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When a software company does not present a website with crucial data on its offerings, it is difficult to evaluate them. Therefore, when we started to investigate Felix Gaming, we were startled to discover how few details there were about their products. We couldn't discover a website, and there was hardly any paper trail to determine where they originated.

Nevertheless, a few findings indicate some of the causes for this information gap. For example, the justification for not seeing them in the other casinos' collections was owing to an exclusive deal the studio had with SlotsMillion – which means you will only discover their games there temporarily for the moment being. At SlotsMillion, you will discover IGT slots, Pragmatic Play slots, Microgaming titles, and a lot more.

Felix Gaming, according to a press release regarding the partnership, is situated in the UK and is controlled by a firm with expertise in land-based slots.

That experience appears to be reflected in the polish evident in their initial iGaming creations. While there are not a lot of these games yet, the ones we have played are somewhat enjoyable, and if they can build on this library in the future, Felix may have a chance to become more well-known in the gambling scene.

Three slots are available in the initial rollout.

Because of the limited size of this portfolio, we will merely go through some alternatives and offer you a sense of what they are like. Each of these machines has a distinct aesthetic and a distinct subject, so while this may be a minor contribution to a casino's gaming collection, it does provide three distinct encounters for players.

Their first online slot is Lines of Magic, a 20-line, 5-reel game set in a wizard's laboratory. The game is full of brilliant, dramatic hues that are meant to induce a magical feeling, especially when compared with the oranges and calm blues of the study itself. Wins are complemented by some minor but effective animations, and upbeat music contributes to the high-energy ambiance.

In terms of the game, players must match icons from left to right throughout the reels. Basic wins are obtained by landing nines through aces, but higher payouts are also attainable by landing the several thematic icons on the reels, which include wizards,  sevens, and gems among others. Players can also find wild books, which can be used to replace other icons or to earn enormous prizes on their own.

Two additional elements keep things exciting. Scatters can trigger a free spins game wherein you will receive 10 bonus spins, each with a 2 times multiplier. Furthermore, gamers will constantly gather potion symbols as they come on screen. If you gather 35 throughout a session, you will activate a special extra feature in that you will receive one free spin during which 3 reels will be entirely wild, ensuring big prizes.

The Egyptian-themed Pharaoh's Temple follows. You will be playing on a screen made to look like an old Egyptian temple, with columns inscribed in hieroglyphics, as in so many of similar games. The fundamental objective of the slot is to match icons from left to right from across reels, mixing classic card game levels with symbols that feature in almost every game that uses this concept: the Cleopatra, scarabs, ankh, and the pharaoh himself. That pharaoh also serves as a wild symbol, and a very strong one: when it emerges, it expands to fill a whole reel. If you get three or more scatters, you'll be brought to a bonus round where you can select from a variety of artifacts to reveal your prize. This is a rather simple game that does a nice job of exploring its ideas.

Fruity Mania is a tropical fruit-themed slot game. Because this is another 20-line, five-reel machine, the essential framework remains the same. As you might guess, you will be tasked with matching numerous sorts of fruit this round, including cherries, apples, lemons, strawberries, and bananas. The graphical design is quite “citrus”: greens, yellows, and oranges merge for a tropical look, and all of the icons seem to be beautifully sharp and although they don't have much information in them, which allows for an ironic juxtaposition and a great aesthetic.

There are some specific traits to look out for, as there are always. A tropical drink serves as the wild card and can be used to replace any other winning combo. There is also a scatter symbol (a seven) that can win you up to 500 times your spin-stake if you get five in a row. However, there are not any bonus rounds or free spins games, so this is a very basic basis for a machine.

Little data Outside of Single Partner

When investigating this company, I was shocked by how little information there is on Felix Gaming. Their name doesn't show frequently in the iGaming business, leading us to suppose they weren't doing anything until their games debuted in early 2017.

On the plus side, their single partnership is strong. As previously said, they seem to have an exclusive deal with SlotsMillion, a well-known name in the online gaming community where players may take advantage of lucrative casino perks. While we can't exactly say much about the caliber of their development team or their aspirations to become a more visible component of the iGaming business in the future, this union shows that they should be taken seriously.

Interesting Games and a Bright Future

Felix Gaming currently offers a limited selection of games for customers to play on, and only on one site. That's not much of a deal to get gamers enthused about. After all, you will only play these slots if you want to; although if you do, that casino has more than a thousand other slots, so these games may lose their way in the crowd. SlotsMillion has a large selection of table games, including Playtech's live dealer games. While this studio's designs are good, they are not among the greatest in the industry, therefore you are hesitant to select this website just to play Lines of Magic or Fruity Mania. That being said, these titles are unquestionably high-quality, demonstrating that this company is capable of producing games that are a welcome addition to any casino site. If indeed the team develops more games or expands their products to more websites, they may emerge as a name that gamers wish to grow acquainted with. Their restricted choices and reach, on the contrary, make them an afterthought that an average player does not need to bother about at the moment.