Habanero Casino – Best List of Habanero Slots & Online Casinos

A detailed review on Habanero Slot developer, started operations year 2012, claimed more than 120 slot games, also covers its records, achievements, casino gaming software, features, & potential winning value.Habanero

Today, Habanero Systems B.V. can boast 120+ slot games, applying HTML5 system, exquisite visual artworks & interesting play-attachments. Habanero Systems B.V. is not rated a small-scale firm, evident from its multiple branches across Africa, Asia, & European continents. The software's released determined by an outlet known as Habanero+Play & also a network planned for classic players. This developer's online software can be annexed to functional outlets at present.

Habanero might not be that popular, but the games coming from them are of the best-quality & includes among the top games in the sector. Meanwhile, it's striving to be successful. With their slot game portfolios made of 3D video clips, optimization for smartphones guarantees Habanero's confidence to compete with top brands.

Another factor considered with Habanero's games is the interpretation of many languages from Asia & Europe. Their titles are available to European natives like (French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch,) or Asia natives (Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, & Vietnamese). Normally, the English language is ever available for access worldwide, even though your native language is not catered for.

Background of Habanero developer

Regardless of the multiple games provided, Habanero Systems B.V. appeared recent by the year 2012 with their branches located in 4 different areas as an international firm with personnel hired from Sofia (Bulgaria), (South Africa), Manila Johannesburg (Philippines), & Kyiv (Ukraine). Thus, the firm puts it best to match its service level to industry leaders in the sector across the universe, from E.U. & Asia. Habanero's slot games have proved top-notch quality, quite astounding considering the numerous titles the firm has dealt with.

Casino Gaming softwires by Habanero

Most games featured from Habanero accompanies newfangled designs, i.e., players expect five reels, with the counts of pay-lines unique from one game to another. Appealingly, Habanero software operates smoothly on the go, as it's integrated with the HTML5 system. You can enjoy the games on several ranges of devices like mobile devices, computers, tablets. Typical slot games by Habanero is 77 slot games.

Habanero's slot games come with progressive jackpots, with the potentials to award substantial payouts, though the games offer the jackpots randomly. Nevertheless, the normal characters can deliver payouts but not as much compare to progressive jackpots.

The story-lines adopted in the slots differ & are livelier. A few of these themes are sourced from slot games that exist way back. Typical examples include Bird of Thunder, Fire Rooster, Bombs Away; these titles can bear similar themes to others but still strive to deliver an exceptional concept. The most discouraging from the list are games with story-lines inspired by Gold Rush & Egyptian Dreams.


The images adopted in slot games by Habanero are lovely, quite evident from slot machines such as 12 Zodiacs, Jugglenaut, Cash Reef, & Bombs Away. The characters adopted are of great quality. In most cases, Habanero is not reliant on themed characters with their software. Royal cards pop up constantly & are tied to other layouts.


Most play-attachments applied with slot games by Habanero are the usual ones you can predict; meanwhile, they are not the staple type. These features often make it more exciting; as an illustration, you'd have wild characters that are stuffed or those that use scatter symbols, multipliers, that offer payouts. Alternatively, bonus spins that magnify the payouts are also available therein. Special features are rare to come across with Habanero's titles, but it's available in some of their releases, such as Cake Valley.

Potential winning values

Slot game releases by Habanero put up progressive jackpots, which each of the games bears similar jackpots identified as (Minor, Grand, & Major) as far as the jackpots, do not expect such a big reward.

Concerning the average potential winnings value, the payouts take advantage of multipliers. The majority of these games offer rewards from 500 – 1,250x before multipliers influence the payouts, either lower or higher than this value. A few games are exempted, such as Jugglenaut, that reward 4,000x of the players bet value.