Forbidden Throne Slot


Forbidden Throne Slot is an online slot game developed by Microgaming that is made up of five wheels and forty pay lines. It consists of wilds, scatters, and free spins session. The minimum amount required to spin is forty pounds.

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Microgaming has developed a slot that is made up of five wheels and forty pay lines named Forbidden Throne. It is compatible with a lot of devices and players can spin with a minimum of forty pounds. It is a game based in which you will get accompanied by two celebrated protectors. It is made up of amazing graphics and designs. It has a wild wheel session and a free spin session. During the free spin session, you can be awarded a limitless spin for free. Also, with wild icons, players can possess the prohibited throne.

Microgaming is the developer of the forbidden throne that comprises of forty pay lines and five wheels. To spin, a player can stake between forty pounds to two hundred euros and can be played on android, iOS and computers. The theme of the game is fantasy, and it is set within the territory of the prohibited throne together with two celebrated protectors. Enchantress, charms, helmets, treasures, crowns, and spellbooks are the icons present on the wheel. Then there are the wild icons also which include the symbol of the prohibited throne, castle, phoenix, enchantress, and the dark elf. You will see all the wild icons packed on the wheels.

During each spin, the wheels will be showcased between one to five wilds. This is referred to as the wild wheels session, and it is when the prohibited throne become advantageous. In case the wilds obtained are five, then the winning of the players will be five hundred multiply by their bets. It is also applicable during the free spins session that is triggered by the presence of three scatters or above on the wheels. With three scatters, you will obtain ten spins for free. For four scatters you will obtain twenty spins for free and for five scatters you will get thirty spins for free. The most amazing part of this session is the ability to reactivate it to win limitless free spins. The same thing is also applicable like during the wild reels session.

It has high volatility, although it is not hard to play. Players can go away with about five hundred multiply by their stakes on a spin. Also, with the activation of the free spin session, the winnings will increase then, if you are lucky to be able to reactivate the session to claim a limitless spin then more winnings. There are other amazing fantasies game developed by Microgaming that you can try your luck on.

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