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Review of a video slot game designed by Microgaming developer, titled Fruit vs. Candy slot, features 5 reels, 243 winning ways, drew upon Fruity substances, Candy’s, also factor in two styles available for selection, appearing as two random-based activated bonus attachments during the main game accompanied by random winnings, highest payout worth more than 2,155x the players bet value & Coins limits set from 0.30 – $45

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fruit vs candy slot

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Fruit vs. Candy is another variety of slot game brought about by Microgaming. From the game title; you can easily capture that this slot blends either sweetmeats & fruity substances into its play/background.

Basis for play

There are two styles available for selection, appearing as two random-based activated bonus attachments during the main game accompanied by winnings subject to change. Just as the second mode is money rewards in exchange for characters of great worth, you only need just a single scatter symbol during which the Sugar Rush Bonus element is active to turn-on this Bonus spins play-mode. This slot features 5 reels & 243 winning ways.

You'll get a dual option with this feature, subject to the style in play, i.e., there is a Fruit bonus spins extra that offers winnable money in exchange to less-worth characters. The other alternative is the Candy bonus spinning’s that offer five candy-coated wheels or a reach of 50 bonus spins alongside prize money.

This superb slot game is available for play in Demo-mode to players that desire to test the game before they stake in their hard-earned money.

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About Fruit vs. Candy Slot

This slot machine operates in a slick manner over PC's, hand-held gadgets, comprising of apple devices, androids, etc. Also, the game is playable in a range of 0.30 – £45 for each spinning. Fruit vs. Candy blends two storylines, exhibits two styles & 2 bonus spins accompaniments.

In this slot game, the Fruit engages confectionery with the ideal candy contest, merges up two familiar storylines & puts across incredible cartoonish-like visual artworks. The characters over this game reels encompass the normal game-cards (A, K, Q, J & 10), including grapes, apples, pineapple, & several candies comprising gummies.

A player's discretion can either opt for a Candy style or Fruity style during the main game. Regarding this slot feature, the game emphasizes a gift box that gets activated at random following whichever losing spinning’s during the main game. In this feature, you'll primarily obtain winnable money.

Sugar Rush Bonus Accompaniment

This feature also includes among those playable beyond any losing spinning's during the game randomly. Each character considered great worth offers winnings with only a single scatter symbol showing forth & activating bonus spins element. At this junction, any style selected is a deciding factor to the related Bonus Spins attachments.

Fruity Style

Besides, there's an opportunity to obtain three or higher of these scatter icons, which can activate the bonus spins element. This Fruity style tends to make the most of Stash element such that characters of less-worth get capitalized on this game reels & delivering money rewards.

You'll come across a limited number of less-worth; because of that, it raises one's winning possibilities. Whereas, this Bonus spins proceeds further pending the time there's no longer any icons of less-worth leftover this slot reels.

Candy Style

During the Candy style, players can reach out to the candy-coated Reels accompaniment. Pay attention to a loaded heap of the Sweetie character coming into view over the reels since the reaction tends to improve the wheels towards the rest of this attachment.

It implies that the enhanced / candy-coated reels transform to a wild symbol to stuffed wilds, that is, the whole wheels get jampacked. This element proceeds further like that pending the time the entire five reels already gets crystallized or such player must have played 50 bonus spins. Perhaps you are used to 50 bonus spins; definitely, you'll obtain extra winnings.


Fruit vs. Candy shares the same pattern to Lost Vegas, concerning the game mechanics, accompanied by two styles. This game considers a medium-variance & highest payout worth more than 2,155x the players bet value. In a Nutshell, the Fruity bonus Spins accompaniment is so much appealing & moneymaking.

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