Hive Slot

 The Hive Slot Review (Betsoft)

Review of a slot game designed by Betsoft developer, titled The Hive Slot, feature 5 reels, 30 pay-lines, puts up an adorable animal creature that expresses good wishes, with multicolored graphics, striking grassland and plantations across the game backdrop and multiple busy bees’ payouts worth 376x of a player bet amount, RTP rate at 96.97% & wager limit from 0.01 – 90 coins

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Are you passionate about bees or animal creatures? Yes, you'll. The Hive considers a 30 win-line, six-reel grid, and an appealing return to the player rate at 96.97%.

Specifics about The Hive Slot

  • Least wager amount:0.1
  • Maximum Bet:90
  • Number of lines:30
  • Reels:5
  • Auto-play feature: Featured
  • Multipliers: N/A
  • Progressive: N/A
  • Random Jackpot: N/A
  • Scatters: Enabled
  • Wilds Symbol: Featured
  • 3Dimensional Visuals: Featured


Hive Slot

The Hive Slot

The Hive includes among Betsoft recent updates to their online slot portfolios. It's a cheerful movie overwhelmed by several features that can engage players for hours. The Hive puts up an adorable animal creature that expresses good wishes. We hope that The Hive will emerge among the best, taking into account its multicolored graphics, by a striking grassland and plantations across the game backdrop and multiple busy bees that are visually pleasing to the eye.

Hive is one of the Nostalgic slot machines, set against an unusual 3-4-5-4-3 six reels set with 30 win-lines altogether. Once you make up your mind to roll in the company of the queen bee, tap over the ‘i' symbol across the lowest left intersection. Then, you can get accustomed to the unusual arrangement.

Concerning the Bet limit, The Hive is unique from other slots by the same developer, with the least wager set from 0.10c through C$90. Therefore, huge-risk takers will find this slot appealing, alongside a return to the player rate at 96.97%, though it's on the high-side. The Hive rolls at a lesser variance, while the maximum payouts are 378x of the players bet.

Basis for Play

Presumably, the developer included a convenient auto-spin attachment to The Hive. To turn on this auto-spin attachment, tap the control positioned by the spin control's right side towards the game scene's lowest curve. At this point, you can select the spin counts, wager amount while it presents the overall wager amount.

Obviously, from its title, the spotlight in this game are Bees. Suppose you can appear a rewarding bee character across the paytable. In that case, it's an excellent opportunity for substantial payouts, which the Ladybug together with three flowerings by White, Purple, and Red, portraying a different valuable character. Positively, poker game lovers can identify the less-rewarding characters that appear like A, K, Q, and J – more similar to a classic poker deck.

Please pay attention to the busy Bees as it has the potentials to breed during ever rolled reels. It comprises of Worker Bee, Drone Bee, and Queen Bee. This slot machine features several Wild characters, appearing as Honey Bursts. This appealing offer comes into view while the Bonus Spins is active and increases further while the reels set off.

Indeed, The Hive runs smoothly on mobile devices, as well as PC's, hand-held gadgets.

Bonus Spins and Play-attachments

For every spin-play, players can activate any of the three bees surrounding the beeswax layer. The progression rotates in a clockwise direction and exhibits an irregular effect, as described underneath.

Queen Bee

This Bee is the best quote evident from the title. Any time it comes in play, Queen Bee activates a legion of different bees to hang around the Hive, which can be in your favor to offer treasures.

Drone Bee

This Bee overwhelms the Honey gauge that later loads up to activate several bonus spins. As the Drone Bees roaming about increases, the quicker it loads up.

Worker Bee

These Bees offer a multiplying co-efficient that piles up and raises countings of different Worker Bees that hang around the Hive. The worth is proportional to quantities of Worker Bees +1. While the multiplying co-efficient acts upon the rewarding pay-lines joined up to a Worker Bee.

An extra is Sticky Sweet Bonus Spins to live up the game further to keep you engaged. Here, the Drone Bees is useful while it wings about the Hive and stuffs the Honey Gauge with one layer. As soon as it's full, then you'll have access to 5 bonus spins.

While the Bonus spins are active, Honey Burst enlarging the wild character comes into view across the reels set. The Wild then enlarges in size from its first position across the reels set to nearby beeswax bay following every spin & persists like that pending the time there are no longer Bonus Spins.

Variance, RTP, and Highest Payouts

Though this slot machine considers an inspiring Return to the player rate set at 96.97% – entirely on the high as far as an online slot machine, players can leverage less variance. its balance. In this Hive slot game, the highest payout is 376x of a player bet amount.


All in All, The Hive is quote inspiring and measure up with this developer's other higher-quality slot machines in terms of visual artworks, game mechanics, play-attachments and Bonus spins.

The Hive is a great option to consider; perhaps you generally love insects or animals.

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