirs to determine the winner.

The usage of the generator of random numbers distinguishes electronic and live dealer Casino Hold 'em games from one another. RNG software is always used in digital games.

Real cards are used in Casino Hold 'em games at online casinos with live dealers. As you play the game, you can watch the community cards being revealed in real-time.

Casino Hold 'em is available at many online casinos with live dealers, but it is less popular compared to the other games we have discussed so far.

Here is information about playing Casino Hold'em with a live dealer as well as locations where you can do so.

Additional Live Dealer Games

There are a few additional games that you may play at live operator online casinos if you wish to add some variation to your live betting site.

Craps, Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, Poker, Teen Patti, Sic Bo, Dream Catcher/Fortune Finder, and Andar Bahar

Finding gambling websites and live casino applications that utilize software from all of these companies is the simplest approach to finding these games.

Unfortunately, there are no further games available from the two software companies that provide US-based gambling websites with live dealers. Only blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and Casino Hold 'em are available to American gamblers.

The Top Live Dealer Casinos' Best Features

You'll notice some characteristics that make the experience much more enjoyable when you play online casino games with live dealers.

Listed below are a few game characteristics to keep an eye out for:

Male and female dealers should be available in the studio. For each game, there have to be several dealers so you may pick the one you prefer. The primary screen of the majority of them will show a picture of something like the dealer so you can check out their appearance before you start playing.

Native Languages: Native language dealers occasionally appear in casino apps with live dealers. You should look for a game in which the dealer can speak your language.

There are two types of studios: open and closed. In an open studio, you can observe the other dealers juggling various games in the background while watching some games. Others work in an enclosed space with a wall behind the dealer. You must decide the environment you prefer.

Number of Cameras: Some studios employ a single, stationary camera, while others employ several cameras, each with a different angle. Multi-camera angles are typically preferable since you want to be able to observe the dealers and the game.

This option is typically utilized in blackjack games. Bet Behind Additional players can place bets behind existing players if the table is full. Any bet placed behind the winning player at the table also wins.

Chat features: You can talk to the dealer and certain other players in the chat box. The chat window ought to be able to be minimized. You may be able to silence other players in some studios.

Side Bets – The available side bets will vary depending on the game you're playing and the game studio. The game becomes more exciting with more side-bet alternatives.

It can take a few games for you to figure out which aspects you favor. The live casino screen typically shows elements like the dealer selections and their language.

Other aspects, such as the number of sensors they employ or the chatbox settings, are only available once you begin playing.

These attributes are all dependent on the game's creator. Numerous real-dealer mobile internet casinos collaborate with numerous gaming studios.

You have additional choices when the betting website collaborates with multiple studios. Even if both companies have identical games available, that is still true.

For instance, you can select Evolution Gaming's roulette game rather than the same roulette game from Microgaming if you prefer their dealers and chat features.

Let's examine some of the greatest studios online in more detail.

Live Dealer Studios

Almost all aspects of your gambling site are under the company's control. This is certainly relevant for games with a live dealer.

The games that are offered and the pay tables with each game are determined by the software suppliers. They also determine the wagering caps.

Additionally, the side bets and extra features offered for each game are under the control of each software supplier. For instance, a lot of Evolution Gaming's games use random multipliers.

The software developer also controls every aspect of the game's design. The studio layout, dealer recruiting, and uniform selection are all their responsibility.

Only Microgaming's studio has dealers dressed as Playboy bunnies.

You could choose which live dealer gambling websites you want to use by being conscious of the features that each software supplier emphasizes and which software providers provide particular games.

Here is further data about the most popular software developers for online games with live dealers.

In the area of live dealers, Evolution Gaming (and NetEnt) are by far in the lead. More than any other studio, they have a wider variety of games. Every Lightning game produced by Evolution includes a random multiplier of some form. That is one characteristic for which Evolution Gaming is renowned.

They are renowned for employing interactive dealers as well. To create more entertaining games, Evolution uses dealers who have received training as game presenters in many of its games.

Live gaming is being advanced by Evolution Gaming. They use robotic arm technology, making them the only studio to provide craps.

A few of Evolution's games also make advantage of augmented reality. Recently, Evolution and NetEnt collaborated to offer live slot machine games, which include the most recent Gonzo's, Treasure Hunt.

The main result is that chances are strong you may find any casino game you wish to play with a live dealer at a gaming site employing Evolution Gaming software.


One of the most popular developers of software for online gambling games is Playtech. Although they provide live games with actual dealers, their primary focus is on online slots and table games.

This software company believes that little is more. These games are only available with actual dealers.

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Casino Hold'em
  • Baccarat

Playtech's emphasis is on providing the greatest quality games, even though their selection may be limited.

They aim to produce live dealer games that make you feel as though you are in a high-roller area of a physical casino.

Their dealers are all highly skilled and competent. The studios use upscale design elements to give the games a more opulent appearance.

Just a few other tables can be seen in the backgrounds of many of Playtech's gaming videos, which are shot in an open studio. As a result, it has an atmosphere quite reminiscent of a high-roller room one could also find in Las Vegas.

Find gambling apps featuring Playtech live casino games if you desire a more upmarket experience.

Evolution Gaming is a provider of software, and some others include:

  • Playtech
  • Microgaming
  • Innovative gaming studios, FreshDesk
  • Ezugi

Online Live Casino FAQ

  • Can I Play Live Dealer Games for Free? 

Because the studios must pay the dealers, camera operators, etc., these games are more expensive to manufacture than digital games. Therefore, the majority of live dealer apps do not provide free online live game samples.

  • When I play live casino games, can I win real money?

Yes! You can stake money and win actual prizes by using real money applications with live casino games.

  • Should I Give the Dealers a Tip?

Although paying is always a personal choice, it is polite to thank live dealers for enabling the game.

  • Is the Dealer Aware of Me?

The dealer cannot see specific players in live dealer casinos.

Your screen name will appear on the dealer's screen. When you win, it might highlight your name. They don't know anything else about you.

  • Are Live Casino Games Recorded in Advance?

No, these games are streamed live while being played in real-time.

A news channel may be playing in the background in some studios. That exists so that you can check the most recent headlines to confirm the game is taking place in real-time.

  • Are Bonus Funds Acceptable for Live Dealer Games?

From one betting site to the next, bonus policies differ. Though live dealer games don't usually count toward wagering requirements, you might be allowed to use free money in them.

For their live games, certain casino apps with real dealers run various promos. Free bets or rebates are frequently included in these deals.

Playing casino games with a live dealer has its drawbacks.

Due to the production costs for online live dealer casinos, these games often feature larger minimum wagers than digital games. In comparison to computerized games, they move at a slower pace.

  • When can I play live casino games?

The time slots during which games are played are set by each studio and casino. Although some live casino sites provide games approximately, you might find that there are fewer decent games off-peak.

  • What Advantages Do Live Casino Games Offer?

Games featuring a live dealer present a more genuine experience with a social component. Rather than employing random number generators to oversee games, live casino websites use real dealers.

  • Where Can I Play Live Casino Games?

Choose one of the live dealer internet casinos we recommend, register, and deposit money. Choose the game you would like to play by clicking on the website's live dealer area.

You can select the dealer and wagers of your choice. You enter a pseudonym and begin the game after clicking on a particular game.

  • Live casinos: Are They Fixed?

The same regulations and safety precautions apply to live dealer games as they do in physical casinos. Because anything that the dealers do is recorded, they are unable to cheat or violate the regulations.

Because they don't rely on software, most people think live games are much fairer than computerized ones.

Therefore, you should not be concerned, specifically if you play at the top live casinos online, such as those we have listed below.