Irish Charms Slot

Irish Charms Online Slot Review: Free Play and Bonuses

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Slot reviews provide us a reason to play old favorites. Everyone has a game they enjoyed but quit playing. It intrigued us how our sophisticated tastes would approach Irish Charms. Does it compare to today's slot machines? Read to find out!


There's green everywhere! The board and backdrop graphic include stereotypically Irish items. The image depicts a pile of four-leaf clovers against dark green. It's trendy, presumably because the color isn't overdone. While the icons appear archaic, the patterns are great. Irish Charms just has bad animations. Given its antiquity, that may be a stretch.

This 3×3 slot has 3 adjustable, left-to-right paylines. You may toggle on or off paylines to change your total bet. Rarely do Pragmatic Play games do this. In most, you can't change the active paylines. The producer has worked hard to preserve the old release's quality. The game solely gives Wild Symbols a unique feature. This is okay if you don't like freebies. This nearly swayed our decision.

Real-money Irish Charms Slot

Pragmatic Play's UI was always great. But to create an authentic feeling, even that has vanished. A huge silver bar sticks out instead. The functionality is the same or better. You can adjust your coin amount, bet for each payline, and current paylines! This expands the bet ranges. You may wager from £0.01 to £15 with every play, which is reasonable for three paylines.

The slot has a 3000x jackpot. To get such a reward, you must work hard. The game has minimal variance otherwise. Its highest reward is a full-screen victory of seven Wilds. Even a one-line victory over the Wilds is difficult. Is that screen-filling? That needs a leprechaun's blessing. The above-average RTP improves your chances. It's 96.96%, about 1% above the 96% industry average.


This release's bonus features are the worst. If done effectively, having no bonus or one bonus is fine. Pragmatic Play games have one unique feature: they are entertaining. We don't know why Irish Charms has just Wilds. Classic games even included primitive bonuses. Sit back and wish you win the jackpot because no unique feature will assist you.


This release disappointed us. Classic slot lovers will like it. It's nothing we can't see elsewhere. This is a stripped-down slot. We don't suggest it because there are no bonuses and old visuals. Pragmatic Play targets a specific set of gamblers. That might be you, anyway.

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